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message 1: by Miss Clark (new)

Miss Clark I had this on my t-b-r list, but I really have to say it just does not sound like something I want to sit through when my reading hours will be so heavily curtailed for the next few months.

message 2: by Ceilidh (new)

Ceilidh It takes a lot nowadays for a paranormal YA to really grab me beyond snarking purposes so this one will be getting a pass from me.

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly I think what scares me most about the book is that, while I think the romance with Colin is pretty bloodless and I totally get not feeling satisfied with it, there are fans of this book who want to see Bryn with Callum and think he's hawt. !!!!!!!! Are there that many girls wanting to have the crap beat out of them by an authority figure?

message 4: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Can't even imagine why people would want Callum and Bryn together, Kelly!

Celidih, I can't promise you'll like it but I found I really liked Ali.

message 5: by Scribble (last edited Nov 08, 2010 04:08AM) (new)

Scribble Orca I'm very selfishly glad you read all this stuff so I don't have to. And you make your reviews of these books much more interesting than the books could ever possibly be. Thank you.

(I think other people have said this. I'm just a sucker for the truth).

message 6: by Joyzi (new)

Joyzi I love the mouse hamster I mean

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Do they actually beat the shit out of her?

message 8: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy They well and truly beat the shit out of her. I'm talking about a three day coma worthy beating.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Holy shit >< Thats intense

message 10: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Ya, I know. Thus the hamster... It was too depressing to put in any other picture.

message 11: by Crowinator (new)

Crowinator "OOOOOHHHH! Shit just got real!"

Your reviews always crack me up and make me think at the same time. Bravo!

message 12: by zara (new)

zara I attempted to finish this book for the second time and just gave up. This book SUCKS, I don't even want to waste my valuable time anymore. so why was she beaten up? I won't read it so you can spoil EVERYTHING for me.

message 13: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Gosh, Zara! It was so long ago. I think there was a rule that she wasn't allowed to touch the boy and she gives him a cuddle or some ridiculous shit like that.

message 14: by Clickety (new)

Clickety I kind of liked that she tried to justify the beating... that SORT of thing was kind of foreshadowed when she first agreed to mind-meld with the rest of the pack & wondered about the long-term consequences.

message 15: by Tasha C (new)

Tasha C I'm kind of over YA werewolves at this point... But I'm really intrigued that they beat a 15year old girl for breaking the rules

message 16: by Sasha (new)

Sasha  Mizaree (Reviews) Yeah I just read past the beating part where she was taken away by her mom, and the whole time was wondering why the fuck she's so okay with what happened. When her mom took her away and expressed outrage I sighed in relief that this isn't gonna be one of those abuse defending books.

message 17: by Sasha (new)

Sasha  Mizaree (Reviews) Though I guess I will pass final judgement if and when I finish

message 18: by Erica (new)

Erica Uhh... kelly? U do know that callums her dad right??? Just wanna clear that up.

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