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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad Weaver Jennifer, it was refreshing to read your review in the midst of several reviews that simply do not understand the overriding concept of this book. The real challenge for me was to go back in my memory and try to read the book as a nine year old child. (I remeber returning to my childhood home and the "field" that seemed a mile long was in reality about 50 yards long). The book is about the loss and restoration of innocence, and perhaps no one exemplifies this more than Boo Radley.

message 2: by Pattimaris1675 (new)

Pattimaris1675 Aolcom What a wonderful review you gave of this book and its obvious you got it!

message 3: by Dharshan (new)

Dharshan Das Well I am yet to read the book but after reading this review i believe i need to read between the lines to get the whole beauty of this classic! Thankfully your review being devoid of spoilers and at the same time having subtle hints ab out what to look out for will surely help me appreciate the book better when I read it for myself!

message 4: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Brado I just finished reading this book yesterday. Pretty cool.
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message 5: by Kendra (new)

Kendra Morse The book was absolutely magnificent my teacher forced me to read this in 8th grade i thought it was going to be horrible but it was trley amazing.

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