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Vincent Lowry This folder is for readers and writers of general fiction.

Welcome! Please post your books or leave a comment!

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This is a totally unsolicited review, and as such, I think it it the best.

Doing the Right Thing in the Kingdom of the Future, August 31, 2009
By Larry Underwood "Author, 'Life Under the Corporate Microscope (Scottsdale, AZ)

Anna Walls wrote a wonderfully detailed and inspiring story about a young man coming of age, just in time to save the family business; in this particular case, the "business" was running a kingdom.

The story takes place in the future; thanks to some cataclysmic events, we're blasted back to a more primitive state of being, where kings & queens are in charge, and they've got princes to train; otherwise, there goes the kingdom.

Our hero is a young man named Prince Harris, the son of King Aidyn & Queen Lucida of Penn. Both parents are flawed, but Aidyn does have the prescience to realize he'd better send young Harris down south, appropriately to the Carolinas, to learn the ropes of leadership from none other than King Carroll. While this transaction is taking place, Carroll sends his son (Prince Jonathan) up north to offer help to the flawed Aidyn, since he's got his hands full dealing with running a kingdom with a lunatic for a wife; not an easy task. I think Harris got the better of that deal.

The story becomes quite compelling as it develops & once you start reading it, you'll want to keep going; that's the mark of a well-written piece of literature. Walls does an excellent job of engaging the reader to the host of characters in this story and makes them interesting enough to want to find out how they're going to fare during their exploits.

The ending is filled with enough inspiration to make you feel good you read it. The storyline is timeless, and Walls does a great job of making a pretty far-fetched tale seem believable, and most importantly, something you care to read.

If you're looking for a little inspiration, this is a highly recommended piece of fiction; in the end, even though the future may hold some harsh realities, there's still enough honesty & integrity to save the day.

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Maria I'm the author of two published novels, and have just published my new collection of short stories 'Pieces of a Rainbow'
For more info, to read excerpts and reviews, please see my profile page, or my website: http://mariasavva.com

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Anna Walls So, Maria, you published with Lulu. I've been reading differing things about Lulu. Can you tell me a little of how it worked for you?

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Marlayne Giron Hello everyone! I'm a recently published author of a Christian allegory fantasy/fiction called The Victor. It took me 30 years to get it published and my dream came true last April.

I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan too.
Marlayne Giron

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Anna Walls Oh, I thought my road was long. Congrats, Marlayne.

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Wendy Gillissen Hi everyone,
I'm Wendy Gillissen and I would like to introduce my debut novel:
Curse of the Tahiéra, ISBN: 9781601458391 (Booklocker, May 2009).
It's more a coming of age/ spiritual/ semi-historical adventure than a traditional fantasy, so I thought I'd better post it here:)

A journey through haunted forests, through dreams and time.
A story of love, magic and the power of forgiveness.
A Tzanatzi outcast and an Einache shaman are on the trail of an ancient curse.
Will they save their people from destruction?

When Rom, a young man shunned for his Tzanatzi ancestry, crosses paths with Yldich, an Einache Shaman, they embark on a journey which will change their lives and that of their people forever.
Yldich believes that Rom can free the Einache people from a curse that has been brewing for five-hundred years. A dark force is already rising in the North, while in the South power hungry nobles will stop at nothing to get what they want. Yet Rom has no clue to who he really is, and will have to grow up fast if he is to fulfil Yldich’s prophecy.
Together with Eald, a little Einache boy Rom and Yldich travel north through Gardeth Forest, where the veil between this world and the underworld grows thinner each day, and the army of the Southern King is closing in.
Embattled on all sides, but with the loving guidance of Yldich, Rom must face his own past and that of his people to heal the wounds inflicted by centuries of persecution and hatred.
But sometimes uncovering buried secrets comes at a price. Will Rom be able to accept his true self and regain his power in time for the final battle?

A few review samples:

Captivating from beginning to end
Fantasy novels are all about the journey, and Gillissen is able to weave several into a single amazing voyage that is captivating from beginning to end.

A superbly written and highly recommended novel for the dedicated fantasy fan
Magic, ancient curses, star-crossed love, heroism against great odds and an unknown evil from the distant past, these are just a few of the elements that master storyteller Wendy Gillissen draws upon to deftly craft an engaging, 444-page fantasy that truly grips the reader's fascinated attention from first page to last
The Midwest Book Review

Filled with mythic wonder
'Curse of the Tahiera' succeeds on so many levels; her characters have personality, depth and personal history, the fantasy environment is vibrant, detailed and filled with mythic wonder and the storyline is absorbing and well paced from beginning to end. Plain and simple it's one of the most enjoyable fantasy books I've read in a long, long time.
Brian E Erland, Amazon top 500 reviewer

Previews: Free excerpt
Links: Author site
Facebook Fanpage
Current Giveaway
Online stores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

About the author
I am a psychologist and author in the Netherlands and have always been fascinated by dreams, magic and the supernatural. In my spare time I create jewelry and play the Celtic harp. In 2007 I became a member of OBOD (the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids).

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Mary Carter Hi,

My name is Mary Carter. I'm the author of three novels, "She'll Take It", "Accidentally Engaged", and "Sunnyside Blues". My Fourth novel, "My Sister's Voice", will be released May of 2010. I have a page here at Goodreads, or you can visit me at marycarterbooks.com

Thank you!


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Mandy Mary, your new book My Sister's Voice sounds like it's going to be quite a good roller-coaster of emotion. Good luck!

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Jo Wun Hello, I'm Jo. Here's my book.

The Jeremy - Snaps Of The Dragon is the story of an English boy's life in Britain during the 50's and 60's. Born into a Catholic household in the Year of the Dragon, his story is revealed through snapshots of the milestone events which forge his character. Life's oddities, including family, religion, education and sex, regularly present themselves for attention during his quest for that elusive thing called 'enlightenment'. Fortunately, he is later aided in his quest by Mrs Bulging Bosoms, the Colonel, Professor Melchior Da Maven and Lewd Rude Dude, to name a few of his advisers, who endeavour to guide him in the ways of the world.

You can preview it here.

Thank you.

Jo S. Wun

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Dodie Katague CLOYNE COURT by Dodie Katague
Publisher: Three Clover Press
ISBN: 9780981955339

This coming-of-age story follows college student Derek as he begins UC Berkeley and moves, sight-unseen, to the Sodom and Gomorrah of any college living situation: a wild, student-run, counter-culture, student dorm called Cloyne Court. Derek learns lessons in life that aren’t taught across the street on campus. Sex, Betrayal, Drugs, Rock and Roll, alcohol, nudism, co-ed showers and wacky politics during the 1970’s make for a funny, sexy, tell-all and nostalgic read that is based on the journals the author kept as student there.

You can read sample chapters at my website at:


or check out the book at: Cloyne Court


Dodie Katague

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Keoni Anderso My name is Keoni Anderson and the book is called
The Darkling

Alien civil war, blood shed, battles, and a high school kid in the slums of San Bernardino that got caught up in the middle of it.

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Laura Rittenhouse I'm Laura Rittenhouse, an Aussie author. My first book Starting Overwas published by Wings ePress in October 2009. The best place to look for it is on my website at www.laurarittenhouse.com. The Amazon link from Goodreads is messed up. If you go to Amazon you have to search for my name since the book title isn't found nor is the ISBN (grrrrr).

Anyway, this mainstream fiction novel (with a big dose of historical fiction) tells the story of 2 migrants; one who moved from Germany to the US in 1903, the second, her great-granddaughter, moved from the US to Australia 76 years later. The book follows them each from the age of 14 to 50 as they seek out their common dreams of travel and independence. They bump up against many of the same hurdles and experience them somewhat differently because of the social norms and technologies of their times, but the key choices they have to make don't really change over time: how much independence to sacrifice for the love of a partner, how to keep a roof over your head without abandoning your dreams, when is it the right time to start over?

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BOOK ORDERS, contact
www.iUniverse.com, http://www.amazon.com or http://www.amazon.ca
Tel: 1-800-AUTHORS

Finding One’s Self on a Romantic Island That Time Forgot
Sardinian Silver

KINGSTON, ONTARIO – How many young people have dreamt of self and sexual discovery in a far off, exotic place? Arthur Fraser, the main character of Sardinian Silver (published by iUniverse) by A. Colin Wright, not only dreamt of it, he realized his dream. Recruited to represent a travel firm from his homeland of Great Britain, Arthur arrives in the resort town of Alghero on the Island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea and is instantly bewitched. Based on his own time on Sardinia, Wright’s captivating and oftentimes hilarious novel follows the exploits of a young man trying to find love while assimilating to an archaically orthodox society.

Sardinian Silver opens with Arthur sailing across the Tyrrhenian Sea towards his new home. On his journey to Sardinia, Arthur meets a native Sardinian named Gavino. Eager to make a new friend, let alone a British one, Gavino strikes up a conversation with Arthur and quickly offers to show Arthur his island. Gavino is the first in a cavalcade of characters, serious, humorous and tragic, that help make Sardinian Silver the engaging recollection that it is.

Once settled into the Sardinian resort at which he is working, Arthur sets out on achieving the one thing he wants most; finding a Sardinian girlfriend. He knows that this will not be easy, as Gavino has already warned him. Sardinia in the 1960s was still very culturally undeveloped. Sardinia’s residents viewed mainland Italians and continentals (the British counted among them) as immoral and contaminated by modern society. Still, this does not dissuade Arthur from his task.

"It was ten past nine. Quickly the girls had gone.
Parties like this were so promising, yet so empty. I recall another one, with Gavino and some of Marcella’s friends, where one girl enjoyed a few hidden caresses while we clutched together publicly, but reacted scornfully when I attempted to get her outside alone, and the others were quite shocked. Except for Marcella, who made fun of me. Hug and hold tightly in a dance, but be satisfied with this brief, despairing feel of another body, for it’s all you’re going to get unless you pay a prostitute for more: southern Italy in a nutshell. Yet Sardinia was a land of promise, which I loved even if it remained unfulfilled."

In the tradition of Brideshead Revisited and The Lost Girl, Sardinian Silver is a charming and witty novel of growth, loss and realization that is sure to delight even the most critical reader.

A. Colin Wright was born and raised in the county of Essex, England. After serving as a linguist in the British Royal Air Force, Wright attended Cambridge University where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees. In 1964, he was appointed a professor of Russian at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He remained at Queen’s until his retirement in 1999 and still resides there today. Dr. Wright is married and has two grown sons. See also www.sardiniansilver.com, www.acolinwright.ca and www.authorsden.com/acolinwright

Available from www.iuniverse.com. Also at http://www.amazon.com, and other sites

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Mandy Laura wrote: "I'm Laura Rittenhouse, an Aussie author. My first book Starting Overwas published by Wings ePress in October 2009. The best place to look for it is on my website at ..."

Hi Laura, from one Aussie to another ☺

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BOOK ORDERS, contact

Sounds good!

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Laura Rittenhouse Mandy wrote: "Laura wrote: "I'm Laura Rittenhouse, an Aussie author. My first book Starting Overwas published by Wings ePress in October 2009. The best place to look for it is on ..."

Mandy - hi. I clicked on your avatar then went to your blog (isn't GR a great way to snoop on people :-)

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Mandy It sure is!

message 19: by Steven (new)

Steven hey like I said I read just about everything so I figured I'd say hi to all you authors in here and maybe you can send me some lists of things you've written for me to check out.

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Jaleta Clegg Hi, everyone. My book is space opera, but a fun adventure story if you're into action, fights, chases, with lots of fun characters. The first three chapters are free to download here:


I just added it to Smashwords if you prefer ebooks. All the order information is on the website.

I also have several free short stories on my website:


Have fun!

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Timothy Pilgrim Hi Steven,
If you like thrillers with a military theme try 'The Day the Ravens Died' by Timothy Pilgrim, [that's me:] There are a couple of reviews on amazon and a comment on one of them, and a couple more reviews on Goodreads. Just type in 'The Day the Ravens Died' on google and the sites with the reviews come up. It is available on Amazon, B&N or any shop can get it, if you prefer E-book then you can get it from Authors on Line.
All the best Paul Rix [oldgeezer:]

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Adele Clagett Steven wrote: "hey like I said I read just about everything so I figured I'd say hi to all you authors in here and maybe you can send me some lists of things you've written for me to check out."

If you like mysteries with a paranormal twist you may like my book - The Legend of the Seahawk

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Steven Paul wrote: "Hi Steven,
If you like thrillers with a military theme try 'The Day the Ravens Died' by Timothy Pilgrim, [that's me:] There are a couple of reviews on amazon and a comment on one of them,..."

Hey there, I added your info to my list of books to hunt down. Your book sounds like something I would read and it sounds like a fun read.

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Steven Adele wrote: "Steven wrote: "hey like I said I read just about everything so I figured I'd say hi to all you authors in here and maybe you can send me some lists of things you've written for me to check out."


Adele, I did save the info about your book and I also filled out a thing for the entry to win a copy of your book as well. I tell ya my to-read list is ever growning...I need to put in for some vacation time :o)

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Stacy Juba My novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Todaywas
recently released. A video trailer is available at http://bit.ly/d1q71I . I am hosting an author chat on Goodreads through April 4, 2010. If you'd like to join, it is at this link: http://bit.ly/aPg3eU .

Obit writer and editorial assistant Kris Langley feels like the newsroom slave – that is, until she stumbles across an unsolved murder while compiling "25 Years Ago Today" items from the microfilm. Determined to launch her reporting career, Kris investigates the cold case of Diana Ferguson, an artistic young cocktail waitress obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology.

She soon learns that old news never leaves the morgue and that yesterday's headline is tomorrow's danger, for finding out the truth about that night twenty-five years ago may shatter Kris’s present, costing her love, her career, and ultimately, her life.

Stacy Juba

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Marlene Slade My name is Marlene K. Slade. I am a fiction writer. I have been writing fictional stories and poetry for over fifteen years. I have several completed projects awaiting future publication. Music Box Danseur is the first novel I published. I am currently working on the prequel to Music Box Danseur and a separate book project. My next novel is scheduled to be released in 2010. I am also a huge fan of books. I love fiction and I wish that I had time to read more creative projects from other artists, but writing takes up most of my time. My all-time favorite authors are Anne Rice and Elizabeth Peters, but I love many other fiction writers. Goodreads is a fantastic site. I am looking forward to finding many other great novels I have not yet read.

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Timothy James Dean Hi brother-and-sister writers.

I am
Timothy James Dean

and I have been a world traveler all my life, adventurer, sometimes hedonist, lover of joy and the wonders of the earth, ocean and sky, pilgrim ... and writer. I was an international documentarian and maker of adventure TV programs for much of my career. Then, having put together the wherewithal, I was able to indulge in a few years of navel gazing on a Caribbean beach. Thereafter, I returned to the love of my youth - creative writing and fiction. I started what would grow into a big trilogy back in the early 1990s. But it would take clearing the decks and writing single-mindedly, with obsessive vengeance, before I would build the voluminous first draft of this mountain of a story. In fact, I realized in the second go-round (with my editor's hat on), that I had beaten three big novels out of my keyboard.

It's called "The South Pacific Trilogy," and Volume 1 has just been recently published. It's available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Teeth-Epic-Nove...) in both a signed 1st edition print book, and on Kindle. I just signed a contract with Google Books, and the "Google Edition" will soon be available as well.

If you like exotic world adventure - fiction, but set in a real time and place against the sweep of world events. If you like action! If a story about American and Japanese soldiers who begin in hatred, and find respect and friendship intrigues you. And if, on top of that, you want to delve into a powerful love story - well then, TEETH is for you!

Check it out here on Goodreads!
Teeth - The Epic Novel with Bite

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Steven Timothy James wrote: "Hi brother-and-sister writers.

I am
Timothy James Dean

and I have been a world traveler all my life, adventurer, sometimes hedonist, lover of joy and the wonders of the earth, ..."

Hey there, I just filled out a thing for a drawing for your book. It sounds like an exciting story and you sound like you've had one heck of an exciting life. I look forward to reading your book whether I win it or not...I will hunt down this title :o)

message 29: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Webb The Tale of Halcyon Crane: A Novel by Wendy Webb

The Tale of Halcyon Crane is the eerie, gothic story of a woman whose life is upended when a mysterious letter arrives in the morning mail. It regrets to inform her of the death of her mother... but she was told her mother died in a fire 30 years earlier. She soon learns that the whole foundation of her life has been a lie — her mother didn't die all those years ago. Instead, her father abducted her as a child, changed their identities and moved across the country. She travels to her mother's home, a beautiful and remote island in the middle of the Great Lakes, to find answers to what happened all those years ago. She finds secrets, betrayal and some otherworldly twists along the way.

Halcyon has been selected as an IndieNext Pick, a Midwest Connections Pick, a Great Lakes Great Reads pick, and is a finalist for the Michigan Book Award.


"I love a good, spooky ghost story that carries you deep into the darkest night and raises goose bumps and neck hair. First-time novelist Wendy Webb’s book, The Tale of Halcyon Crane, does all those things with the seamless intricacy of a clockmaker and the silky smoothness of a baby's cheek. Webb hits every note just right.
It’s hard to read a story like this and not compare the author to Stephen King, so I'm not going to do much of that, other than to say Webb carries a lot of the same power in her words." — BlogCritic; Seattle Post Intelligencer

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Timothy James Dean Steven wrote: "I just filled out a thing for a drawing for your book. It sounds like an exciting story ..."

And guess what, Steven! You won! I recommend to all other authors - create giveaways here! There are hundreds upon hundreds of readers just waiting to try and snap up your book!

message 31: by Timothy (new)

Timothy James Dean PS - For readers and other authors who want to support my efforts, I ask you to go to:


and subscribe to my channel on You Tube! It's easy, it's entertaining, it's free -- and it's a great way you can support the arts without spending one penny!

Thanks in advance! Timothy

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Kimberly Cain Wendy wrote: "The Tale of Halcyon Crane: A Novel by Wendy Webb

The Tale of Halcyon Crane is the eerie, gothic story of a woman whose life is upended when a mysterious letter arr..."

Sounds great, Wendy! I love a good "eerie" story. I'll add it to my list. :-)

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Kimberly Cain Heaven, a novel [image error]

What if the mythical Serpent was really a savior, inviting humanity to awaken from a mindless existence? What if Eve was a heroine, courageous enough to buck the system and take the Serpent up on his offer to bust out of the cage? The modern-day Eve is an exotic dancer, intent on questioning accepted religious norms and presenting her unique ideas about humanity’s relationship to the Divine.

Eve discovers her power to discern truth from falsehood at the hands of her religiously abusive foster family. She chooses to release her light into a dark world by combining her love for music and dance, stripping naked as a symbol of fearlessly unmasking her true self. Her passion for challenging society’s labels as representations of “truth” brings controversial and dangerous repercussions from club patrons, cops, and religious zealots. Eve rises above the confines of extreme moralism, tempting all of us to live our own divine truths, free from shame and guilt.

The book contains non-fictional information & theological/philosophical content weaved into the fabric of a fictional story. It's a juicy, sometimes erotic read that many enjoy & others find uncomfortable when blended with spirituality.

The novel comes with a complimentary music CD (EP) featuring songs by various artists (including the author) to move your sexy spirit!

message 34: by Sage (new)

Sage Kalmus Kimberly wrote: "Heaven, a novel [image error]

What if the mythical Serpent was really a savior, inviting humanity to awaken from a mindless existence? What if Eve was a heroine, courageous e..."

Sounds like a provocative and stimulating read. I entered your contest and am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck with it.

Sage Kalmus
author of Free Will Flux

message 35: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Cain Thank you, Sage. "...provocative & stimulating..." That's my aim!

Free Will Flux sounds interesting as well. The metaphysical element is something we share in common.

Blessings on you & your work!


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R.J. Hamilton Self Convictions by R.J. Hamilton

Self Convictions will be on the national release list May 31, 2010! It is a mystery fantasy fiction book about the Hudson's. They are not your average family, they have special abilities! Talents that have been developed for generations, planned, planted, & formed without their knowledge! I want the world to meet the Hudson's and to fall in love with them.

Self Convictions sequel has been submitted to the publishers and my work on the third installment will begin shortly. Thanks to everyone for your time in reading this!

Self Convictions is on Facebook as well!

RJ Hamilton

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Steve Anderson Thanks for letting me tell you about my historical espionage thriller The Losing Role:

Near the grim end of World War II a failed German actor, Max Kaspar, is forced to join a desperate secret mission in which he must impersonate an enemy American officer. So Max cooks up his own fanatical plan - he'll use his false identity to escape tyranny and war and flee to the America he'd once abandoned.

The Losing Role is based on an actual false flag operation that's infamous in legend but in reality was a doomed farce. Though set during war, it has elements of crime and noir and should interest readers of Martin Cruz Smith, Alan Furst, Philip Kerr and others.

This and my other books Besserwisser: A Novel and False Refuge are available for the Amazon Kindle, iBooks and Barnes & Noble and coming soon to the Kobo and Sony Reader e-book stores.

Happy reading,


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R.J. Hamilton Self Convictions by R.J. Hamilton

Self Convictions, an internal struggle between good and evil. Brandon begins his life like any other child but has no idea what’s to come. As his powers of telekinesis begin to develop, he doesn’t understand where they came from or how to control them. His inability to control his gifts leads him to a place of mystery and unraveling he never would've fathomed.

Discover with him who the Voice is that’s been making him do things against his will from early childhood. When Brandon thinks things can’t get any worse, they do. With so many questions unanswered, he sets out to discover the origins of his being meeting the love of his life along the way. Together they break the code of secrecy and destroy what was meant to control their lives.

Share his life with him as Brandon tells you his story in the first installment of the Self series.

The sequel in the trilogy has been submitted to the publishers! Self Convictions is available on Amazon, Overstock, Barnes & Noble, & my personal website has autographed copies available! http://rjhamilton.webs.com/

Thanks for reading!!!

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Myne Whitman Hello everyone,

This is to introduce my novel, A Heart to Mend, to this group. The book is about two people, Edward and Gladys, who meet and are attracted to each other almost immediately, but have difficulty in resolving their feelings, especially because of Edward's past and other twists. The concept for "A Heart To Mend" is from the theme of unconditional love which has always interested me. I also felt that there were not were not enough romance novels set in contemporary Nigeria, and that I could do something to redress that.

Since it was first published in December 2009 in the United States, A Heart to Mend has received lots of attention including reviews by Nigerian Writer Nze Ifedigbo and offer of being published in Nigeria as reported in the national newspapers.

You can read chapter one of the book on Freado, see the book trailer video on Youtube, become a fan on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. More information can be found on my website, and the A Heart to Mend Blog

The following is a link to a radio interview with Anjuelle Floyd Author/MFT on Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matters

[image error]

message 40: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Cain Congratulations on this, Myne.

"...there were not were not enough romance novels set in contemporary Nigeria, and that I could do something to redress that."

I think that's wonderful that you chose to highlight a setting that has meaning for you. It's amazing what we can do when we create through that unconditional love. I hope you bring lots of attention to your book & to Nigeria!

message 41: by Myne (new)

Myne Whitman Thank you so much Kimberly, I hope to do so too. Have a lovely week.

message 42: by Marcia (new)

Marcia Woodruff Hello. This is to introduce my novel, Flames of Deception. This novel has become a favorite summer read. Check out the reviews on Amazon and Barnes&Noble to get a feel of this hot sizzling novel.

Flames of Deception is a great read that will have your attention to the end. This explosive novel will have your heart racing with mind blowing scenes, memorable characters and tantalizing thrills.

My story consists of four characters who some how have this connection through more then one person. The main characters think they can run a certain mind game to get what they want sexually.

You can read chapter one of the book on my website www.marciawoodruff.webs.com You can also view my book trailer video on Youtube.

Please sign my guestbook on my website. I am also giving away free gifts to those that sign the website or buy my book. Either way it is a WIN-WIN SITUATION.


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Title: Shiva's Arms
Author: Cheryl Snell (shivasarms.blogspot.com)
Publisher: Writer's Lair Books (writerslairbooks.com)
Category: Fiction
Format: Hardcover, 209 pages
ISBN: 9780615340814

From the book cover:

"Shame! This is your fault only," Amma yelled, shaking her fists. "You godles girl, you have weakened my family, my son's caste lost because of you!"

"You're the one! You won't be satisfied until you've destroyed everything, smashed it to bits with your tiny bare feet!" Alice pointed to Amma's brown toes. Amma looked down and flexed them, the war suspended for a second until she ran to the ktichen. Pulse throbbing at her temples, Amma snatched a pair of pliers to her heaving chest, hiked up the hem of her sari, and scurried upstairs.
Shiva's Arms by Cheryl Snell

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For any one who has signed up for the giveaway of The Secrets of the Unwritten Book , by Malika Bourne and Grace Rose, I posted more on my profile writing section. This part has two ancedotes from chapter eight from the second section.
I would love to get some feed back from someone other than whom I sell to locally. The feed back is great at home, but every one asumes it is biographical. It is not. Any one who is non biased, that would be willing to check out my short snippets, I would welcome your opinion. Thanks in advance.Malika

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Michael Brian "Hotel Hell LA: Confessions Of A Hotel Burnout"

Surly Starlets, Hot-Headed Hunks, and Demanding Divas. This isn't a page ripped from the Tabloids, it's just another day in Jon Timmins everyday life as a Waiter in the famous Hollywood Hills Hotel. But during Oscar Weekend, the misbehavior mayhem reaches a fever pitch. And finally, Jon has snapped. But luckily, he has a plan to get out of hotel purgatory. Jon's going to take a tabloid-worthy photo of one of Hollywood's biggest Actress cheating on her husband. Now all he needs is to track her down first. This is going to be one hell of a weekend.


Free sample chapter here:

Thanks. Enjoy!

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Rebecca Rasmussen Hi everyone,
I am the author of the novel The Bird Sisters and my name is Rebecca RasmussenRebecca Rasmussen Feel free to check out my page and my novel is your have a chance. Thank you!

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Sharon K. Garner Scarlet Feather, by Irish writer Maeve Binchy

If you don’t have any Irish in you when you start this book, you will by the time you’ve finished it!

Scarlet Feather is a fledgling catering company in Dublin, run by Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather, who met in cooking school. The book follows the first year of the company, with intriguing insights into how it’s all done.

The book also follows the same year in the lives of the delightful, eccentric, maddening group of family, friends, spouses, and significant others who move in Cathy and Tom’s orbit.

The dialogue sings with the cadence of the English language as it’s spoken in Ireland—no dialect, just a rhythm in the way the words are put together, with a few turns of phrase, all like soft music in the background.

This was the second time I've read this book, and now I know why. It’s a keeper.

Sharon K. Garner

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Marian Thomas Nothing is guaranteed but this....

Color Me Jazzmyne will make you laugh, cry and connect with Naya Moná as Color Me Jazzmyne exposes the colors of her journey to survival.

How do you tell your son that your father is his? That is the question that Naya Moná must answer as she confronts a son she hasn't seen since birth. Filled with a jazz singers heart, a flair for Rhythm and a ear for Blues, the drama in her life unveils as she is forced to go back into her past. Back to the time when her father's touch is no longer innocent, her friend's aren't who they appear to be and the love of her life is nothing more than a pair of perfectly polished black leather shoes.

Get caught up in the drama that becomes the journey as Color Me Jazzmyne introduces you to:

Misty-The "revolving door" type of friend that you want to love, hate and throw away the key on.

Chris-The true "lifetime" husband. Chris is perfect even with his perfectly polished black leather shoes on.

Big Fred-To him "money" makes the world of music go round and round.

Marian L. Thomas takes you on a rollercoaster ride filled with drama, life, relationships and reality.

Only 9 days left to get it on Kindle for $2.99!

Prefer Smashwords.com (Sony, Nook , eReaders)?

Need to hold the paperback in your hands to enjoy?

Website: http://www.marianlthomas.com

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Howdy! I'm Will Prince, author of "The Legend of Sasquatch." No, it's NOT about Bigfoot! It's a gritty, action-packed character novel about a young Texan named Clint Buchanan--pronounced "Buck Hannon"--who prowls the streets of Dallas in the late 1970s. Clint has a lot going for him--size, strength, intelligence, looks, and any woman he wants. Unfortunately he has a run of bad luck that he compounds with some rash decisions, and the combination has tragic results. This is a compelling, edge-of-your-seat story that you can't put down. Check it out, and see why it has received 34 straight (out of 34) five-star reviews on three websites. You won't be disappointed!


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