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N_maryellen Rosenblum Sally, what did you think of this book? I read it again last night and am perplexed that it is considered fantasy. I don't know what else it would be classified as but fantasy seems a little out-there. I was a bit sad while I was reading it and couldn't believe I use to read it to my students. I know it has a happy ending, but it takes a bit to get to it. I'm not sure I would use it again in a primary classroom.

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N_sally Hi, MaryEllen. I wrote a review of this book before I saw your question. I liked the book and I read it to my first graders today. They loved it. All my students were engaged and listening. They wanted me to keep reading so they could find out what happened to Sylvester. We did a lot of "I wonder" statements and questioning before we got to the happy ending.

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