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message 1: by Mary Etta (new)

Mary Etta You've convinced me to undertake the read. Is this the title you've been checking out on audio books for months? If so, how do you capture the quotes as you have?

message 2: by Sue (new)

Sue Amazing review, Polly. I've never made it through one of Tolstoy's novels. Maybe this will be my Christmas present to myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

message 3: by Polly (new)

Polly I got started by listening on CDs from the city library:
47 sound discs in 2 containers
Read by Frederick Davidson

I also bought a nice, inexpensive, used hard cover edition at Sam Weller, so when I got caught up in the story during my commuting hours I could find my spot at home. It was also important to me to be able to mark memorable quotes in my own copy. It did make me crazy to keep having the CDs recalled by the library for the next person on hold. I should have gotten on the hold list with a family member's card while it was checked out to me, to save on wait time. I kept a notepad in the car to record which disc I left off on, and to record quotes at stop lights. I found some quotes by searching online texts, but there are so many translations that it is hard to search for exact quotes. I also tried getting CDs from the county library, but it was a different set and I spent a lot of time finding my place. Maybe downloading audio files would be better.

To be certain, it is quite an undertaking.

message 4: by Margi (new)

Margi Thanks for the review, Polly. The quotes were exquisite! My book club has War and Peace on the list for April. I do believe you have given me the hope that I can delve successfully into such an endeavor! I appreciate it.

message 5: by Polly (new)

Polly If you read it, you will definitely have to come for a visit and we can spend all day reviewing favorite parts!

message 6: by Margi (new)

Margi That is wonderful incentive!!!

message 7: by Lou (new)

Lou I was reading through the reviews on this site, and was struck by your review. It is just wonderful!

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