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Pkt831 The thing that is amazing.
This book did not let me down. Just like Order of the Phoenix I read it within 24 hours. Every single chapter, sentence, word, grabbed at me! By this point in the series I'm seriously invested in the characters and the events going on around them, and Rowling has not done anything to them to upset me too much. Well, there is something that happens to one of my favorite characters at the end of the book, but I'm not going to spoil it because there are actually still people out there who have yet to read the book.

message 2: by Madison (new)

Madison This book is THE BEST!!!!!

message 3: by Dagemawi (new)

Dagemawi You will always be my favorite Rowling!!!!

message 4: by Basabi (new)

Basabi Bora I am excessively obsessed with HARRY POTTER.I can't stop thinking about him day and night even though he is an imaginary character.
Love you Harry......

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura It's those who grow up with Harry Potter that love it the most.

message 6: by Asher (new)

Asher Woldamlak I like harry potter books but I'm not obsessed with them. This book in my opinion was an excellent penultimate. I think that Rowling cleverly constructed this book from beginning to end. You really saw her writing expertise in how she made Dumbledore seem more human. To all of us fans, Dumbledore seems to be otherworldly in his thoughts and powers. Rowling challenged our view by making Dumbledore admit his failure to tell Harry the necessities about his destiny. That was a HUMAN error, and this brought Dumbledore down a level in my view. I recommend this book simply because of the excellent plot twists and its detailed language.

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Liam i grew up reading hp with my parents. this is still just as good today. it is amazing. i am in love w/ the series. im serious (real hp fans will get dat joke).

message 8: by As (new)

As I love jk rowling and i loved harry potter

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