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message 1: by Dana (new)

Dana Karen didn't say you were the nerd she was giving this to!

message 2: by Greg (new)

Greg That was a different nerd! A few copies of the ARC for this showed up at the store yesterday and Karen recommended I take a copy.

message 3: by Courtney (new)

Courtney if any nerds want to let me borrow their copy that'd be great! lol

message 4: by Greg (new)

Greg I lent my copy to Karen but you can borrow it when she is done with it.

message 5: by Courtney (new)

Courtney thanks Greg.

message 6: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Happy belated birthday, Greg! I looked for something incredible to post on your wall (wall?) for your birthday, but I didn't find anything awesome enough, and then I think something shiny came along and that project ended. But, this sounds like a rad way to spend the day, so, good work.

message 7: by Greg (new)

Greg Thanks, Meredith!

The Crimson Fucker have you heard about second life??? i dont get surprised nomore when people dont know about it! even tho they haven freaking 20K users! it sounds fun but i dont get to hurt people!

people already doing this shit! the virtual world is 200 times cooler than the real one! it sucks balls here!!!!!

The Crimson Fucker in a fun fact! second life is profitable~! both for the people whomade it and for the users! anything you create inthere (freely) can be copyrighted! people pay shits loads of mony to get exclusive clothing and shit from famous second life cloth designers and shit! that's weird!!!!

message 10: by j (new)

j i was that nerd. i am reading this next!

message 11: by j (new)

j it's kind of matrix-y but mostly it steals the metaverse from snow crash. it's a very, very geeky and kind of poorly written book (i keep noticing huge continuity errors), but i am enjoying it very, very much.

message 12: by Greg (new)

Greg shhhhhh!!!! the book is amazing and has no flaws!!

message 13: by j (new)

j (view spoiler)

message 14: by Greg (new)

Greg I missed that one. I'm sure that the mistake was the fault of the sixers trying to control the outcome of the book though.......

message 15: by Edmund (new)

Edmund Davis-Quinn Awesome book

message 16: by Greg (new)

Greg It was, I really enjoyed this one!

message 17: by Erika (new)

Erika "although if you're childhood memories aren't filled with playing attari"... I won't give you a "like" because of that... Ok, not really :D

message 18: by Greg (new)

Greg If people withheld their likes because of my poor grammar and awful use of the apostrophe I'd never get any votes.

message 19: by Arah-Lynda (new)

Arah-Lynda For the record I think you did the book a huge amount of justice. Love it!

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