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message 1: by Pamela (last edited Apr 09, 2008 05:30PM) (new)

Pamela Great review, Yulia--I've added this book to my "read list"

Also as an aside, I can only remember the 10 Commandments by remembering 5 positives (Thou Shalts) and 5 negatives (Thou Shalt Nots). It's easier to suss them out that way.

I do remember reading(both as child and now as a mother) a New Testament verse that reminds parents not to provoke children to wrath. Now there's an interesting take on being a good parent...Who's going to take care of you in your old age, after all? All through Genesis, we humans are told to take care of the Earth, God's great sculpture/collage project. If we saw all life as precious--animal, plant, planet--I think we'd be better curators.

message 2: by Yulia (last edited Apr 09, 2008 05:51PM) (new)

Yulia As a general rule, it's good not to provoke wrath in family members, but we never really know how our actions and ways of being will be deciphered by others, do we? After growing up perpetually censoring myself for fear of what others would think of me, I just had to give up living like that for my health. My only guideline now is, as long as my partner Frank understands my motivations, I'm doing all right. I admit my own perfectionism, among other reasons, has scared me away from ever having kids of my own.

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