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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I can't decide if I'll ever read this, partially because I can't decide which will be worse: liking it or hating it.

message 2: by Melani (new)

Melani You absolutely nailed the problems with this book. Thank you. You saved me from spending any more time on it than I already have. I quoted and credited you in my review.

message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim great review. You nailed it. Argh.

message 4: by Gator Girl (new)

Gator Girl it's nice to see that I wasn't the only one who didn't like this book...it took FOREVER to read. That usually is the #1 sign that it's not doing it for me.

message 5: by Seema (new)

Seema The novel brings to light what is so wrong with this world...that almost everyone is taking crazy pills and lives in someone else's bullshit. Why read a book if it so painful to finish unless you're getting paid to slog through it? That's what's wrong with this world, not Larsson's book.

message 6: by Angela (new)

Angela Well said - wish I would have read your review before trying to write my own. You stated it perfectly and concisely!

message 7: by Wealhtheow (new)

Wealhtheow Thank you Angela!

message 8: by Alan (new)

Alan Sheinwald I have put this book down due to long annoying back story and overly descriptive writing.

message 9: by Penina (new)

Penina Mezei Thank you for putting my exact thoughts in writing and publishing them here. The book was not worth reading and full of cliches. I read it in Swedish, so the fault is by no means only the translator's. I simply cannot understand the renown and success of this book. - Penina Mezei

message 10: by Wealhtheow (new)

Wealhtheow Thanks for confirming that the Swedish version isn't that much different, Penina! Too bad!

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