Beauty / Honour Huston (Robin McKinley)

The youngest of the three sisters and is the heroine and narrator of the story. Her real name is 'Honour', in accordance to the literal preference of their mother in naming her children. She got the nickname 'Beauty' when she made the precocious statement, "Huh! I'd rather be Beauty" one evening when her father failed to explain to her what her real name meant. She loves books and horses and seems to have developed a self-effacing personality over time. She helps out with the more physical aspects of work because she cannot sew a straight stitch. She has a stubborn personality, but is brave, strong and honourable nonetheless.

Books with Beauty / Honour Huston (Robin McKinley)

Beauty: A Retelling of the ...

4.05 avg rating — 70,575 ratings — published 1978
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