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Cora Tea Party Princess Read a good memoir recently?

Share it here.

message 2: by William (new)

William Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. A Schizophrenic Will: A Story of Madness, A Story of Hope

message 3: by T.R. (new)

T.R. Robinson I, Win by Win CharlesI Win by Win Charles. This is a positive uptempo young woman's memoir despite her limitations. At twenty four she has achieved so much, far more than many of us.

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message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael Staples Hi There,

I recently wrote a book about my life, narrating a story about the impact a traumatic childhood can have on the way in which a life unfolds. I wove together lived experience with the mytho-poetic language of the unconscious, and the story follows me, in my early teens, as I board a bus for one of the most dangerous places in the world: wartime Vietnam. My early family drama crafted an inner world of fantasy, masking my ability to see the reality of what he has gotten himself into.

You can check out my book here:

And if you'd like to review I can send a free copy :)

Deeply appreciative,

message 9: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Malkin Hi. Do you love the sea? Would you like to read my story?

I have written a deeply personal true story describing my gradual involvement and eventual true bonding with the beautiful old fishing boat - Shemaron.

"Make no mistake; this is a love story – and a tempestuous one at that." (review Argyll Ad).

Having a moderately successful business and two grown up children, I thought my life was fairly settled. I was unprepared for the impact that my husband’s purchase of an old fishing boat would have. Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour is the story of my growing involvement on a practical, historical and deeply romantic level, whilst dealing with the inevitable frustrations of renovating an old boat. The turbulent and intimate interaction between fishermen and the sea is often considered alongside personal observations made from the deck of the ring net boat Shemaron, whilst experiencing the truly inspirational experience of being at sea. Poetical prose and historical interludes are woven into accounts of voyages undertaken whilst my husband and I have enjoyed guardianship of this historical boat

Please email me - - info - Good Reads, if you would like to review my book. I am willing to send a free hard copy. Looking for reviews in US & UK.

message 10: by Sushil (new)

Sushil Reddy Hi!

Please read my Guinness record solar bicycle ride experience in India!
Sushil Reddy

The SunPedal Ride: India: 79 Days, 7424 kilometres, a Solar Awareness Mission
The SunPedal Ride India 79 Days, 7424 kilometres, a Solar Awareness Mission by Sushil Reddy

It is a fun travelogue with a message about sustainability. We are fund raising to get solar power to a village school in Rajasthan via an NGO - Hockey Village India

Feel free to ask me any query! :) Looking forward to connecting with you all!

message 11: by Francis (new)

Francis Mandewah Read my haunting, inspiring, and remarkable random act of kindness true story for FREE; how a kind and generous American pilot from Minnesota rescued me from bondage, abuse, and slavery in the "Blood Diamond" region of Sierra Leone...., my perilous and death-defying journey through the Sahara Desert to Europe, and how this altruistic American pilot stood at the American consulate in Palermo, Sicily and got me visa to America for better life.

message 12: by T.R. (new)

T.R. Robinson His Eye is On the Sparrow by Ann Pearlman His Eye Is on the Sparrow by Ann Pearlman

This memoir outlines the impact a white, Jewish girl’s engagement to a Negroid had not only upon their own lives but also upon those of their families.

Full review may be found at:

Lord.of.the.Paper Mad About Men

Meet Madelyn!
“Attractive in shape, slightly exotic, well-travelled and young at heart.”
And you’d think these brilliant qualities enables a woman to have a stable dating
life, or at least decent relationships but.......... men aren’t so modest anymore. From gym trainers to tinder and even date a black guy with a, follow Madelyn on her outstandingly witty chronicles in the pursuit of a real man.
My thoughts
Mad about men is a giftedly quirky read, it's the perfect book to curl up with when you need a hell of a good laugh. It’s perhaps one of the funniest things I’ve read since Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic. I absolutely adore the personal emails to and from her best friend, Chloe and the weird texts from ‘Not-Tyrone’ men (A book reference for which you HAVE to read the book.)
I think I know what I’ll be re-reading every Valentines.

message 14: by Madelyn (new)

Madelyn Morgan Lord.of.the.Paper wrote: "Mad About Men

Meet Madelyn!
“Attractive in shape, slightly exotic, well-travelled and young at heart.”
And you’d think these brilliant qualities enables a woman to have a stable dating

Thank you, Lord Of The Paper! I appreciate you and I'm glad you "get" me.
Mad About Men: A Menmoir

message 15: by Bob (new)

Bob Green Mad About Men: A MENmoir:

Mad About Men makes me want to be BFFs with Madelyn Morgan. A) Because she has adventures that I will never have in my life and B) so I can tell her that her love life is a hilarious train-wreck to her face over a few cocktails.

The book is a sweet, intimate and vulgar look at a busy, successful, single mom's sex life and her search for Mr. Right AND Mr. Right Now. It seems she can't decide which and that's perfectly OK. We all get a little nutty looking for the D and the description of her various methods of doing so is both maddening and amusing because we've all been there. Mad About Men is so riotously well written that I could barely put it down. It does get a little jumbled in spots but that just adds to the craziness.

If you need something to feed your Sex and the City fix, stop right here and prepare to laugh your ass off.

message 16: by Lonna (new)

Lonna Cottrell-Thompson Here's my memoir. Read and review, if you choose...or just read...or discard. It's goofy, dark, humorous, insightful, and takes place in the 1990s.
Everyday Is Like Sunday: A Memoir

Also, I'm reading Lit by Mary Karr. The woman is awesome,

message 17: by Audrey (new)

Audrey Gittens Hi,

my name is Audrey Gittens and I'm the author of the book "Crossing the Chasms of Life: A Little Bit of Heaven and a Lot of Hell" a memoir and also "A well written account of an inspiring life".

I invite you to enter my giveaway here:

Ten copies will be given for free to ten winners. For a review exchange, please contact me in private.



message 18: by Garfield (new)

Garfield Whyte Hello, anyone care to read my all boys boarding school memoir, I enjoyed those days. If so, please send me a PM.

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