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message 1: by Micah (new)

Micah Persell Can I just say that I love your recommendation?

message 2: by Shan (new)

Shan B Thank you! It's been a while since I read that book and rereading my review makes me laugh because I was really fired up. It still sucked though...

message 3: by Deb (new)

Deb Roby Hopefully you will never have to go through a miscarriage, do you think they are pretty?? I hope you can keep your Rose Garden glasses on for a while. Unfortunately, life gets messy!

message 4: by Natalie (last edited Jan 03, 2010 11:32AM) (new)

Natalie Sheep and lemmings! Classic, and well-put! Oh, you could have added people who like to sleep in their own drool. Yes, it was that boring.

message 5: by John (new)

John Hileman I'm currently reading this book... and I've got to say, you are spot on. Every point you made was as if you reached into my soul and pulled out the words. Thank you, thank you, thank you ... now I can be at peace for not finishing it.

It's a shame. I wanted to like this book. I really did.

message 6: by Shannon (new)

Shannon I couldn't finish the book either, not after finding out that Henry was doomed anyway, WTF! I was hoping for an HEA to at least make this book worth my time and instead I feel like I wasted my week on it. I think you hit it dead on by saying we weren't told what the characters' were "feeling" only what they were doing...that explains perfectly why I had such a hard time connecting to the love story. I couldn't really feel that "love" throughout the story and the foreshadowing of the depressing ending was just ridiculous, telling us what will happen before it does...that's when I stopped reading and read the spoilers to find out what happens. I feel totally disenchanted by this book by the sad ass ending and the lack of connection between the characters.

message 7: by Daphne (new)

Daphne Garza I loved this book! Perhaps we read two different things because this makes me cry every time I read it. The emotion, the feelings, everything. The reason it had so much normal stuff like grocery list and streets and bands, wasn't to make you say "I get it", but to make you understands. He's trying to be normal. Just because he's a time traveler, doesn't mean he enjoys it. Would you? Would you enjoy knowing your future, or reliving the past, but unable to change it? I know I wouldn't enjoy that. I'd try to ignore, try to be normal, make grocery list and other boring things to connect with normal life. The reason for his nakedness was because he can't take anything with him, HELLO!! If he could take something, it could change the fabric of time. Are you telling me that you'd be dumb enough to take something that might ruin the future? You're crazy if you would. Henry did what he could, and he did it greatly. He's a hero in a way to me, he's what made this book so memorable. Maybe you should reread it, and instead of judging, really listen to it, let it take over your mind. Put yourself in his shoes. I'm sure your thoughts would change if you did.

message 8: by Daphne (new)

Daphne Garza Ps, don't speak of miscarriages and other things if you haven't been through them yourself. And another thing, these characters weren't selfish, they were lost and afraid. Their feelings were protested perfectly, you just didn't listen. You're kinda dumb if you didn't notice that thief feeling literally fly off the pages and smack you in the face.

message 9: by Shantel (new)

Shantel Mcfeeters I agree 100% Characters so self absorbed for being so devastatingly in love. I kept screaming this book is about NOTHING!!!

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