Lavinia (Hunger Games)

the Avox girl
Lavinia is an Avox who serves Katniss while she is in the District 12 penthouse at the Tribute Training Center before the 74th Hunger Games.
Lavinia was first seen by Katniss in the woods of District 12. Katniss and Gale were hunting when they saw a hovercraft pick up a girl (Lavinia) and a boy who were running through the woods together. Katniss assumed they were running away from the Capitol.
Lavinia was captured and tortured along with Peeta, Johanna, and Annie, in the Capitol. Peeta recounts that she was tortured using electric shocks. She died when the people who were torturing her accidentally gave her too big of a shock, which killed her quickly, instead of the slow, painful death they had intended.

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