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Vincent Lowry This folder is for readers and writers of nonfiction.

Welcome! Please post your books or leave a comment!

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Victoria Twead Hi!

'Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools' was awarded the HarperCollins Authonomy 'Gold Star' and is the story of our life in a tiny, remote Spanish mountain village. Somehow we became reluctant chicken farmers and ended up owning the most dangerous cockerel in Spain.

Described as 'James Herriot meets Driving over Lemons', HarperCollins wrote: ‘laugh-out-loud funny...especially the Spanish women heckling over eggs from “The English”...hilarious...engaging...the interspersion of recipes is charming’.

Amazon UK link to Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools
Amazon USA link to Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools


Victoria Twead

Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools
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Gary Taylor Hi,
I am a veteran journalist and author of an award-winning true crime memoir entitled Luggage By Kroger. It is a story about a true-life fatal-attraction style adventure I had as a crime reporter for The Houston Post in 1979-80. The best summary for the book is located on its Amazon Kindle page: Luggage By Kroger A True Crime Memoir
I also have a profile page here at Goodreads as well as a personal web site, Taylor's Hole in the Web at http://home.comcast.net/~gtaylor713.

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Sharon Hi, everyone. Here is the link to my memoir:

Les Pensees Dangereuses by Sharon E. Cathcart

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Jen Knox Hello, I see familiar faces. My memoir is Musical Chairs, it's a story of my hardscabble youth:
Here's the Link & Synopsis:
Musical Chairs explores one family's history of mental health diagnoses and searches to define the cusp between a '90s working-class childhood and the trouble of adapting to a comfortable life in the suburbs. In order to understand her restlessness, Jennifer reflects on years of strip-dancing, alcoholism, and estrangement. Inspired by the least likely source, the family she left behind, Jennifer struggles towards reconciliation. This story is about identity, class, family ties, and the elusive nature of mental illness.
Goodreads Link: Musical Chairs

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Christopher Valin Hi,

My book is Fortune's Favorite: Sir Charles Douglas and the Breaking of the Line, about my 5x great-grandfather, who was a British Royal Navy captain during the American Revolution. It's for anyone interested in military history (especially naval history), the American Revolution, or biographies. You can find it here: http://amzn.com/1934757721


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Angela Barakat Hi, I'm Angela. Check out my new gluten-free and casein-free diet book: From A (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) to ZZZ (Insomnia). It includes 350+ recipes, weekly menus and related grocery lists, and product and manufacturer information. This diet will help you avoid gluten (wheat, barley, rye, oat), casein (dairy), yeast, and artificial ingredients.
Diet will help diet responders of autistic spectrum disorders, behavior & learning issues, and celiac disease & dermatitis herpetiformis, chronic insomnia, depression, enuresis (bedwetting), fibromyalgia, and schizophrenia. My book is available through the AuthorHouse.com bookstore.

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Stuart Hello friends,

“Why did I write Beyond my Control?” I sincerely hope sharing my experiences with epilepsy will assist to create better understanding about a highly complex and often misunderstood condition. Many times I found the social complications with epilepsy, harder to live with than the condition itself. Beyond my Control delves into areas of epilepsy, which are all too often left unsaid. My intention was to combine education with entertainment. Many of my readers do not have epilepsy which leads me to the understanding that I have achieved well in my quest.

My story begins with a brief understanding of who I am, touching on my teenage years struggling with the eating disease; anorexia nervosa. After spending three months in hospital I left Australia and returned to England, I was sixteen at the time.

Living in England, desperately trying to break the vicious cycle I was in, another condition suddenly enters my life; epilepsy. My body and mind were overcome with something peculiar. Not knowing the signification of these weird sensations I was feeling I wasn't overly concerned. That was soon about to change.

Arriving home in Australia I soon managed to secure a job working for a glass company. My unknown condition began to escalate, forcing me to hand in my resignation. I embarked upon an arduous, frustrating task of tracing a diagnosis and treatment. After a long search, all leading to dead ends, my mystery condition was soon about to reveal itself.

Driving home late one evening, I was overcome with a horrid sensation which engulfed my entire body and mind. Trying to escape, I slid out of my car and suffered two major epileptic seizures on the roadside.

At the beginning anticonvulsant medication controlled my seizures, and I started to enjoy life. During this exciting passage of time, I met my wife to be, Lisa and an ambition of mine became a reality. I opened my own stained glass store. Absolutely elated business went off to a flying start. The future was full of promise.

A change suddenly developed with my epilepsy. I started to suffer frequent seizures, which were frightening experiences for many people. My post seizure response turned to one with an ugly, sinister twist. Lisa and I, being very much in love married during this time of instability and became proud parents of two beautiful children, Jordan and Lucy.

After fifteen years of trading epilepsy took control, and I was forced to relinquish my business. My seizures wracked my body and mind every few days, and I feared for the safety of my family. Emotionally I was shattered, accompanied with an overwhelming feeling of shame and hopelessness.

Something needed to be done. After speaking with my neurologist we were satisfied that there was only one course of action to pursue. I underwent a series of tests, some grueling, to establish whether I could be a candidate for seizure surgery.

All systems were going. I awoke in the post operative recovery room with a multitude of wires protruding from my skull. I entered the often frightful world of the totally bizarre and delusional. One horrendous vision resembled a gruesome murder scene which I desperately tried to escape from. Security guards had to strap me to the bed.

The seemingly endless postoperative journey was a period of ever changing events. I exposed the people I love to some undeniably strange and deeply worrisome happenings. Thankfully, with time allowed me to be the person I truly am, happy, supportive, loving and kind. Don’t worry, my story isn’t too deep, there is humor shining all the way through.

Thank you for this opportunity of sharing. Good health, happiness and success to all.


Beyond my Control One Man's Struggle with Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond

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J. King My memoir:

Love through the Eyes of an Idiot A True Story of Finding the Secret of Love, Sex, and Romance by J. Timothy King Love through the Eyes of an Idiot A True Story of Finding the Secret of Love, Sex, and Romance

This is my story, the frank confession of a romantic idiot who was lucky enough to find the secret of happily ever after.

Available for online preview via Google Books. (See the link on the right side of the book's page.)

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Shalonda Williams-McClendon Hello to all. I am Shalonda "Treasure" Williams. I have written and published three books.

Love Walk Meditations:: Back to the Basics is my first work. I wrote it because I wanted to help those that believe or called themselves by the name of Christian to know that life was not about being extra deep because you carry a title, but that it was more about following a lead. An example and to love and trust in the one that you believe created you. I enjoyed writing it and believes that it is a good read for anyone that just wants simple meditations.

A Heart's Thoughts: Love Walk Meditations Series is my second book. This book I consider my baby. I had a bit of feedback from my friend TruSum (author of Tru-Sum's Excerpts To Exodus) however I took the time to edit and format the book myself. I published this one and am now promoting it.
"A Heart's Thoughts", to me, is a very real book. We often have questions that don't seem to get answered. Either because we don't ask for fear that no one will understand or we get tired of the not so simple answers. Within the pages of this book, I give my thoughts, after prayer, about the answers I received over time. There are places to take notes and to simply write down what you received while reading. It is not preachy and can be very wonderful and peaceful reading for those that simply want another view of things.

PurposeFull Youis my third work. I have shared it and have made it available but am still doing some light editing. It is a short book with an important message.
It is written in conversational form. It is a word of inspiration and motivation from a friend to a friend. Motivation is my main goal and purpose in life (thus the reason why I enjoy making connections).
This book says that no matter where you are or what sets you apart, you are full of purpose. No position or role is more important. You are PurposeFull (full of purpose) right where you are and just as you are!

There was a review of this one On Debbie's Book Bag, please feel free to take a look and respond.

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Shalonda Williams-McClendon Congrats Lori!!!! I just finishing reading it today and you deserve that award. I'll be posting my review soon!!

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Pamela Barrett Hi readers and writers, my name is Pamela Barrett. I joined goodreads because I love to read and I thought it was a good way to keep track of all the books I've read, so I'm adding them little by little. I'm a new author, my memior is called Tales of the Titmouse: One Woman's Journey out of Darkness. It's a inspirational self-help written for anyone struggling with drug addiction and for their loved ones that need hope.Tales of the Titmouse Right now I'm giving away a signed copy on the goodreads giveaways. Check out the search inside at Amazon. Feel free to ask me questions about it. Thank you for starting this group.

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Shalonda Williams-McClendon Welcome Pamela! Congrats on the book and for all the lives that you will impact through the words on those pages.

message 14: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Barrett Shalonda wrote: "Welcome Pamela! Congrats on the book and for all the lives that you will impact through the words on those pages." Thank you Shalonda, for your warm welcome.

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B. Lynn You Want Me to Do What?

Since I wrote this book, I've discovered that everyone is a caregiver for someone: spouse, parent, special needs child, teenager, or oneself. Teachers, nurses, social workers, and more are in caregiving professions. Treat yourself to a copy if you like and let me know how journaling works in your life.

Take care,


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Daniel Benshana A Brief History Of Lies is a wry, easy read look at the lies we tell and how we learn to lie and how we are evolved to lie.

Press release:

More information and reviews:

First chapter:

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Ruth m Marmolejos-Garcia Ruth Minerva by Ruth M. Garcia-Marmolejos
Hello, I am a new author. My book was published and released December 9. 2009. My name is Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos. It is my Autobiography. I would love it, if you would read it.I had to put my writing on hold to be a mother first. Finally at age 67, my dream of becoming a published Author came true.
Ruth Minerva is the story of a woman as she makes her life’s journey, encounters trials and discovers love and happiness. I tell of the time when Ruth Minerva is still young. Her womanizer father gets hit by a truck and loses his left leg, but this does not stop him from getting mistresses and money as well.
Growing up, Ruth Minerva is taken to New York City by her grandmother, and then her parents also move to New York. Ruth Minerva gets married and later encounters many bizarre happenings in her life, like hurtful possessive spirits. Her husband dies, leaving her and their children to survive on their own. Ruth Minerva discovers her spiritual powers and uses them to defend herself and her family. Ruth Minerva falls in love with a drug abuser who changes his life’s path. Together they stand strong and become stronger as years go by.
Many who have experienced the same or similar experiences that Ruth Minerva had, can learn that they are not alone. With Faith, Willpower and Determination you can make your dreams come true.

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Daniel Benshana double post

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J. Ewbank I have written a book about the theology of John Wesley, who was an Anglical Minister and the founder of the Methodist Church. Information on the book is below.

“John Wesley, Natural Man, and the ‘Isms,’ by J. Robert Ewbank.

The ‘Isms’ are Heathenism, Judaism, Deism, Roman Catholicism, Quakerism, and Mysticism. The questions being answered are: how does each of them differ from John Wesley’s idea of True Christianity, and what are the prospects of salvation for those holding these views?

Written for the layperson as well as the scholar, there is a Study Guide in the back of the book to help individual or group study. The Guide has questions in the front, which are answered later in the Guide.

Bob has a B.A. from Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas and an M.A. from Garrett-Evangelical. He is currently Lay Leader of St. Mark UMC, in Mobile, AL.

Bishop Rueben P. Job of the United Methodist Church has written some kind words on the back cover.

Sam Royappa District Superintendent of the Coulee District in Wisconsin has recommended this book to his clergy and laity.

Dennis Mohler, District Superintendent of the Foothills District in Ohio also comments on the book at www.foothillsdistrict.org/newsletter/...

The book is found on the Newcastle Methodist Church site at www.newcastlemethodist.org.uk.

A review of the book has also been published in the October 15, 2009 copy of The Laity Link which is the newsletter of the Alabama-West Florida Conference Board of Laity.

The book has been used by a local Sunday School in its entirety and quoted in others.

To find the book go on the internet to:

1. www.wipfandstock.com (Wipf and Stock) For your information, the book is $23.00 at bookstores, but at the web site it is only $18.40
2. The book is now available at Cokesbury, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, WJE at Yale (The Jonathan Edwards Center), Kalahari.net, Paddyfield.com,www.deepershopping.com, Booktopia, abdbooksellers.com; Christianbooksbibles.com, IBS.it, Webster.it, Bibleknowledgebookstore.com, Angus & Robertson.com.au, JabezChristianStore.com, Boonbridgebooks.com, Alibris.com, Infibeam, and Amazon.com among others.

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Glenn Cheney I'd like to tell everyone about my most recent book,"Thanksgiving: The Pilgrims' First Year in America." It's about everything that happened between the landing of the Mayflower and the famous harvest feast of the following autumn.

the book's been getting pretty good reviews at goodreads, and when I offered a copy in the giveaway contest, over 800 people signed up! And it's on a lot of to-read lists.

So i got a good idea. I set up a little webpage where goodreads people can buy a copy at a very low price if they promise to write a review. The site is www.nllibrarium.com/goodreads/Welcome . You can read excerpts there.

That offer is only for goodreads people. By all means tell your goodreads friends about it, but please keep it in the goodreads circle.

"Thanksgiving" is my 20th book. It's an example of creative nonfiction. I tried very hard to make it more interesting, more gripping, than the average history.

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Pamela Barrett Just a quick note to let you know I am offering my book Tales of the Titmouse One Woman's Journey Out of Darkness on Goodreads Giveaway this month. You can find it on amazon.com or check this link http://outskirtspress.com/TalesoftheT... to hear me read an excerpt.

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Ruth m Marmolejos-Garcia Sounds good.
Who is your publisher?

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Robert Page My book, "The Presence, a Memoir of Miracles", is an account of the salient points in a 33 year long recovery from alcoholism which began with a remarkable spiritual encounter. It also highlights why we need to recognize the spiritual dimension in our lives and aim to broaden and deepen it. A small book with a big message.
Further information may be found at:

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O. Joseph Hello everyone,

Here is my book:

Two Different Worlds: The Possibilities And The Realities

It is available at:

About the book:

Whenever we study History, the old cliché "destined to repeat" comes to mind. These two stories are an attempt to portray how actions or lack of actions can have an agonizing influence on future generations."Omansfreeland," (The Possibilities) and "The Paper Bag Test," (The Realities) are presented in one volume, Two Different Worlds: The Possibilities and The Realities.

Omansfreeland and The Paper Bag Test convey two mesmerizing tales with poignant insight into American History. The two contrasting stories transcend the moment and demonstrate how history is the answer to why certain conditions exit today. Purchase the book and enjoy these writings in the spirit of entertainment, provoking thought beyond the possibilities and into the realities.

About the Author:

O. Joseph was born in the Mid-West and has resided in the Southwest, Pacific Northwest and the East Coast. He now lives in the Mid-South and has traveled to many countries while serving in the Navy. Career studies include Technical Writing and Aircraft Technology. His hobbies include playing the trumpet and cooking. His family and friends consider him a Master Chef. His faith and religion gives him the inner strength to persevere and accomplish his goals.

Thanks for the opportunity to share...
O. Joseph

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G'day all, David J Delaney here & I am plesed to let you all know my memoire/short story 'Tony the Wog's Mango Tree' was reviewed by a panel of academics & selected for publication in the very sought after James Cook University magazine LiNQ.

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Sharon Sharon wrote: "Hi, everyone. Here is the link to my memoir:

Les Pensees Dangereuses by Sharon E. Cathcart"

Should add (sorry I neglected to mention this) that the book is available on Smashwords, and is "set your own price." I share some information about clinical depression there that some people might find useful, and I wanted to make it available to *anyone,* regardless of their budget.

Thank you again for your consideration.

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Regulo Jr. Desperate Lands The War on Terror Through the Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier by Regulo Zapata Jr.

Hello everyone, My name is Regulo Zapata Jr., author of Desperate Lands:The War on Terror Through The Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier.

DESPERATE LANDS is the unprecedented true story of U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers and the missions they have carried out while fighting the war on terror in Horn of Africa and in Afghanistan.

View Trailer/Video Desperate Lands:
Desperate Lands: The War on Terror Through The Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier
Desperate Lands: The War Through The Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier

Book Available Online:
Barnes & Noble Stores

Thank you,

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Pamela Barrett Robert wrote: "My book, "The Presence, a Memoir of Miracles", is an account of the salient points in a 33 year long recovery from alcoholism which began with a remarkable spiritual encounter. It also highlights w..." Just ordered it, thanks for letting us know about it. Pamela ;-)

message 29: by Robert (new)

Robert Page Pamela wrote: "Robert wrote: "My book, "The Presence, a Memoir of Miracles", is an account of the salient points in a 33 year long recovery from alcoholism which began with a remarkable spiritual encounter. It al..."

Thank you Pamela

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Daniel Benshana http://internetreviewofbooks.com/mar1...

I expected A Brief History of Lies to be whimsical, and it is—and funny, too, with delightful British humor. But it’s also, philosophical and … surprisingly wise. If it appears simple at first glance, that’s deceptive.

Nanavati lives in Cornwall, UK, where he writes children’s books, novels, plays, film scripts, and poetry. Impressive! I find all that hard to believe, but would an author who writes about liars, lie on his own book cover? Probably not.

Nanavati astutely assesses the lies we tell and why. Yes, we, as in you, too. If you say you don’t lie, you’re lying to yourself. We all lie to ourselves, says Nanavati. If you’re honest, you’ll acknowledge that you lie—many times daily, even to those we love most. And sometimes we want to be lied to, as well.

The book provides a lengthy list of the various types of lies, which are legion. You’ll recognize them all, and that you’ve committed most. I’ve committed all but perjury, pathological and vindictive lies ... well, possibly a vindictive lie once in childhood.

The book is about politicians and lies, lovers and lies, kids learning to lie, lies told in war and business—of which Nanavati says, “Without lying there would be no war and business would always be good. Business is war without the bloodshed...” Nanavati makes no judgment toward us lying humans—it’s evolutionary, he says. Survival based.

His list of behaviors of liars is telling. Have you noticed someone “mirroring” your words to answer your question? Be suspicious.

“Did you eat the last cookie?”
“No, I did not eat the last cookie.”
I’d love to quote examples of Nanvati’s take on human nature and the rationale he gives for lying—especially the politicians—but they’d suffer out of the larger context. You’ll enjoy it better following Nanavati’s irreverent, satirical, logical, thought-provoking, albeit homespun path on your own. (Reviewed by Ruth Douillette)

message 31: by Evan (new)

Evan Fraser Greeting fellow book lovers,

My name is Evan Fraser and I’m an academic and author.

My favourite history books are “Voltaire’s Bastards” by John Raulston Saul, “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jarred Diamond, and Tom Holland’s “Persian Fire”. I’ve also been quite impressed with Steven Toulmin’s “Cosmopolis.” I particularly like work that is able to put current events into a broad historic context.

I am also an author myself. In 2008, I published a book called “Beef: The untold story of how milk, meat and muscle shaped the world.” This was published by William Morrow, which is a division of Harper Collins.

I’m also about to publish a book called “Empires of Food: Feast famine and the rise and fall of civilization” (this is to be published by the Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster).

During my day job I lecture and do research on food security and climate change at the University of Guelph (in Canada) and Leeds (in the UK).

Yours truly,


message 32: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Coletta Simple Truths A Self-help Guide to Help You Find Your Own Success, Peace, and Happiness by Tommy Coletta Tommy Coletta
Searching for a simple to read Self Help Book that really helps you build Self Esteem, Self Image, and Self Empowerment based on the Simple Truth that "God did not create you to fail" read my book, Simple Truths, "A Self Help Guide to Help You Find Your Own Success, Peace, and Happiness" available at Barnes&Noble.com, Amazon.com, and also available in hardback, paperback, and E-Copy at my website,www.tommycolettamarketing.com plus more information about me, Simple Truths, my work, my blogs, and Press Release.

message 33: by Jo-Anne (new)

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Hi;

I have a new release called "Premium Promotional Tips" -


Many 5-Star Amazon reviews (oh, and Goodreads reviews too...lol) Premium Promotional Tips for Writers by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

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George Perkins This looks like a useful site. Here's some info on my most recent book:

By George Perkins and Barbara Perkins, Shires Press, Manchester Center, Vermont, 300 pages.
Direct link to book site: http://www.northshire.com/siteinfo/bo... (AT PRESENT, THIS IS THE ONLY PACE TO BUY THE BOOK).

See the Taj Mahal at sunrise, visit Mount Parnassus and Delphi, circumnavigate Cape Horn and Pitcairn Island, thread the Strait of Magellan, walk among the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the moai statues of Easter Island, visit the Great Wall and the Shaolin Monastery in China and the Hunter Valley Vineyards and Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Other places visited include Hong Kong, Laem Chabang, Singapore, Penang, Phuket, Colombo, Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Cochin, Mumbai, Dubai, Salalah, Safaga, Alexandria, Civitvecchia, Valencia, Lisbon, Southampton, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Barbados, Salvadore de Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Falklands, Punta Arenas, Valparaiso, Tahiti, Moorea, Tonga, Auckland, Sydney.
Around the World on the QE2 is a personal narrative of the authors’ experiences during world cruises in 2006 and 2008. The book celebrates the end of an era. In 2008, the aging Queen was sold to Dubai to become a hotel, museum, and conference center. Newer cruise ships limit their voyages almost entirely to local cruising because none commands the speed over long distances from ocean to ocean and sea to sea required for a truly global tour.

REVIEW: If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, Tahiti, or Valparaiso—or any number of famous places around the world—this book will give you an idea of what you’re missing . . . This print-on-demand paperback is beautifully done, well-edited and attractively packaged . . . The big publishing houses are struggling, but POD looks like one kind of publication that’s here to stay. – Carter Jefferson, INTERNET REVIEW OF BOOKS.

Previous Perkins books include the best-selling textbook The American Tradition in Literature, the HarperCollins Reader’s Encyclopedia of American Literature, and numerous additional books written alone or with others. They have taught and lectured around the world, from Eastern Michigan University and the University of Toledo to Scotland, China, and Australia. The International Society for the Study of Narrative has honored them with lifetime memberships and in the name of the annual Perkins Prize for the best book in narrative studies.

For more details see www.georgeperkins.net

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Hi Everyone,
As a reader of both fiction and nonfiction, I wanted to share a cool blog I found with you. Its the real life adventures of a guy named Robb Skidmore who is a writer of fiction. Check it out - http://www.robbskidmore.com
Happy reading!

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MLK the Truth LLC The 13th Juror: The Official Transcript of the Martin Luther King Assassination Conspiracy Trial

For fourteen days in the winter of 1999, just blocks away from the site of Dr. King's assassination, one of the most infamous assassination mysteries was being unraveled in Memphis, Tennessee, in front of a judge and twelve jurors. With testimonies of over 70 witnesses, day by day the facts came forth to attempt to prove the truth behind what really happened on April 4th, 1968, to Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement. This book is the actual trial transcript, from beginning to end with no editing, no deletions, no opinions or commentary. This is an important and historic book for anyone interested in history or the law, or who really killed Martin Luther King.

message 37: by Tony (new)

Tony Hays I'm pleased to see that this book has been released. Anyone who has studied this case at all knows that James Earl Ray was a far more unlikely assassin than even Lee Harvey Oswald, and that, by itself, says a lot.

message 38: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 29, 2010 06:40AM) (new)

I am the author of two books on Unix shell programming:

[image error] [image error]

message 39: by MLK the Truth (new)

MLK the Truth LLC Thank you for your comment, Tony, about The 13th Juror. We have been trying to get the truth out there, but it has been a difficult road. Just this week, a book about how James Earl Ray acted alone was released called Hellhound on his Trail. It is getting huge media, and even PBS is airing a show Monday in conjunction with the book. It is hard to compete with that, but hopefully not many people will believe that rubbish.

message 40: by Tony (new)

Tony Hays I was an investigative journalist in Tennessee for a number of years, who faced the kind of media/machine backlash that I'm sure you're familiar with. Now, I write novels.

message 41: by Ruth m (new)

Ruth m Marmolejos-Garcia Hello friends, I want to congratulate all the new authors. I am also a new author. I just finished second book and looking for another publisher, I am not too happy with the present publisher. This road is hard and unless someone with good relations out there discovers and reads our books, it is a long process from the book release until we get on our feet. If one has money to spare, it will be easier because money makes money For the rest of us it is up to us to get our books out there, unless the publisher helps. My first book is Ruth Minerva, the second book is Children Fiction. I am trying to find out where my writing fits best. God luck all

message 42: by MLK the Truth (new)

MLK the Truth LLC Yes -- I am all too familiar with it. The media, particularly the print media, is pretty opinionated and one-sided. Where in TN were you a journalist?

message 43: by Tony (new)

Tony Hays I worked the narcotics-trafficking scene in west Tennessee.

message 44: by Tannia (new)

Tannia MLK dream has been fulfilled. Now that we have a black president, I am sure this book will get a lot of publicity. Is it worth my money? I once read I have a Dream book from MLK and loved it. It was very profound. The man had the gift of the word indeed.

message 45: by Jessica (new)

Rediscovering the Work that Built America
A Personal and Historical Journey

by Jessica DuLong
Winner, 2010 ASJA Outstanding Book Award, Memoir

After journalist Jessica DuLong was laid off from her dot-com job, life took an unexpected turn. A volunteer day aboard an antique fireboat, the John J. Harvey, led to a job in the engine room, where she found a taste of home she hadn’t realized she was missing.

Working with the boat’s finely crafted machinery, on the waters of the storied Hudson, made her wonder what America is losing in our shift away from hands-on work. Her questions crystallized after she and her crew served at Ground Zero, where fireboats provided the only water available to fight blazes.

Vivid and immediate, MY RIVER CHRONICLES is a journey with an extraordinary guide—a mechanic’s daughter and Stanford graduate who bridges blue-collar and white-collar worlds, turning a phrase as deftly as she does a wrench. As she searches for the meaning of work in America, DuLong shares her own experiences of learning to navigate a traditionally male world, masterfully interweaving unforgettable present-day characters and events with four centuries of Hudson River history.

A celebration of craftsmanship, MY RIVER CHRONICLES is a deeply personal story of a unique woman’s discovery of her own roots—and America’s—that raises important questions about our nation’s future.

Jessica DuLong
Jessica DuLong

message 46: by Tannia (new)

Tannia Congrats!

message 47: by Alice (new)

Alice Becoming Alice A Memoir by Alice Rene

My memoir, BECOMING ALICE is a story of escape, survival, and assimilation. It begins in Nazi occupied Vienna, a harrowing escape and a struggle to fit into a new culture, all within the confines of a troubled family. http://www.alicerene.com


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Ruth m Marmolejos-Garcia CONGRATULATIONS

message 49: by Alice (new)

Alice Thank you, Ruth!

message 50: by Lana (new)

Lana Voynich Congratulations. Your book sounds very interesting. I'm going to add it to my list of things to read!

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