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message 1: by Shana (new)

Shana I agree whole-heartedly. You made is twice as far as I did with this book. I was so bored I think I started making up my own adjacent story in my head as I was reading! I couldn't get my head around the idea that noting - absolutely nothing- was happening in this story. I started to think maybe at the end we might find out that Bolano or one of the other charecters is a vampire or soemthing. Just to make it more intersting so that I might finish it. I can't finish it.

message 2: by Rod (new)

Rod I made the mistake of buying 2666, because I thought he might get better, and I liked the packaging (boxed set), but I'm really afraid of how bored it might make me. I'm going to give it a try, though.

Thanks for commenting.

message 3: by Ulla (new)

Ulla Totally agree! What a complete waste of time! I salute you for being able to make it all the way to the end. I gave up after about 200 pages.

message 4: by Jack (new)

Jack I'm about 270 pages into the book and am in now way struggling to ascertain a semblance of plot. I don't see where the confusion lies. It may not be chucking plot twists at you every chapter, but it has a very concrete plot; tangible character arcs, and coupled with an overarching sort of intrigue. At least, such is my surmising thus far.

message 5: by Rod (new)

Rod I wasn't confused. I was bored.

message 6: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda One of the worst books I've ever read too... and one of the most sexist

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