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message 1: by Lannister (new)

Lannister This thread is for discussing the Fey. If you want to talk about the various factions within the Fey, or if you've something you want to ask about Claire, Caedmon, Aesubrand or any other Fey character, this is the place to do it.

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna Does anyone know the name of the little fairy who wanted the fertility rune and which book she was in? If you can give me a page ref that would be awesome

message 3: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat Radella, Claimed by shadow . . . let me see what chapter/page it was (I have a kindle so it may be different from what you have)

message 4: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat Chapter 11, sorry no page number . . .:“Oui, je sais. The mage, ’ee make a deal with Radella. She is captain of the night guard, une grande baroudeuse, a warrior of skill.”
“What kind of deal?”
“The mage ’ave a rune of power. Radella has long searched for such. Above all, she want a child, but is inféconde , barren. The mage say, ’ee cast it for her, if she aid us.”

message 5: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat also Embrace the Night, end of Chapter 9 it starts up again, and the rune and radella play a more prominent role in this book.

message 6: by Anna (new)

Anna Hi Zeenat thank you. I'll check it out.

message 7: by Lannister (new)

Lannister Does anyone here have the audio books of the Dory stories? How do they pronounce Æsubrand? I have a pronunciation in my head, but it's probably not right.

I say it something like "Ace-you-brand" but the "Ace-you" part is said quickly, so that it almost sounds like "A-shoe". I have no frigging idea how it actually should be said. How does everyone else say it?

message 8: by Claire (new)

Claire I think of it as "Ace-uh-brand" with a short instead of long u

message 9: by Lannister (new)

Lannister I think I did say it like that once, but it sounded like Acer-Brand and Acer is a brand of computers and that wasn't right in my head for a nasty fey warrior!

message 10: by Maggie (new)

Maggie I thought it was Ace-a-braund. That's how they pronuced it via audio book anyhoo.

message 11: by Lannister (new)

Lannister So, is it 'braund' rhyming with pond? Typical! I'm angst-ing over the first part, and I'm wrong about the last part. Actually, I was wrong about the first part too LOL!

Oh well, at least I know how to pronounce Mircea! :D

message 12: by Anna (last edited Jan 02, 2013 04:13PM) (new)

Anna The Æ symbol is the old English letter 'ash' -short vowel pronounced as the a in 'at'. No idea about the rest or if it has been 'Americanised'.

message 13: by Lannister (new)

Lannister That's really interesting, Anna. So maybe we should be saying 'ash-uh-brand' or 'ash-uh'brond' something like that. I actually rather like the sound of that, even if it's not how they say it in the audio books. It rolls off the tongue more easily.

message 14: by Anna (new)

Anna more likely s or z rather than sh in the first syllable...

The modern 'sh' digraph would have been would have been written 'sc' in Old English, so Ashubrand (modern) would probably have been Æscubrand in OE but I doubt that KC is being that formulaic about it.

message 15: by Claire (new)

Claire Sometimes I wish KC included a pronunciation guide

message 16: by Lannister (new)

Lannister We could always ask in the Q & A?

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ Good idea, Lannister!

message 18: by Lannister (new)

Lannister I think I'll refer to him as Asshat-brand from now on.

message 20: by Claire (new)

Claire That seems like a pretty solid plan, Lannister

message 21: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat Asshat brand works for me.

message 22: by Claire (new)

Claire I like it. (bet KC would get a kick out of that!)

message 23: by Anna (new)

Anna lol

message 24: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie Yup, asshatbrand works for me... Is this growing into your name??

message 25: by Lannister (new)

Lannister LOL, definitely!

OK, Asshat-brand it is, Asshat for short. It saves messing about with that damned Æ glyph.

message 26: by Claire (new)

Claire I don't even bother to write that! And Asshat is totally fitting...

message 27: by Lannister (new)

Lannister Yup, he's been officially christened Asshat.

Poor old Asshat, he'll probably end up the hero that saves the world LOL!

message 28: by Claire (new)

Claire God I hope not!

message 29: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Gresham One of my favorite moments in Midnight's Daughter is when Dory accuses Caedmon of skulking, and he is just thrilled and tickled at the novelty of it.

I sure hope we see a lot more of him in future books. He just tickles me.

message 30: by Claire (new)

Claire I like that, too. Caedmon is nothing like the imperious and scary Dark Fey king. He's very down-to-earth for a king. (not saying he's humble or anything, just better than I expected for royalty.)

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Do you think we'll ever get to see the fey courts?

message 32: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Gresham Do you mean more of the dark court than we saw in (I think) the second Cassie book and the glimpses we've had in of the light court in the Dory books? Or do you mean glimpses of the other courts, such as Aesubrand's father's court?

I hope we see more. I'd especially like to visit the court of the forest fey.

How about you?

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Forest fey? Are they the matriarchal ones with female warriors? I would love to see if they have total role reversals going on. I doubt it, though. The implication is that they have been hit by low birth rates so badly that both sexes need to fight against incursions or to maintain control of their territory.

Another fey group I would like to see in day-to-day activities are the pixies. Do they live in enclaves among other dark fey, or are individuals dispersed alone or in nuclear families?

Finally, DRAGONS! I loved Claire's family in her short story. A little Cassie or Dory interaction with dragon would be greatly appreciated!

message 34: by Zoltan (new)

Zoltan Makacs Totally, we need more Fey stuff! :D I think we are going to get it, as the whole issue with the dark king didn't get resolved yet for Cassie... (and Tomas' storyline is ahead of the current Cassie books I think). Aesubrand features prominently in the Dory books, and the NA Senate almost got invaded by god-mongering crazy elf fanatics so I think that's also on the menu - not to mention the rumours that the conspirators may or may not be hiding in Faerie.

Though I'm somewhat confused about that, I thought Tony was in Faerie, but KC recently said that he didn't give Sal's orders from Faerie... so... where is he?

Since the Cassie books edge towards demons and there's already a lot of Fey stuff in the Dory books, it's possible that we will get a great multi-dimensional epic confrontation during the war - I'd love to see that! :)

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

Just more fey in general!I'm really interested in Aesubrand's story development, he's so important but we barely know anything about him and the glimpses we had in Fury's Kiss made him more interesting/relatable(ish)! His whole family is just interesting and obviously there is a lot political intrigue happening in Faerie right now that we don't see.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

You are so right, Emily. I could see either Aesubrand or Caedmon, perhaps both, taking an interest in Dory. "Pops" would not want his child disappearing into Faery with either of them. (Although he might be pleased at the chance for closer ties with the fey to enhance his own power or to serve the diplomatic goals of the senate. As KC has written him so far, you just never know with Mircea!)

Oh, yes. Dory cannot have children, but that could all change if the rune were cast for her. KC has said that there are problems to come with the Dory/LC romance. What if Radella cast the rune for Dory, but didn't tell her? LC would assume that the baby-to-be wasn't his, and either fey would accept fatherhood for an heir. And Mircea? No question that the baby would be HIS!!! It wouldn't matter who claimed paternity. Dory always has unprotected sex, thinking she can't become pregnant. Who knows what could happen as she goes her merry way?

When KC mentioned problems for Dory/LC, I always thought that would be because Dorina might be attracted to a different vampire. Zheng-zi came to mind because he fought Dory with respect, although with lethal intent. Obviously, I limited my suitor pool too much. Wouldn't want to be a xenophobe in the brave new world after the Twilight of the Gods!

Finally, can you imagine what lengths Great-Uncle Radu would go to in dressing his new relative? Or, horrors, in decorating Baby's Bedroom? Mine eyes! The froth overflows!

message 37: by Zoltan (new)

Zoltan Makacs Nancy said: "Finally, can you imagine what lengths Great-Uncle Radu would go to in dressing his new relative? Or, horrors, in decorating Baby's Bedroom?"

Oh. My. God. I suddenly, fervently hope that this theory will actually come true, that is priceless!!! :D

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Radu and Caedmon working together on that project would be a sight I'd like to see, just imagine the results!

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

I would love a contest for the best approximation of Radu's bedroom for Dory's little Miss Chance. See, she is a girl, and I named her in light of cicumstances and in loving homage to KC!

With no Photoshop ability, there is zero chance for me to come up with an initial concept. However, I envision the bassinet to have yards of yellow satin, miles of white lace and the canopy will be centered with a large reproduction of the Basarab crest.

I think the dressing table would be strewn with custom baby products from the world's best perfume maker. The aroma would include a hint of pine (for Mircea and for odor control).

Miss Chance would need to be taken out for for fresh air, of course. No plebean stroller for her! The self-propelled " perambulator" would have a sight-searing yellow leather exterior with flashy chrome trim and, again, be topped with the Basarab crest. The interior would feature yellow satin and white lace with cute little dragon pillows and a stuffed dragon for Miss Chance to chew on as she teethed. Don't you know she would be precocious and teething from day one?

Does anyone have more ideas or, even better, pictures for The Bedroom?

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

in reference to Dory and Asshat, what does the hand-shaped brand she wears from him imply for the future plotline? (I would have put this in a Dory topic, but she doesn't have one in this folder.)

I'm surprised that LC (and Radu, who walked in when she was naked and tied to her bed) didn't notice a hand print that went from below her breasts to her navel.

Asshat said it marked her as his prey only, so does she have immunity from all fey or only from Svaresti fey?

Cassie is marked by Mircea, and now Dory wears Asshat's brand. We know what Mircea and Asshat SAY the marks mean, but my suspicious mind wonders if they will be important in the future plotline.

I would like to hear when Dory #4 will be released, and very much want a Dory short, too. I'd like a Radu short as well, since he is such an adorable character. Might as well ask for the moon!

message 41: by Oona (new)

Oona ha what a good question! I just re read Fury's Kiss (book 3) and totally forgot that hand print was there - wouldn't LC have said *something* about it? Or is it only visible in the infra spectrum that Dory/Dorina has some great gift at seeing in? (So, it wouldn't show to most human or Vamp eyes)...

As for Asshat, both he and Caedmon "liked" Dory....LC definitely has competition. I get the feeling that Asshat likes Dory because she has proven herself to be a worthy opponent...much like ZZ likes her...

message 42: by Lannister (new)

Lannister I feel that Asshat grudgingly respects Dory. I don't think he wants to like her, as anyone who is not a pure blood Light Fey is automatically beneath him, but he's come to realise that she's a worthy warrior and could be useful in the fight against his father. It probably sticks in his throat to ask for help, but his mummy insisted and Asshat's a total mummy's boy!! :D

I think that hand print's got to come up again. Maybe Dory ends up fighting with Asshat's father and, just as he's about to kill her, he sees his son's mark and lets her go? I feel like it's got to be a scene with a fey where the hand print comes up again. Surely if LC was going to say something about it, he'd have done so by now? It is odd that he hasn't commented on it, though. Most of Dory's other scars all fade away, right? You'd think it would stand out. I like the idea that only Dory's sensitive eyes can see it (well, apart from those with fey blood.)

message 43: by Oona (new)

Oona Well love and hate are a very fine line, so Asshat may find himself falling into admiration for Dory - weak as she is, she's one of the few who took the punishment he doled out and *didn't* beg...

Caedemon now... he's totally different. Lots of power, but more playful and child like at time. Does not appear to look down on those weaker than he.
More mischeivious than anything...I Loved loved how he came onto Dory in her bedroom, undressed, and she was like "What are you doing" when he started making out with her (knowning perfectly well that LC was coming and was going to blow a fuse seeing them...). He likes him his bit of *drama* he does...

message 44: by Lannister (new)

Lannister I really would like something to happen with Dory and Asshat, even just a bit of sexual tension.

Asshat's a great character and I like the way (I think) KC is developing him. He started out as the baddie and a complete psycho, but now we're learning that, although he's probably not 'nice', he's maybe not a complete arse either. More importantly, he's going to be on the right side in the war. It makes me wonder if he's actually quite torn with divided loyalties. On one hand, he (maybe?) respects his father (as a parent, as a king and a pure fey and all that), but he also sees what his father is doing is wrong and will be the undoing of their people. I don't know if KC will develop that theme, but I'd like it if she did. He and Dory can compare & contrast their Daddy issues, then fight over who has it worst! :D

I think you make some really good observations about Caedmon. He doesn't look down on the weaker, and that's a sign of someone who's sure and confident about their place in the world. I think mostly Caedmon craves new experiences, and dhampir Dory definitely has the novelty factor for him. Doesn't hurt that he finds her easy on the eye too! I like that the fey are grudgingly accepting Dory as a force to be reckoned with.

So, Dory fans, if you had to pick, who would you like to see having a steamy scene with Dory in the next book?

1) Only LC
2) Asshat
3) Caedmon
4) ZZ
5) Marlowe
6) All of the above(!)
7) Someone else?

Who do we ship the most?

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

In addition to all of the above, add in the Irin. Add Lord Cheung.....he was higher in the hierarchy than ZZ before they were seated on the NA Senate.

message 46: by Lannister (last edited Sep 11, 2015 07:07AM) (new)

Lannister Oh yeah, the Irin of sex party fame! Hmmm, now I'm shipping Marlowe and the Irin. That would be a steamy combination all right!! :D (Jeez, I need to calm down!)

I'd like to see Dory flirting with Caedmon and Asshat getting jealous. That's probably what will start the war in Faerie. :P

Also, ZZ over Cheung every time.

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

Avreed! The fan-submitted art work on KC's web site is stunning. He is just gorgeous. Have you noticed the drawing of Marlowe's new light of love? If not, you should check it out.

message 48: by Zoltan (new)

Zoltan Makacs I got more of a "comrade" vibe from ZZ, but who knows, Dorina might find his respect-and-rivalry gig totally hot. Not to mention the ability to streth his body, as you guys mentioned ;) I also support the Irin / Asshat tension :D The whole Irin foreshadowing in FK was somewhat hinting at future plotlines... and Asshat's handprint is a very good point! What could it mean?!

And what would darling, arrogant LC do with any or all of the above potential interests... challenge them to a duel for her hand, lol? :D That wouldn't go over so well...

message 49: by Lannister (new)

Lannister Zoltan, I think you're probably right about Dory & ZZ, that they're (hopefully) going to be allies in the war, rather than lovers, but who knows what Dorina thinks. Given KC's hints about Dorina perhaps having different opinions, anything is possible.

Hmmmm maybe it's Dorina who likes Caedmon or Asshat? Dorina doesn't seem to like vampires, so surely that's a point in favour of a fey character? Perhaps she also admires the strength and prowess of a warrior, and Asshat certainly fits that criteria. Presumably Caedmon too.

I can't really get into the idea of anything developing with the Irin. I sorta feel like it's just too different and alien for there to be much common ground, beyond fighting a common enemy, but who knows? The Irin seemed to perfectly understand Dorina's need for a family and her protective instinct toward the Irin child, so perhaps there might be something? It kills me that we'll have to wait a year minimum (and possibly much longer) before we'll find out anything.

One thing I've wondered now and then ... it was mentioned that ZZ & Cheung were originally Ming-de's loyal servants, though they're - supposedly - estranged from her now. What do we think about ZZ/Cheung's loyalty? Are they Ming-de's spies, or are they going to be completely loyal to Cleo?

message 50: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Gresham Need it CE either/or? Maybe ZZ and During are just out for themselves. Or Cheung could be a spy and ZZ, a free agent.

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