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message 1: by Ceren (new)

Ceren hated this...annoying whiny main character? check. Stupid love triangle? Check again! Main character can't decide who she is 'in lurve' with? Check! argh

message 2: by Emily May (new)

Emily May Plus, Penryn was so kickass and I've heard Calla is a nightmare :(

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

This book was not good tbh.

message 4: by Lucy (new)

Lucy I kept trying with this book and never got more than halfway.

message 5: by KJ Shadows (new)

KJ Shadows awh i liked this one :( mostly cuz of the world & guardians though. second one was horrible compared to this one so if you dont like this one u wont like the series

message 6: by Lucy (new)

Lucy ♡ K J Shadows ♡ wrote: "awh i liked this one :( mostly cuz of the world & guardians though. second one was horrible compared to this one so if you dont like this one u wont like the series"

I think I wanted more to happen and that I was at a critical point with love triangles, as in if I read was one more I was going to go feral and start biting people.

message 7: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Third book came out today..I read some spoilers about ending and..ugh! I don`t think I`ll read it. Don`t even bother with this series...Or you can just for laughs...there are some good characters..but the main girl is dumb idiot..

message 8: by Katie(babs) (new)

Katie(babs) Good luck with this one! You're going to need it. Muah.

message 9: by Galla (new)

Galla Oh dear! Well, this review should be fun. LOL

message 10: by Krista (new)

Krista Ashe Someone needed to turn a hose on Ren...ugh...rape culture at its finest!

message 11: by Cory (new)

Cory I'm under the impression that Fred should never be allowed to use his vocal chords again. But that's just me...

message 12: by Steph (new)

Steph Sinclair I knew you wouldn't like it. And the sequel is worse. Lol.

message 13: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Someone should probably put Fred out of his misery...

My favorite part was when her mother forced her to wear new clothes. "Oh noes! My life is so difficult because I'm forced to wear pretty clothes! I wish I'd just die!"

Yeah, I can't relate to that...

Crystal Starr Light Kat wrote: "My favorite part was when her mother forced her to wear new clothes. "Oh noes! My life is so difficult because I'm forced to wear pretty clothes! I wish I'd just die!""

Am I the only one who grew up LOVING new clothes and ECSTATIC when my mom bought me new clothes (or *GASP* when *I* bought me new clothes)? Who are these teenaged girls that whine about pretty clothes?!?! Certainly not me at that age!!

message 15: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy I think the author was doing the whole strong female characters must hate pretty clothes thing.

message 16: by Lexie (new)

Lexie I don't understand the concept that a good female heroine must loathe actually looking good. I am the stereotypical nerdy, abnormal teenage girl but I still love getting new clothes. I've scarcely met a girl who doesn't.

message 17: by Galla (new)

Galla It's been a while since I read this book, but wasn't the whole "you need to wear pretty clothes" thing intended to make her look attractive for her arranged marriage to Ren? Lots of things bothered me about this book, and that would have if it was just about the clothes, but it was more about making her over into a good little soon-to-be wife.

That's what I remember about it, in any case.

Crystal Starr Light Kat wrote: "I think the author was doing the whole strong female characters must hate pretty clothes thing."

I've seen so many authors do that; it's a shame that in order to make a "strong, female character", she can't like dresses or nice clothes (occasionally--we aren't asking for Carrie from Sex and the City). :P

message 19: by Maya (new)

Maya but this doesn't seem to have all that much to do with age. Plenty of adult books I read recently have exactly the same kind of character. She wears jeans and t-shirts (and judges people who wear other stuff) and (apparently) looks average ... yet still she and only she catches the attention of big, cool, sexy boss of vampires / shifters etc. I have the impression it's just wish-fulfillment ...

message 20: by Annalisa (last edited Jan 03, 2012 03:44PM) (new)

Annalisa Do I admit this out loud? I've, uh, made it through Fred, more than once, without having an aneurysm. I may have even laughed. Shh! Don't tell anyone! But I still think he's obnoxious. I figure it's this generation's version of PeeWee, whom I didn't get when I was young. It helps to have a 10-year-old in the room to see it through her eyes.

But I totally get the real teenager thing vs adults who read YA. Since I'm way older than you (practically dead), I think I'll pass.

message 21: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Maya - the difference is that in YA it's more brand related with band shirts and converses. In adult books it's more about wearing sensible clothes for ass kicking.

message 22: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Great review, Kat.

message 23: by Mindy (new)

Mindy Thank you again. I am in my last year as a teenager, but I was never the teenager who you described so I'm glad there are people like you who can recommend things that are past that level. (Though I will say, I can still enjoy some of those other books as well... :) )

message 24: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Dawson I agree Ebony. I was pissed that I spent money on this shit while people were like OMGEE, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!! Eff this series. I happened to read them all because I just enjoy punishment and now I wanna erase them from my memory. I keep thinking did I waste valuable space in my long-term memory because of these POS BOOKS!! Omg, what if I remember this book but forget my favorites, like Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series and don't realize that I have forgotten it??? **panic attack*****

But on a serious note, don't even bother with Wolfsbane and Blood Rose. The characters are great but Calla and Shay suck that little bit of good right out of the story.

message 25: by Mei (new)

Mei I actually really enjoy your rants, they pointed out the flaws of books that I didn't notice and they are actually extremely funny. However, this review just seemed like you wanting to talk about how you're not old... not the actual book...

message 26: by Jennifer D (new)

Jennifer D Thanks for the heads up, I almost downloaded it....almost.
*wipes hand across forehead in relief*
I now know that at 27 I am too old for this.
Thanks again!!

message 27: by Rhys (new)

Rhys I've tried to get on with this book, but at just over 70% of the way through, I can assure you it doesn't get any better. What a waste of money!

message 28: by Giuli (new)

Giuli Ragucci Just reading this here...there is no way in hell now that I will read this. I personally find it more than stupid to think that clothes decide who you are and whom your friends with.... Thanks for the warning :O

message 29: by Damali (new)

Damali You're smart for not reading past page 46. I like the worldbuilding and the writing is decent, but this female Alpha is too dumb to be in charge of anything.

message 30: by PJforaDay (new)

PJforaDay Love the glasses not sure about tiara though;)

message 31: by Jazmin (new)

Jazmin OHMYGOD KAT, I JUST SNORTED ALOUD IN A LIBRARY. This is hilarious because I was iffy on it. But I do feel that I got it because I'm (SORT OF) teenagey-teenager. But hell no do I spend my allowance on hair care products and clothes. I spend it on these books.
*slinks away*

message 32: by Rennie (new)

Rennie I wonder if the people who think you are too old to review these books realise that the people who write them are forty year olds?

message 33: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy LOL. I don't think they thought that one through, Rennie.

And Jazimn, there's nothing wrong with being a teenagey-teenager - I just can't afford to be!

Zero vi Britannia If it makes you feel better, I'm twenty and we have the same taste.

Zero vi Britannia Rennie wrote: "I wonder if the people who think you are too old to review these books realise that the people who write them are forty year olds?"

Thank you.

message 36: by The (new)

The Unnamed Sigh...It's always the pretty books with the nice covers which dissapoint you the most. Thanks for the warning and lol love your blog. I guess my expiration date is at an end being as I'm 21...might as well be middle aged lol.

message 37: by Sasha (new)

Sasha  Mizaree (Reviews) This dissapoints me. After reading Jillian's review I ordered all 3 books at my local library, but now I'm not so sure. I absolutely can't stand YA that features this kind of shallow b/s.

message 38: by Sasha (new)

Sasha  Mizaree (Reviews) also lol at the people who tell you that you're too old to read YA. Idiots. I'm 21 <3

message 39: by Sara (new)

Sara Hemenway Thank you for writing this. I looked at this and thought, I might enjoy this! But if you are too old at 25... I'm 27. I might as well start getting measured for my coffin. So I better not even try this series!

message 40: by Dani (new)

Dani Haha... I completely agree. I guess this one isn't for me either. Thanks for the heads up.

message 41: by Kat (new)

Kat I totally agree. I, however, am a partial "teenagery teenager" (lol) so, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I still think i was very generous to give it four stars, though.

message 42: by Sunlitgem (new)

Sunlitgem Pearls? Yep, DEFINETLY not a teenager.

message 43: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Haha, I really enjoy your reviews. As a fellow senior citizen (25 here) I definitely have to agree with your assessment on this. I love YA paranormal books but they are either becoming younger and younger or I'm just getting really old. Bummer

message 44: by Stuti (new)

Stuti T Oh my god, thank you for summing up the bullcrap that is this book so accurately. I'm a teenager (although admittedly not a teenagery-teenager) and believe me, I was still retching through the entire book.

message 45: by Erin (new)

Erin Great, great review. I classify this book as a "guilty pleasure" for sure, so I agree with all the eye-rolling. (I really hated the beginning, like you.) But I gotta say that once I read more, that whole addicting quality got to me, and I was able to roll my eyes a bit more good-naturedly. :)

message 46: by Kimberkat (new)

Kimberkat Kreationz I have one word for this- Amen. That about sums it up.

message 47: by Brittney (new)

Brittney Bower I think I might just like you.

message 48: by Kimberkat (new)

Kimberkat Kreationz Brittney wrote: "I think I might just like you."


message 49: by Tia (new)

Tia Tobergte May I just say that you are brilliant, and I laugh and enjoy all your reviews. I never feel like you are biased but always approach a book in a light hearted, but logical way that really resonates with me. So thank you! For sharing similar taste with me.

message 50: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen You just summed up my thoughts perfectly! Thank you! I couldn't get through the 2nd chapter

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