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The Nobel Lecture In Literature, 1993
4.50 avg. rating
· 377 Ratings
Toni Morrison, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Literature, reads the speech she delivered in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony.
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The Collected Poems
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Spanning five decades and comprising 868 poems (nearly 300 of which have never before appeared in book form), this magnificent volume is the definitive sampling of a writer who has been called the poe…
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The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man
Edward Snowden, a young computer genius working for America's National Security Agency, blew the whistle on the way this frighteningly powerful organisation uses new technology to spy on the entire pl…
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Three Great Novels: His Latest Bestsellers (A Darkness More Than Night / City of Bones / Chasing the Dime)
A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT: Terry McCaleb's enforced quiet lifestyle is a far cry from the excitement of his former role as an FBI profiler. But when a small-time criminal is found dead, McCaleb becom…
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4.46 avg. rating
· 199 Ratings
"In this rendering, the Psalms become once again what they were for Christian believers from the very beginning: the hymnal of the Church. They remain, certainly, the songs of Israel: from its cries o…
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The Nobel Lecture
4.03 avg. rating
· 261 Ratings
Published for the first time in a beautiful collectible edition, the essential lecture delivered by the 2016 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan.

On October 13, 2016, Bob Dylan was aw…
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Rosanna of the Amish
3.81 avg. rating
· 239 Ratings
The thrilling narrative of Rosanna McGonegal Yoder, the Irish Catholic baby girl, who lived with an Amish woman, Elizabeth Yoder. All the episodes of "Rosanna of the Amish" are based on fact. Joseph W…
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Seven Strange Clues (Judy Bolton)
4.11 avg. rating
· 75 Ratings
Kay Vincent dances around singing the school song as Girls' Farringdon High burns to the ground. Kay's behavior is appalling to the other girls who are devastated about the loss of their school. Many …
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My Friend Flicka (Flicka, #1)
4.16 avg. rating
· 27374 Ratings
It seems Ken can't do anything right. He loses saddle blankets and breaks reins...but then comes the worst news yet: a report card so bad that he has to repeat a grade. How can you tame the dreamy min…
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The Secret at Lone Tree Cottage (The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, #2)
Miss Tisdale, Jean and Louise Dana's favorite teacher, disappears mysteriously one afternoon. The Danas search for clues and discover her car abandoned on a nearby road. The key is still in the igniti…
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The Vanishing Shadow (Judy Bolton Mysteries, #1)
In the first book of this mystery series, Judy Bolton is resigned to spending several boring weeks at her grandparents' farm near Dry Brook Hollow. Her summer suddenly becomes interesting when she ove…
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The Haunted Attic (Judy Bolton Mysteries, #2)
The Boltons move into a large rambling house reputed to be haunted. Even the brave Judy is thoroughly frightened by the eerie ""crying ghost.""
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No Exit and Three Other Plays
4.09 avg. rating
· 26191 Ratings
In these four plays, Jean-Paul Sartre, the great existentialist novelist and philosopher, displays his mastery of drama. NO EXIT is an unforgettable portrayal of hell. THE FLIES is a modern reworking …
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A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World
Author Paul Miller shares his insights and conclusions about how to connect the broken pieces of your life and allow prayer—even poorly delivered—to fill the gaps with meaning and substance. Miller’s …
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The Ugly Duckling
4.17 avg. rating
· 30772 Ratings
For over one hundred years The Ugly Duckling has been a childhood favorite, and Jerry Pinkney's spectacular new adaptation brings it triumphantly to new generations of readers. With keen emotion and f…
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Where Butterflies Grow
4.09 avg. rating
· 158 Ratings
In a field of lacy leaves, a small caterpillar hatches, grows, and sheds its skin, becoming a smooth, green creeper. It eats and changes some more, then in a sequence of remarkable close-ups, spins a …
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A Mud Pie for Mother
3.89 avg. rating
· 179 Ratings
The creator of Pepito the Brave, that "genuine poster-bird for pluckiness"(Publishers Weekly), returns with another small but determined hero, Little Pig.

It's Mother Pig's birthday, and her son has …
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Bunny Cakes
4.05 avg. rating
· 1852 Ratings
It's Grandma's birthday, and Max wants to make her an icky, worm-infested cake. But Ruby says, "No, Max. We are going to make Grandma an angel surprise cake, with raspberry-fluff icing." Will Max let …
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3.77 avg. rating
· 35 Ratings
This funny and kid-appealing Step 2 early reader is about one small but brave little dog! Peanut has a super sniffer. When the toddler in his family wanders off in the grocery store, Peanut's sniffing…
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears
4.06 avg. rating
· 1376 Ratings
Jan Brett's richly illustrated take on a classic tale—it's just right!

Everybody loves the story of the curious little girl named Goldilocks, who made herself quite at home in the house of the three be…
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Three Little Kittens
4.17 avg. rating
· 35 Ratings
The well known and loved nursery rhyme delightfully brought to life by Lilian Obligado's adorable illustrations. Originally published as a Random House Pictureback in 1974.
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Something Special
3.75 avg. rating
· 122 Ratings
Surrounded by parents and siblings with remarkable talents, Sam yearns to be good at something himself, and finds his own special niche when he discovers the pleasures of painting.
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Philomena's New Glasses
3.83 avg. rating
· 296 Ratings
From the creator of Ready Rabbit Gets Ready! comes a hilarious photo-story of sisterhood and one-upmanship.

Philomena needs new glasses. Her sister Audrey wants them, too. And if Philomena and Audrey h…
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I Like Bugs
3.84 avg. rating
· 549 Ratings
Black Bugs. Green Bugs. Fat Bugs. Buggy Bugs. I like bugs!

It's time for YOU! Pick your favorite spot to read. This is going to be a great book!
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Mr. Cookie Baker
3.81 avg. rating
· 252 Ratings
As sweet and satisfying as holiday baking, here is a beautiful update of Monica Wellington's Mr. Cookie Baker. In this book, youngsters can follow the process of measuring, mixing, baking, decorating,…
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Three Little Kittens
4.30 avg. rating
· 20547 Ratings
Three little kittens lose, find, soil, and wash their mittens.
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4.12 avg. rating
· 17139 Ratings
Kon-Tiki is the record of an astonishing adventure -- a journey of 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean by raft. Intrigued by Polynesian folklore, biologist Thor Heyerdahl suspected that the …
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Flower Garden
4.07 avg. rating
· 1366 Ratings
“An urban African-American girl and her father buy plants, potting soil, and a window box at the supermarket, ride the bus to their apartment, and put together a colorful gift for the child’s mother. …
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Winnie the Pooh's Opposites
3.53 avg. rating
· 74 Ratings
Children will delight in discovering opposites with Pooh and his friends in this board book, inspired by classic scenes from the original stories of Winnie-the-Pooh. Life in the Hundred Acre Wood is f…
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Memorial Drive: A Daughter's Memoir
4.25 avg. rating
· 7809 Ratings
At age nineteen, Natasha Trethewey had her world turned upside down when her former stepfather shot and killed her mother. Grieving and still new to adulthood, she confronted the twin pulls of life an…
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The Chiffon Trenches
3.73 avg. rating
· 3308 Ratings
During André Leon Talley's first magazine job, alongside Andy Warhol at Interview, a fateful meeting with Karl Lagerfeld began a decades-long friendship with the enigmatic, often caustic designer. Pr…
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