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Kait Neese This discussion topic is designed to be a platform for authors to announce the latest events surrounding their books. Post anything from book signing dates, press releases, awards won, Anything!

Self-promotion is what this discussion is all about :)

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Kait Neese David Strumfels, Author of “Wondering About”

To learn about David, visit his Author’s Page at

All you need to know about David Strumfels

I was born and raised in Levittown Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. That’s right – a suburban babyboomer child.
I grew up during very interesting times. Atomic War threat, global communism, the various assassinations of the sixties, the space race and moon missions, Nixon, Watergate, and many others. But my home life was fairly calm. As the youngest of four boys, I was the favorite son – only my younger sister might have been more favorite. I was raised in an intellectual, artistic envrionment, with everything a young child need to satisfy his curiosity. I am very greatful for that.
Although I went to public school of course, I found I never liked school. I always wanted to learn what I wanted, when I wanted to, and how I wanted to – traits true to this day, by the way.
One of the things I’ve discovered about is that I have Asperger’s Syndrome – a form of high function autism, the members of which are often quite and even higly intelligent. This was I did well in school even though I hated it. But it also made much of my life a struggle because I couldn’t fit in with other people, couldn’t make friends, be part of the team, and other social struggles.
I have always loved nature and science however, and think my Asperger’s has had a large prt to do with this. I also found at a young age that a I have natural gift for writing and some other arts. I am glad that, after all these years, I have finally managed to merge these traits into WONDERING ABOUT.
Oh, I am a professional chemist by training, and have done a lot of computer programming in my life. But my first love has always been writing, and I intend to do more of it. My next book, entitled The Third Row, is about the periodic table and the nature of atoms, bonds, and molecules. It should be out soon. And I have others in mind. Be patient.

message 3: by Sue (new)

Sue Bowling I have a toginet author interview on Homecoming webcast at 4 pm Eastern time Saturday, Oct 30. (Here's hoping I have the html right.) [] Homecoming by Sue Ann Bowling

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary My Award-Winning novel, "A Touch of Deceit," has just become an Amazon Kindle Exclusive. I'm looking forward to seeing the Nick Bracco series continue for at least two more books.
A Touch of Deceit by Gary Ponzo

message 5: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd My print books are now available at


message 6: by Kait (new)


Check out his book on Amazon at:

Michael Watson was born in 1951 in Derbyshire, Northern England, just 6 miles from Sheffield, the ‘Steel City’ in South Yorkshire. He grew up as a free spirit, loving the countryside, climbing trees and cycling for miles and now has a home in Skipton, North Yorkshire, ‘The Gateway to the Dales’.

He dipped his toes into music and drama at the Merlin Theatre in Sheffield but art took a back seat as he left home in 1970 and started his 4-year vocational degree at Sheffield Hallam University to become a Chartered Surveyor. Work experience bought him a ticket to start travelling. He tossed a coin between the USA and the USSR and spent three weeks in Moscow, Leningrad and at the Black Sea. He has taken every opportunity since to see the world and has travelled extensively with his wife and family.

A broken engagement changed his direction and took him on Voluntary Service Overseas to Kenya for 2 years. There he met Liz, a VSO nurse, was almost deported when the most powerful politician, after the President, took a fancy to her and, after marrying in Mombasa, they spent a three month honeymoon travelling overland to Capetown to take the boat home. Five years later, he took an opportunity to work in Lesotho, Southern Africa and travelled there with his wife and two young children in 1981. He experienced an incursion by the South African Defence Force looking for the ANC, burning cars and damaging the apartments that he managed.

Settling into a family home and stable jobs for twenty years allowed his children to complete their university education. He yearned for creativity as an antidote to property and construction and drew a series of ten birthday cards – the Birthday Bunch was born. No shops would buy his cards so he used his designs to make educational jigsaw puzzles going round to craft fairs in the smallest sports car in the world – a British Racing Green soft-top based on a Citroen ‘deux chevaux’. Re-assessing his life, he sold the Lomax to fund his M.A. in Counselling and changed his career to where his heart was – working with people. During the fifteen years as a counsellor, parents died, a spiritual home was found with the Quakers and he became a grandfather four times over. Reducing working hours allowed more time for painting. His childhood and experiences with his grandchildren prompted him to start writing and illustrating adventure stories based on the Birthday Bunch.

Prior to retiring, Michael realised a recycling dream. Both he and his wife were accepted by Voluntary Service Overseas to go again to Africa. This time it is Uganda where Michael is currently working in mental health in a former conflict zone specialising in epilepsy reduction and creating livelihoods for people with mental problems, by recycling plastic bottles.

The Birthday Bunch has not been forgotten. Michael’s first book is for seven to ten year olds. Its title is ‘Treasure, Trash, and Turtles’, featuring Nat and Nadia with their number chums, and it was published in March 2010. Hot off the press is ‘Snow, Slides and Scares’, for four to eight year olds and adventures with Toots and Toby. ‘’Search, Secrets, and Spies’, for two to five year olds has been written and Michael hopes that it will be published in 2011. The trilogy is the launchpad for stories for older children and teenagers that are ready and waiting for his readers to grow up.

Michael is now increasingly allowing his artwork to take him along an intuitive path and guide the stories. He hopes that his paintings and stories will bring out his love of family and travel, be a record a life experience and leave a tangible legacy. Michael hopes that ‘retirement’ back in the U.K. will allow him to develop and interest in animation. He has a burning desire to see his characters spring to life on ‘the silver screen’.

All Michael’s stories are available, prior to final editing, on and scores of his paintings are in his virtual gallery on To view an introduction to ‘Treasure, Trash, and Turtles’ go to Treasure, Trash, and Turtles by Michael Watson

message 7: by Bob (new)

Bob Trotter Hi everyone. My name is Bob Trotter and I am an author of children's books. So far I have had two books published in the "Marmalade Tuttle" series and will have a third book hopefully coming out soon called "Up The Wooden Hill" which is a book of bedtime stories for little one's. I am 51yrs of age and live just outside Belfast N.Ireland with my wife and two daughters. Exciting news toady as I have just learnt that my first two books are now available to download on Amazon for the kindle.
Regards to you all.

message 8: by Dr (new)

Dr I admire several things about you. One is that you are Irish, two, you write books for children and thirdly, you are a good person.

Dr Robert E McGinnis

message 9: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace I'm very excited to be Dr. Dick's guest for the next two weeks on his podcast series The Erotic Mind. I recently discovered The Erotic Mind series, and I'm definitely hooked! As well as a chance to read from and discuss my erotic romance, 'The Initiation of Ms Holly,' Dr Dick and I talk about sex and religion and the creative process. The second half of the interview will be posted 8th November.

You can find my novel, 'The Initiation of Ms Holly,' on Amazon, both the US and UK sites.

Available also on Kindle

message 10: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace I've just been given a contract with Xcite Books for my second novel, The Pet Shop, to be published October 2011 in the UK and January 2012 in the US and Canada. I'm a very happy camper at the moment! Xcite have been a fabulous home for The Initiation of Ms Holly, so I'm very glad to be able to continue that relationship.

message 11: by Bob (new)

Bob Trotter Thanks for your kind words Robert. Must be to do with the name Robert!

message 12: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd K.d. wrote: "I've just been given a contract with Xcite Books for my second novel, The Pet Shop, to be published October 2011 in the UK and January 2012 in the US and Canada. I'm a ..."

congratulations, K.d. How exciting for you. It's always a great feeling to see a book published. Laurel

message 13: by Bob (new)

Bob Trotter Laurel wrote: "K.d. wrote: "I've just been given a contract with Xcite Books for my second novel, The Pet Shop, to be published October 2011 in the UK and January 2012 in the US and C..."

Well done K.d. Bob

message 14: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace Thanks Laurel and Bob! I'm very excited!

message 15: by Bob (new)

Bob Trotter Would it be possible for someone to go to and search for "The Curious Tale of Marmalade Tuttle" ie my books and see if the tag words show up and if they doo could they bid tagged please.
Many Thanks

message 16: by Bob (new)

Bob Trotter Bob wrote: "Would it be possible for someone to go to and search for "The Curious Tale of Marmalade Tuttle" ie my books and see if the tag words show up and if they doo could they bid tagged please...."

As you can see, my typing is not the best!!

message 17: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace Hi Bob,

I'm not great at the tagging thing myself, but I checked. CToMT was tagged, and I tagged it too. At least I hope I did:)

All the best,

message 18: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace Just want to let everyone know that the second part of Dr Richard Wagner (Dr Dick's) Erotic Mind podcast interview with me is now available. give a listen if you get the chance.


message 19: by Bob (new)

Bob Trotter K.d. wrote: "Hi Bob,

I'm not great at the tagging thing myself, but I checked. CToMT was tagged, and I tagged it too. At least I hope I did:)

All the best,

Thanks KD

message 20: by Shadow (new)

Shadow Mandoll Well, I have two books on amazon kindle now.

"Super Market Satisfaction" an erotic tale


"Mind Scarring Stories" a book of short thriller/suspense/crime stories.

Trying to get the word out there about them.

-Shadow Mandoll

message 21: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace Great to hear this, Shadow! Congratulations! My husband and I only have the one Kindle at the moment, but I am already seeing either there's going to be a fight over it or I'll have to get my own with so many hot new must-reads coming out on Kindle.

congrats again! I hope you sell tonnes!

Shadow wrote: "Well, I have two books on amazon kindle now.

"Super Market Satisfaction" an erotic tale


"Mind Scarring Stories" a book of short thriller/suspense/crime stories.

Trying to get the word out ..."

message 22: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace This Saturday, at Erotica 2010 3:00 pm, I'll signing copies of The Initiation of Ms Holly at the Xcite Books booth If you're in the London area, be sure to stop by and say hi!

message 23: by J.R. (new)

J.R. My books available on Kindle:

message 24: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Grace Just checked it out. Looks amazing! We are definitely going to have to become a two-kindle household!

message 25: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Marlow My book 'Forever Yours' was just released in December 2010. Here is the link:

But what i am wondering about is a book signing. Is this something i should do? And if so where should i look to have one... a library, a coffee house, or an open house for those i know? Where should i start?

message 26: by Laura (new)

Laura Weakley My latest book: "what The Torah Teaches Us About Spirituality/ Through Isaac's Own Spiritual Journey" came out on kindle in December 2110. I would love it if someone would like to review it! Also, would you tag it please? Helping with my other two books would be greatly appreciated too!

My computer keeps freezing, so I'm signing off now.

message 27: by Laura (new)

Laura Weakley Nanette,
I have had enormous problems getting paid by Amazon, and have spent/wasted weeks, and months of time just dealing with that without satisfaction. I originally published with booksurge, which merged with createspace. Neither of them have been accurate either. In this day and age of computers, getting paid for the sales of your books shouldn't be a problem. Obviously you should tell them. Good luck!

Spiritually Yours,
Laura Weakley

Nanette wrote: "Hi Laura,

I'd love to review it. I can't tag because I haven't bought any books from Amazon, not even my own!


What The Torah Teaches Us About Spirituality/ Through Isaac's Own Spiritual Journey

message 28: by Laura (new)

Laura Weakley Here's my Press Release!

“What The Torah Teaches Us About Spirituality/ Through Isaac’s Own Spiritual Journey”
Thursday 30 Dec 2010R. K. AlanLeave a commentGo to comments
Finally, the spirituality of Isaac revealed! The Bible is rather short on information regarding Isaac.

Finally, the spirituality of Isaac revealed! The Bible is rather short on information regarding Isaac. He was, nevertheless, a model of how one can incorporate spirituality into every aspect of one’s life! “What The Torah Teaches Us About Spirituality/ Through Isaac’s Own Spiritual Journey“ is groundbreaking.

Independent author and Torah scholar, Laura Weakley, and author of “What the Torah Teaches us About Survival,” gives us an insightful, intellectual, thoughtful, and yet quite enjoyable look into the depth of Isaac the man gleaned from the words of the Torah. This book will lift your spirit, start conversations, and give you hope! Currently available as an e-book only, this is an important book not to be missed.

ISBN: 978-1-4524-3979-2 now available at

For more information check out the author’s website at http://whatthetorahteachesusaboutsurv...

About the Author

Laura Weakley was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and lived in the area until early in her high school years. The variety of her life experiences all share one common element: they display her lifelong love of learning and her passion in imparting this love to others. Towards accomplishing this goal, she has led several Torah study classes, whether as a substitute for her rabbi (at his request), or classes she has started on her own. Experiences such as these reinforced her natural intuition that she has “the soul of a teacher”.

At the 2004 Women of Reform Judaism Biennial Conference, she was tapped to lead one of the sessions. She loves talking about the Torah (what some call the “Old Testament”). Further, she enjoys religious and/or spiritual discussions with Christians and Jews alike! Having experienced serious personal setbacks, she wrote her first book to help people through their times of crisis or traumatic moments. Regardless of the nature of her efforts, they share one goal: they influence others to grow. One cannot miss the light exuding from within her, and she directs that light to help others.

What The Torah Teaches Us About Spirituality/ Through Isaac's Own Spiritual Journey

message 29: by John (new)

John I have two ebooks in the Amazon Kindle Store. One is "The Christmas Gift" and the other is "13 Horror Stories". I just uploaded a video about "13 Horror Stories" to my author page. It's pretty scary!

message 30: by Bob (new)

Bob Trotter I am very pleased to announce that my latest kids book called "Up The Wooden Hill" has just gone on sale on Amazon etc. It is a book of bedtime stories for young kids up to around 8-9yrs, beautifully illustrated. Check it out...much better Easter present than a chocolate egg!!! (Then I would say that!)

message 31: by Roz (new)

Roz Morris I've had a lot of requests to put my book Nail Your Novel on the Kindle and it's now available. If you were hoping to get a Kindle copy, would you buy it on launch day, 14 Feb? With a bit of luck we'll maximise our chances of hitting Amazon's charts!

Here are the links:

US page -

UK page -

message 32: by Gary (new)

Gary My Award-Winning novel, A Touch of Deceit," is now available as a Nook Book. The price is the same as the Kindle version $1.99.
Look for the relase of the sequel, "A Touch of Revenge," next month.
A Touch of Deceit

message 33: by Dr (new)

Dr All fourteen of my adventure books and one inspirational are now on Kindle. I would list them here but those of you who know me already know about my books. If you are new or haven't seem my books, you can go to Amazon __ Kindle -- Dr Robert E McGinnis.

Happy Valentine to you all

message 34: by Dan (new)

Dan Walter I'd like to report on my positive experience publishing with CreateSpace. I wrote my book live, online over about a three year period. I finished in November and published with Amazon in December.

The whole process cost nothing (moneywise). Also, my book is controversial, and I don't think I could have gotten an agent to go through the old process with a publishing house.

I am working the PR through the internet. It is a bit easier with this particular book because I have a ready audience. My book is about what happened to my wife at Johns Hopkins hospital, and I differ from previous patient-safety-type books because I laid out all the facts and named names.

Patient safety advocates say it is an important book, a "bombshell." More reviews here if anyone is interested:

I have sold about 50 copies so far, and have just started sending out review copies. I think it is going to do well.

Going through CreateSpace without using their editing and formatting resources was a bit technically challenging, but I finally got it.

Overall I couldn't ask for a better experience in publishing my first book.

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Sara Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Moon
My book is now in the library of the Smithsonian. I have been contacted by some NASA shuttle engineers who have bought my book. I have been invited to speak for the second time at the U.S. Naval Academy. There will be a convention at Pensacola NAS in May and I have been invited to speak.
Folks in nine countries have contacted me and are thrilled to read about Apollo.
My book sales have reached over 100 for my paperback and about 20 for the Kindle format. My publisher is behind by a month or more reporting sales so I am not sure of my numbers.

I am one of the only two women engineers who worked on the Saturn V rocket during Apollo. My book is a light-hearted and fun story about those (400,000) of us who worked in the background of this great endeavor. We were not famous like our Astronauts but we worked hard to keep them safe. And they were safe. There are no complicated equations, physics details or engineering information. This book is from the heart and hopes to educate all Americans about a wonderful chapter in our nation's history.

message 36: by Michael (new)

Michael Murphy My 7th novel, Scorpion Bay, will be released by Second Wind Publishing April 2. Working on a launch party at the real Scorpion Bay, Lake Pleasant, Arizona. Just finished a Scorpion Bay book trailer. Hope you'll check it out.

message 37: by Kait (new)

Kait Neese Hey everyone! This is Kait the creator of this group discussion. I am so glad to see everyone's continued use of this forum as I truly wanted to help provide authors with a "go to" community where they can discuss their book(s) and all things Amazon freely. I have often found that the Amazon Discussion Boards can be a not so friendly place and unfortunately many authors fall victim to "cyber-bulling". None of that here!

For the last few weeks I was attending the Taipei International Book Fair in Taiwan and let me tell you the desire to distribute foreign books into the U.S (as well as bring American "English" books into their region) is HUGE! It is all very exciting. One thing I noted which I felt everyone should know is that Amazon is the go to site for Foreign Rights buyers! Yup you heard me. Basically foreign publishing companies are realizing the value of Amazon and how it can essentially be used as a search engine when looking for new titles for rights purchasing. Having an amazon presence is more crucial now than ever as the site will only grow in the proceeding month/years in popularity.

That being said I wanted to let you all know I have created a blog to which I will be making 2 new posts a week all relating to Amazon. This blog will cover marketing tips, facts, and general information about Amazon. My aim is to help educate authors on using Amazon as this site should be treated by an author just as you would Facebook or Twitter. Social Media baby! ITS HERE TO STAY! Below is the link to my new blog! Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments!

How to Use Amazon to Promote Your Published Book


message 38: by Veronica (new)

Veronica Kelly Hi All!

I'm the author of, Don't Tell Your Cousin, (eBook, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

It's a tale of a twisted and steamy love triangle involving two cousins and a married man, a grisly love affair full of deceit, mayhem, and shameful women. As the mountain of lies come tumbling down and the drama unfolds, Amanda is forced to hold a mirror to herself and come to terms with a reflection she struggles to accept.

I'm a newbie to GoodReads and I appreciate the support!

Veronica E. Kelly

message 39: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd congratulations on the publication of your book, Veronica. I hope it goes well.

message 40: by Veronica (new)

Veronica Kelly Thanks Laurel!

message 41: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Kessler I've got a new Kindle short story available! :)

It's called Across the Veil...

Princess Talia from Summerland has been hiding across the veil in the human world for the past five years.

Starring in a hit television show as human actress, Natalie Thurmont, her charmed new life is shattered when the past comes knocking on her door.

Hope you enjoy! :)


message 42: by P.M. (last edited May 06, 2011 10:05PM) (new)

P.M. Richter Thanks for the thread. I have three novels available at Amazon for the Kindle.

Midnight Reflections by Pamela Mary Richter
A romantic suspense

The Necromancer by Pamela M. Richter
A paranormal

The Living Image by P. M. Richter
A thriller

Each of the novels is on sale for $.99 cents now so I hope you will enjoy them. Thanks for looking. Pam

message 43: by LaVerne (new)

LaVerne Clark Hi All,

Scary thing happened yesterday - but its all over now : )

I was on Edin Road Radio, reading an excerpt of my debut novella, Guardian of the Jewel - a Romantic Suspense. Check out (my blog) and have a listen. Hope I didn't make too much of an idiot of myself. And hope you can understand the Kiwi accent!

message 44: by John (new)

John I just published my fourth e-book and my second collection of horror short stories. It's called "13 Scary Stories", and if someone would like to give me a review on Amazon I'll give you the code to download it for free.
13 Scary Stories by John McDonnell

message 45: by Will (new)

Will Granger I just posted my second novel, Anabar Rises, book #2 in my YA series. Anabar Rises

I have also opened my new website at:
Please check it out.

Will Granger

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Currently I have a few books out on Amazon Kindle.

First of all, a series entitled 'The Wish & the Will' - surreal fantasy/steampunk adventure stories, set in a world where myth and folkore are history, and magic is still in the air:

Sundancer's Regret: Episode 1
Sundancer's Regret: Episode 2

And in a darker vein, 'Maranatha' - first novel in the "The Trinity Chronicles" series, which offers new twists on popular themes - the secrets of the Western Church, occult conspiracies and the dark side of the human psyche...


message 47: by Dr (new)

Dr On 05/23/11 5:30 PM, Dr Robert E McGinnis wrote:
The Golden Cross
(ASIN: B00522PI5I)
Dr Robert E McGinnis (Author) $ 6.99 05/22/2011 Live
White Panther's Legacy
(ASIN: B00522PIS0)
Dr Robert E McGinnis (Author) $ 6.99 05/22/2011 Live

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Gary Towner Kait wrote: "This discussion topic is designed to be a platform for authors to announce the latest events surrounding their books. Post anything from book signing dates, press releases, awards won, Anything!


message 49: by Gary (new)

Gary Towner Kait wrote: "This discussion topic is designed to be a platform for authors to announce the latest events surrounding their books. Post anything from book signing dates, press releases, awards won, Anything!


message 50: by Gary (new)

Contact Information: Gary Towner
1716 Oak Drive
Fernley, Nevada 80408

Horror/Sci-Fi Novel
(WGA 1350205)

Army Colonel Pox, under orders to vacate an underground research bunker at the close of World War II, illegally buries toxic waste in an isolated Kansas field not far from the town of Keyly. He moves to cover his tracks with the murder of his own troops who threatens to expose him. Forty-five years later, a brown odorous slime saturates a farmer's storage bin filled to the brim with crops grown from a new experimental seed. It is the beginning of a great tragedy.

Agriculturist Ronald Huntly retires from the Army and he takes a motorcycle jaunt along the southern Florida coast. He stops for a beer at Smokey Joes bar where a phone call informs him his mother has just died. Huntly races to Keyly to attend the funeral. Seeing the need, he decides to settle down, intent on helping the impoverished farmers in the area improve their crop yields. But, he finds the finicky townsfolk continually prove unworthy of his humanitarian efforts to support them. The one exception to the rule being the Mayor's daughter, Sandy. The two strike up a lop-sided love affair that Huntly is powerless to resist. However, unbeknownst to anyone, not long after his arrival, the contaminated crops soon cause hoards of grasshoppers to mutate into carnivorous killers. Huntly's becomes the first to discover the emerging mutant's murderous intent. In mind numbing pain-he runs away after a swarm attack he barely survives.

Huntly escapes Walter Reed, after mid-treatment for his mental and physical wounds, with a little help from his pretty nurse Roxanne. He hurries back to Keyly to warn the locals of the peril they are just beginning to suspect is approaching. He knows only too well that now he will most likely have to again face the terrifying mutants. But he arrives too late. After a particularly devastating mutant raid on Keyly, everyone seeks refuge in the town church. The sighting of Army troops accumulating nearby is welcomed at first, but their orders are to eradicate more than mere mutinous insects. Even though the Army vigorously engages the incredibly huge swarms of the flying scourge, the military and civilian death toll quickly rises exponentially. Consequently, the church Reverend is horrified by the carnage inside and outside his church. He regresses into a series of apocalyptic ravings until it is obvious to all he has been driven insane by a secret he has harbored for more than 40 years.

Huntly feverishly acts on a plan he has devised to save the town and its people. But, mostly due to intrigue, he is powerless to save everyone. In a surprise admission, Roxanne reveals to Huntly a startling relevance; she also has been harboring a dark secret; this one shatters Huntly to his core. Now, Huntly concludes, he must rise above his seemingly insurmountable external obstacles, not to mention his formable personal demons, without the blessings of the locals that initially hated him, without the compassion of the women he thought he loved, and despite the awesome might of the U.S. Government.

Published by Small Dogma Publishing and available in paperback form at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books a Million

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