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Over Sea, Under Stone (The Dark is Rising, #1)
On holiday in Cornwall, the three Drew children discover an ancient map in the attic of the house that they are staying in. They know immediately that it is special. It is even more than that -- the k…
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The Book of Three (The Chronicles of Prydain, #1)
Taran wanted to be a hero, and looking after a pig wasn't exactly heroic, even though Hen Wen was an oracular pig. But the day that Hen Wen vanished, Taran was led into an enchanting and perilous worl…
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The High King (The Chronicles of Prydain, #5)
When the sword of Dyrnwyn, the most powerful weapon inthe kingdom of Prydain, falls into the hands of Arawn-Death-Lord, Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper, and Prince Gwydion raise an army to march against A…
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The Black Cauldron (The Chronicles of Prydain, #2)
Taran, the Assistant Pig-Keeper, and his friends are led into a mortal struggle with Arawn and his deathless warriors. Taran must wrest the black cauldron from them, for it is the cauldron that gives …
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The Castle of Llyr (The Chronicles of Prydain, #3)
Princess Eilonwy hates to leave her friend Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper, and her beloved home, Caer Dallben. Why does she have to go to the Isle of Mona to train as a proper lady when she's already a p…
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Taran Wanderer (The Chronicles of Prydain, #4)
Taran is an Assistant Pig-Keeper no longer; he has become a hero. Now he dreams of winning the hand of the Princess Eilonwy. Eager to find his origins, Taran sets off with the faithful Gurgi on a ques…
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4.36 avg. rating
· 21713 Ratings
One teen’s incredible journey may just blow his father’s mind…

Fourteen-year-old Bernard thinks outside the box. The only problem is that neither his school nor his ultra-rational physicist father appr…
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Breaking: After the Thaw (The Thaw Chronicles, #2)
Only the chosen shall breed.

Four teens must face the fallout of the Proving. Three have made it through. One has not.

Nova. Kian. Dex. Wren.

Four lives defined by the outcome. Four lives who thought th…
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England's Finest: Stories (Bryant & May #16.5)
The Peculiar Crimes Unit has solved many extraordinary cases over the years, but some were hushed up and hidden away. Until now. Arthur Bryant remembers these lost cases as if they were yesterday. Unf…
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Shadow Fall (Shadow Fall, #1)
3.92 avg. rating
· 574 Ratings
Perfect for fans of Secondborn, The Hunger Games, and Maze Runner, this dark dystopian tale of survival, intrigue, and slow-burn romance will grip you until the very last page.

My name is Maia Grayston…
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The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (Tales of Alderley, #1)
When Colin and Susan are pursued by eerie creatures across Alderley Edge, they are saved by the Wizard. He takes them into the caves of Fundindelve, where he watches over the enchanted sleep of one hu…
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Crow Court
4.13 avg. rating
· 91 Ratings
Spring, 1840. In the Dorset market town of Wimborne Minster, a young choirboy drowns himself. Soon after, the choirmaster—a belligerent man with a vicious reputation—is found murdered, in a discovery …
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The Children of Green Knowe (Green Knowe, #1)
L. M. Boston's thrilling and chilling tales of Green Knowe, a haunted manor deep in an overgrown garden in the English countryside, have been entertaining readers for half a century.

There are three ch…
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Dark Days of the After (Dark Days of the After #1)
In the near future, the Constitution is outlawed, the government is ceremonial at best and the country is about to lose her name. No one knows how this happened, or why America prostrated herself to t…
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Are All the Giants Dead?
4.03 avg. rating
· 335 Ratings
Young James journeys from England to the fairy-tale world of princes and princesses, witches and fairies, giants and giant-killers, and invades the lair of the last giant to free a princess from an ev…
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The Unfinished Land
2.94 avg. rating
· 90 Ratings
Reynard, a young apprentice, seeks release from the drudgery of working for his fisherman uncle in the English village of Southwold. His rare days off lead him to strange encounters—not just with pres…
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Starved Stuff: Feeding the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships
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Lord Brocktree (Redwall, #13)
3.97 avg. rating
· 48480 Ratings
The young haremaid Dotti and the badger-warrior Lord Brocktree—unlikely comrades—set out for Salamandastron together, only to discover the legendary mountain has been captured by the wildcat Ungatt Tr…
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The Whispering Mountain (The Wolves Chronicles, #0)
Winner of the Guardian Prize for Fiction

In the small town of Pennygaff, where Owen has been sent to live after his mother’s death, a legendary golden harp has been found. Knowing of the prophesy of th…
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Bedouin of the London Evening: Collected Poems
The disappearance of the poet Rosemary Tonks in the 1970s was one of the literary world’s most tantalising mysteries the subject of a BBC feature in 2009 called The Poet Who Vanished. After publishing…
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Westmark (Westmark, #1)
3.92 avg. rating
· 4324 Ratings
When Theo agrees to print a traveling showman's pamphlet, he only thinks of the money it will bring in. Instead, it sets off a chain reaction that results in the smashing of the press and the murder o…
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Charmed Life (Chrestomanci, #1)
3.94 avg. rating
· 28012 Ratings
Cat doesn't mind living in the shadow of his sister, Gwendolen, the most promising young witch ever seen on Coven Street. But trouble starts brewing the moment the two orphans are summoned to live in …
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The Moon of Gomrath (Tales of Alderley, #2)
The Moon of Gomrath is the name of the one night of the year when the Old Magic is at its most powerful. Had Colin and Susan known this, they would have never obeyed the strange compulsion that drove …
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Nightbirds on Nantucket (The Wolves Chronicles, #3)
Having had enough of life on board the ship that saved her from a watery grave, Dido Twite wants nothing more than to sail home to England. Instead, Captain Casket's ship lands in Nantucket, where Did…
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A Wizard of Earthsea
4.38 avg. rating
· 267 Ratings
A Radio 4 dramatization of the first of Ursula Le Guin's four "Earthsea" fantasy novels. It is a tale of high magic, courage, and the eternal struggle between good and evil.
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The Ruthless Romans
3.94 avg. rating
· 606 Ratings
'Ruthless Romans' reveals the grim truth behind the greatest empire of all time - from the terrible twins who founded Rome to the evil emperors who made murder into a sport. Read on for the gory detai…
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The Pipers
4.31 avg. rating
· 13 Ratings
From the Kickstarter campaign webpage: "The Pipers is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, who wrote over 100 short stories and over 40 books — many of which are responsible for films such as Bla…
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Treasure of Green Knowe (Green Knowe, #2)
L. M. Boston's thrilling and chilling tales of Green Knowe, a haunted manor deep in an overgrown garden in the English countryside, have been entertaining readers for half a century. Now the children …
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Heartlight (The Adventures of Kate, #1)
3.71 avg. rating
· 997 Ratings
Kate is a teenage girl living with her astrophysicist grandfather in New England. When her grandfather's research attracts unwanted attention from an otherworldly visitor, he mysteriously disappears. …
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King's Arrow (Crown and Covenant, #2)
4.22 avg. rating
· 496 Ratings
Angus M'Kethe, brave Duncan's younger brother, is no longer a child with a toy bow and arrow. He is now a young man, facing the same persecution and spiritual questions that his entire family has stru…
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Rebel's Keep (Crown and Covenant, #3)
4.18 avg. rating
· 409 Ratings
The M'Kethe's team up again to stand for Crown & Covenant. Forced finally to fell to America, they must leave behind their most precious possession.
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