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Lucian Lucian Hey, my name is Lucian and I write the Conspiracy series.

Conspiracy: Russian Assassins in America
Russian Assassins in America to kill a group of former KGB agents who defected to the U.S. before the fall of the Soviet Union. Federal agents try to stop them.

Conspiracy: JFK's Second Shooter
A young reporter tries to expose the truth about the JFK assassination. The men in the cabal behind it try to stop him. The reporters most ruthless ally... JFK's actual assassin.

Conspiracy: Population Elimination
A secret society of anti-populationists tries to reduce the human population by 90%. A PhD candidate steps completely out of his comfort zone and does everything he can to try to stop them.

Each novel stands on its own conspiracy. They can be read in any order.
Here's a link to my goodreads author page with ratings and reviews. https://www.goodreads.com/author/dash...

Thank you for your time.

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