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message 1: by Carey (new)

Carey I know right!!?? Seriously, that wasn't what I was expecting either. SOOO messed up! I've been hearing talk on the discussion sights that it might be a trick ending there. I sure hope so cuz they HAVE to be reunited all happy and everything later.

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Yea at the time I didn't realize there is still going to be two more books so I am thinking that Lena will rescue Alex out of the crypts next book. It comes out in Feb so it is going to be a long wait.

message 3: by Eloise (new)

Eloise this was such a good book and i sooo hope Lena rescues Alex!! and i am sooooo glad there are more books because i hated that ending!! it was sooo sad :( but i really don't wanna wait for the books to come out i wanna read them now!!!! :D

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Tejada oh don't tell me its depressing! now I don't want to finish it! ughh

message 5: by Kelechi (new)

Kelechi Me too! I just burst into tears!!

message 6: by Caroline (new)

Caroline The ending KILLED me. My guess is Lena and her mom will rescue Alex. Now that Lena is in The Wilds, she will meet up with her escaped mother, who knows how to get into the Crypts from having escaped them.

message 7: by emily (new)

emily  cross ok i just a have a qwestion for you is there a love tirangle in this book?

message 8: by Carey (new)

Carey Not in this one Emily.

message 9: by Alysa (new)

Alysa Filip He's still alive read the next one pandemonium

message 10: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Alysa, that's a major spoiler. You should delete your comment pronto.

message 11: by Kriste (new)

Kriste Just starting book 2. Please tell me there is hope for Alex!

message 12: by Myriam (new)

Myriam I know!!!!!!....:'(

message 13: by Rachel (new)

Rachel ... i thought he was dead... oh... my guess is that it was his twin brother that got shot. ps thanks for the spoiler alysa!

message 14: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Kind request: would the writer of this review mind deleting Alysa's spoiler since Alysa is not considerate enough to do so herself?

message 15: by Rachel (new)

Rachel pleeeeaaase

message 16: by Sabira71 (new)

Sabira71 Im still crying over alex i keep thinking if hes actually going to Crypts instead because he has to stay alive and when lena said she would rather stay with him than die but yet she still ran i know alex told her to but LENAAAAA u make me scream

message 17: by Brittani (new)

Brittani YES! I'm tempted to copy and paste your review, and give you credit of course :).

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