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message 1: by Isabel (new)

Isabel Pasrod I've heard this book is really good

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) Hey Isabel. I just finished it and I LOVED it. Half-Blood is reminiscent of a book I also LOVE but HB holds its own!

message 3: by Isabel (new)

Isabel Pasrod Yay!! Today I found out that is gonna be published in Spanish!!! I've heard only good things aboout this book, so I'll probably buy it : )

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) That's crazy awesome to hear. You will definitely love this one. You'll have to inform me of your thoughts later on!

message 5: by Isabel (new)

Isabel Pasrod hahahaha, consider it done! : D

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