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message 1: by David (new)

David Whoa. I can't believe you're here again.

You're like the Cher of Goodreads.

message 2: by Eric (last edited May 24, 2010 05:59PM) (new)

Eric slutting herself to death?


this book made me feel I should read more Martin Amis

Success! The Information! The latter is especially rife with unwilling, self-scandalizing laughter.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Whoa, beige boxes? This is like when I went back to my hometown, and they'd torn everything I cared about down and put up 7-11s.

I can't believe there's a drinking event here on Thursday that's hosted by Bookface! I'd try to show up, but I don't think I'd know anyone.

message 4: by David (new)

David I can't believe there's a drinking event here on Thursday that's hosted by Bookface! I'd try to show up, but I don't think I'd know anyone.

You MUST go. And then give a full report.

Tosh is in NYC right now, and I betcha he's going. And I think karen and Greg are going... I met them that time I was in NYC and you fled to Turkey, so passionate was your desire to avoid me, and they're not nearly as sociopathic as you might imagine.

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Looks like karen RSVPed yes, and it also looks like OTIS CHANDLER's gonna be there!!! That's, like, some CELEBRITY shit! So maybe I'll put on my assless Cher pants and sailor outfit and make my faded star appearance.... I've got a Spanish class uptown until nine, but if I can strongarm anyone into cruising the second half with me, I might do. Funnily enough, brian and I wound up at KGB bar the first night we hung out, so it's got some Bookface lore clinging to it already....

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason Nailed the review, as is typical (but of late much missed) of your writing.

Who's picked up the Amis mantle? As you put it--who's both an asshole and funny? I think A.M. Homes can be as ruthless and on occasion as funny, but she seems to have gotten nicer... alas. Lepucki needs to get someone to recognize the brilliance of her novel, 'cause it's brilliant and brutal and often scabrously funny and genuinely moving about sex and pain and power.

message 7: by karen (new)

karen i most certainly will be there.
since you have not been very good about stalking me on the subway train, ms. sunnyside...

message 8: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Will you be there at the end part? I'd get down there around ten probably, depending on my energy levels at that point in the day. I would of course wear bloody bunny ears for recognition purposes. Also, I'd be carrying a copy of The Information.

message 9: by karen (new)

karen i will still be there, unless i have been kicked off the crawl for drunk and disorderly - i usually overstay my welcome.

message 10: by David (new)

David Everyone wants to bang Martin Amis. Even Christopher Holier-than-Thou Hitchens .

GOD, I hate this new reformatting rubbish.

message 11: by Jessica (new)

Jessica For the record, I wouldn't bang Christopher Hitchens.

message 12: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (Because for one thing, I don't find him particularly funny.)

message 13: by Jason (new)

Jason Jessica wrote: "(Because for one thing, I don't find him particularly funny.)"

Everybody knows naturalized American citizens just aren't funny.

message 14: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Oh, I wouldn't go THAT far, Mike. I mean, most of them are pathetic and humorless, but there are a FEW funny naturalized American citizens out there. Of course, the funny ones tend to be thin and attractive homosexuals, in my experience. And usually Muslim, have you noticed that?

message 15: by Manny (new)

Manny Jessica, it's so nice to see you back that I'll overlook the port and crumpets.

By the way, do you know who Jordan/Katie Price is? A startling number of Americans have never heard of her, and I'm told that she's the inspiration for one of the characters in this book... that does in fact seem to be the main attraction for British readers.

message 16: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Jessica, I love this review. Martin Amis makes me so mad! So does Kingsley, but Lucky Jim: now there's a book.

message 17: by Claudia (last edited Jul 08, 2010 07:58PM) (new)

Claudia Loved and agree with your commentary. I don't think I've ever felt more seduced and abandoned by a book in my life and I was an Amis virgin. Can't believe how pissed off I got! Guess that must be worth something though...

And yes, I was there (in California, not some freaking Italian castle with a bunch of prep school types). And no, not at all like that for everyone and a lot more to it as well. And yes, I am a boomer. Bitterly dissapointed nonetheless. Especially because all that literary titilation doesn't pay off either. The moral of the story seems to be "Get a little brown wife whom you both love and want to bonk (amazing revelation!), do some dishes, and life is good." With all that buidup I was hoping for more.

message 18: by Pat (new)

Pat Your review was better than the book...

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