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message 1: by Sita (new)

Sita So it was good. Because I tried reading it at an athletics carnival and I couldn't get passed the first couple chapters. I sorta liked the movie. So i'm kinda hesitant to pick it up :P

message 2: by Simcsa (new)

Simcsa Well, I really liked it. :) I suppose I just can't resist books with book lovers as main characters. :D
And the first chapters were like... ehhh, but it will get better, believe me :)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Ja mám túto knižku veľmi rada :) Je jednoduchá a vlastne neprináša nič nové, ale ja som si ju neskutočne užila :D :)

message 4: by Simcsa (new)

Simcsa aj ja tak :D v podstate ani vlastne nechapem preco sa mi tak pacila :D a nech si recenzenti hovoria co chcu, nie je nad to obcas si precitat peknu rozpravocku :)

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