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Liam It was called the US Army Air CORPS ( not core, which you find in an apple) and the Olympics were in 1936.....

Bookclubcheerleader Thanks, Liam. You’re a talented man--both a spell-checker and a fact checker! I am a notoriously bad speller—you should see my flipcharts—no spell check on those markers! But I must’ve been half-asleep when I wrote that one. As a military brat, I’ve always known the difference between those two words… As for the date, that’s a typo, as well—since I Googled the Berlin Olympics to look up the date…But thanks to your sharp eyes, I’ve made the necessary edits…
In any event, you will enjoy the book--not only does the author include about 50 pages of footnotes, but her publisher employed a copy editor! :-) Cheers! MTE

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