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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Thompson hilarious... except for rachel ray... she should go away and never come back...

message 2: by Dlons (new)

Dlons He definitely beats rachel ray, seriously. I could understand not liking the book if you aren't interested in culinary at all but then I don't know why you would read it.

message 3: by Katherine (new)

Katherine "It should be noted that I do like Rachel Ray's "Tasty Travels""
That explains everything about your review.

message 4: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Actually, this explains everything about my review:

message 5: by Vic (new)

Vic Yeah, that explains everything.[sarcasm]

You were looking for something of "a punk rock nature"?

message 6: by Brenden (new)

Brenden Jones I agree with Kathy. You're entitled to your opinion but I don't see why you picked this up or watched his show since he's a chef. This job title pretty much represents everything you don't care about.

message 7: by Ju$tin (new)

Ju$tin weak sauce review... to 1 star it for those reasons is very petty of you.

message 8: by Angelo (new)

Angelo Book definitely doesn't "Skip right over" the drugs. The book has nothing to do with the TV shows he's on. This isn't really a review of a book.

message 9: by Mark (new)

Mark Gallant Really just a dumb review and rating but stuff like that seems to happen with so many reviews I see.

I don't like science fiction so I think I will run out and grab a few sci fi books and give them 1 star. Maybe I can find a sci-fi book with an element of gardening in it so I can give it less then 1 star. That'll show 'em for writing about stuff I don't like!

message 10: by Ian (new)

Ian Haha Mark!! That's great. Yeah this guy made a really dumb review

message 11: by Lauren (new)

Lauren It's interesting that you think it skipped right over the drugs... because time after time, I was left with the impression that he did a *lot* of cocaine. And, you know, heroin. He talks about it as much as makes sense for a book that's not directly about addiction.

message 12: by James (new)

James I give this guy's reading selection skills 1 star.

message 13: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Vizena Reviewer has apparently never a)finished a book (audio or otherwise) b)never listened to 'Sonic Reducer' while chopping shallots C) is satisfied eating and paying for scraps at brunch D)needs to go back to watching his Bobby FAKE clips on Food Network.

message 14: by Kaitlin (new)

Kaitlin Why would you read a book with a subject that you seem to hate? Seriously, even if you hate the subject you can still judge whether or not the book was well written, but you can't even come away from your hatred of culinary arts enough to judge his writing skills.

You further invalidated your review by claiming it was "not punk enough". It's a book about the culinary world, not a book about the underground music industry.

As if your review hadn't already invalidated itself, you threw out the fact that you liked Rachel Ray's book, but why should I be surprised? You had already vehemently explained that you hate the culinary world.

message 15: by Craig (new)

Craig Hamilton Hallway through Patrick's review I realized he is an idiot.

message 16: by John (new)

John Craig H- hahaha! Exactly. This is easily one of the funniest memoirs I've ever read. The reviewer should develop a sense of humor, and stop developing his overblown ego. Do we really need to hear about how you stupidly picked up a book-- AND watched a show-- about something you care nothing about?

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