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I Heard the Owl Call My Name
4.01 avg. rating
· 5906 Ratings
In a world that knows too well the anguish inherent in the clash of old ways and new lifestyles, Margaret Craven's classic and timeless story of a young man's journey into the Pacific Northwest is as …
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3.92 avg. rating
· 394 Ratings
It is 1993: a serial killer is loose on the streets of Frankston, Victoria. The community is paralysed by fear, and a state’s police force and national media come to find a killer. Meanwhile, seventee…
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The Beauty of the Heart, Or, The Story of Margaret Craven
This is a reproduction of a classic text optimised for kindle devices. We have endeavoured to create this version as close to the original artefact as possible. Although occasionally there may be cert…
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Journey's Eve
3.90 avg. rating
· 103 Ratings
Paul took the paper and read the paragraph indicated, and as he read, the kitchen seemed to perform a slow revolving movement, and come to rest with a grinding jar. It looked like a very nice announce…
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3.85 avg. rating
· 5599 Ratings
A stunning, evocative novel set in Ireland and Canada, Away traces a family’s complex and layered past. The narrative unfolds with shimmering clarity, and takes us from the harsh northern Irish coast …
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The Space Traders
4.35 avg. rating
· 43 Ratings
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Heavenly Date and Other Flirtations
In these hilarious stories of perverse meetings, casual dates and romantic encounters, we are enthralled, saddened, inspired and surprised by the encounters we’re made privy to. McCall Smith, a master…
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The Last Season
4.08 avg. rating
· 8675 Ratings
To pick up The Last Season is to lose oneself in a mesmerizing story about a place few could survive in and even fewer have visited—the unforgiving backcountry of the Sierra Nevadas. Blehm narrates th…
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Nights In The Gardens Of Spain
3.93 avg. rating
· 283 Ratings
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Last Breath: Cautionary Tales from the Limits of Human Endurance
Sudden, extreme deaths have always fascinated us-- and now more than ever as athletes and travelers rise to the challenges of high-risk sports and journeys on the edge. In this spellbinding book, vete…
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Swallowing Geography
3.46 avg. rating
· 237 Ratings

Swallowing Geography is a stunning early novel by the Man Booker-shortlisted Deborah Levy.

Embedded in this beautifully written novel is Deborah Levy's gift for blending fairytale with biting sati…

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Who Has Seen the Wind
3.89 avg. rating
· 3805 Ratings
When W.O. Mitchell died in 1998, he was described as "Canada's best-loved writer." Every commentator agreed that his best—and his best-loved—book was Who Has Seen the Wind. Since it was first publishe…
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Mean Time
3.81 avg. rating
· 819 Ratings
Winner of the Forward Poetry Prize and the Whitbread Poetry Award 1993 In her fourth collection, Mean Time, Carol Ann Duffy dramatizes scenes from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, finding moment…
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Running Upon the Wires: Poems
3.90 avg. rating
· 688 Ratings
Running Upon the Wires is full body art, smack against love in all its stages, a battle to the finish—or the beginning—the epic struggle (and ecstasy) as only Kate Tempest could record.” —Bob Holman

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Endangered (Sam Westin Mysteries, #1)
4.39 avg. rating
· 1243 Ratings
"White-knuckle suspense." - C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author

"Well written and terrifically paced." -

Summer "Sam" Westin's assignment to report on cougars in a Utah park goe…
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Buried for Pleasure (Gervase Fen, #6)
3.84 avg. rating
· 530 Ratings
Professor Gervase Fen, always in pursuit of a witty epigram, declares candidacy for Parliament, ready to serve the good people of "Where was it again?" His political ambitions are sidetracked by the m…
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Young Mrs. Savage
3.99 avg. rating
· 170 Ratings
Dinah's husband is killed in a flying accident, leaving her with four children to bring up. After his death, life is hard, fighting back loneliness and eking out a meager pension. So when her brother …
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Tausend Gefühle und ein einziger Kuss (Because It's True, #3-4)
Was ist wahr? Was ist gelogen? Und was ist Liebe?

Stell dir vor, der Mensch, den du liebst, kommt zu dir. Er erzählt dir von der Three-Things-Challenge, dem neuesten Social-Media-Phänomen. Man soll jem…
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When the Night Comes
3.77 avg. rating
· 1378 Ratings
The hauntingly beautiful story of a young girl transformed by the power of kindness from award-winning author Favel Parrett.

Running away from the mainland was supposed to make their lives better. But,…
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A Curious Boy: The Making of a Scientist
'Truth and courage are what memoirs need and this one has them both in spades … The unforgotten boy: that is what makes this a book a revelation'


‘Wonderful, absolut…
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The Great Brain (Great Brain, #1)
4.16 avg. rating
· 16167 Ratings
The best con man in the Midwest is only ten years old. Tom, a.k.a., the Great Brain, is a silver-tongued genius with a knack for turning a profit. When the Jenkins boys get lost in Skeleton Cave, the …
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The Corner Shop
4.06 avg. rating
· 483 Ratings
Available for the first time on Kindle!

Lucille Abbey runs her London secretarial agency with utmost efficiency. When, therefore, a certain Professor Hallam rejects three girls sent by her to apply f…
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The Vanishing Point
3.73 avg. rating
· 73 Ratings
W.O. Mitchell worked for many years on this book, polishing what was to be his big, serious, and very controversial novel about white-native relations. The book is set in the Paradise Reserve in the A…
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3.97 avg. rating
· 443 Ratings
Translating as ‘initiation’, kumukanda is the name given to the rites a young boy from the Luvale tribe must pass through before he is considered a man. The poems of Kayo Chingonyi’s remarkable debut …
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The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (The Mushroom Planet, #1)
In print since the 1950s, the Mushroom Planet series is back with a new design by illustrator Kevin Hawkes. Don t miss the adventures of Chuck and David, two boys who travel to the alien planet Basidi…
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Shadows in the Sun: Travels to Landscapes of Spirit and Desire
" One of the intense pleasures of travel is the opportunity to live among people who have not forgotten the old ways, who still feel their past in the wind, touch it in stones polished by rain, recogn…
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Morality Play
3.75 avg. rating
· 3140 Ratings
The time is the fourteenth century. The place is a small town in rural England, and the setting a snow-laden winter. A small troupe of actors accompanied by Nicholas Barber, a young renegade priest, p…
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Entering the Now
4.19 avg. rating
· 214 Ratings
A walk in nature. A personal crisis. A moment of laughter. These can all serve as portals that lead us to the depth and wonder of the Now.

Bestselling author Eckhart Tolle has captivated nearly a milli…
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Generals Die in Bed
3.79 avg. rating
· 1181 Ratings
As the world marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the bestselling novel Generals Die in Bed becomes more relevant than ever. Originally published in 1930, the landmark novel was on…
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Pelé: The Autobiography
3.97 avg. rating
· 1436 Ratings
Even people who don't know football know Pele. The best of a generation of Brazilian players universally acknowledged as the most accomplished and attractive group of footballers ever to play the game…
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Wilt Chamberlain
3.89 avg. rating
· 27 Ratings
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