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A Tramp Abroad
3.85 avg. rating
· 1645 Ratings
Twain's abundant humor waxes as freely as ever; this time, however, his amusement bears a more cynical cast, as he regards the grand tourist sights of 'Innocents' through older and more experienced ey…
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Nüchtern am Weltnichtrauchertag
Wie sieht das Leben aus, wenn man nicht mehr trinken darf? Was erlebt man, wenn man zum Wasser greift, während die anderen sich auf ihre ganz individuellen Berauschungspfade begeben? Was hat einem die…
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Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
Allan Gurganus's Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All became an instant classic upon its publication. Critics and readers alike fell in love with the voice of ninety-nine-year-old Lucy Marsden, o…
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The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World
Why is the brain divided? The difference between right & left hemispheres has been puzzled over for centuries. In a book of unprecedented scope, McGilchrist draws on a vast body of recent brain resear…
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Plays Well with Others
3.97 avg. rating
· 573 Ratings
With great narrative inventiveness and emotional amplitude, Allan Gurganus gives us artistic Manhattan in the wild 1980s, where young artists--refugees from the middle class--hurl themselves into play…
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3.95 avg. rating
· 7494 Ratings
Often I feel I go to some distant region of the world to be reminded of who I really am. When Michael Crichton -- a Harvard-trained physician, bestselling novelist, and successful movie director -- be…
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Chronic City
3.53 avg. rating
· 7791 Ratings
The acclaimed author of Motherless Brooklyn and The Fortress of Solitude returns with a roar with this gorgeous, searing portrayal of Manhattanites wrapped in their own delusions, desires, and lies.

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4.23 avg. rating
· 3130 Ratings
Once again the incomparable Gore Vidal interprets and animates history -- this time in a panoramic tour of the 5th century B.C. -- and embellishes it with his own ironic humor, brilliant insights, and…
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Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich
When Voluntary Simplicity was first published in 1981, it quickly became recognized as a powerful and visionary work in the emerging dialogue over sustainable ways of living. Now, more than ten years …
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Arguably: Selected Essays
4.19 avg. rating
· 6958 Ratings
The first new book of essays by Christopher Hitchens since 2004, Arguably offers an indispensable key to understanding the passionate and skeptical spirit of one of our most dazzling writers, widely a…
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It's on the Meter: One Taxi, Three Mates and 43,000 Miles of Misadventures around the World
When three friends – Paul, Johno and Leigh – clicked ‘buy’ on an iconic London cab, little did they know what they were letting themselves in for. Leaving the Big Smoke in their taxi bound for Sydney,…
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Die Mitte der Welt
4.24 avg. rating
· 2561 Ratings
Der siebzehnjährige Phil ist auf der Suche. So wenig er über seine Vergangenheit weiß, so chaotisch ist seine Gegenwart. Da ist zum Beispiel seine Mutter Glass mit ihren ständig wechselnden Liebhabern…
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I Am Football: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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Schattenjahre: Die Rückkehr des politischen Liberalismus
Scheitern und Siegen
Der Neustart für den politischen Liberalismus

Absturz und Neubeginn: Christian Lindner schildert die dramatischen Ereignisse, die zum Scheitern der FDP und schließlich zum Wiederein…
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Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl
4.06 avg. rating
· 301 Ratings
Am 22. Februar 1943 wurde die 21-jährige Sophie Scholl hingerichtet. Sie war Mitglied der "Weißen Rose", einer Studentengruppe, die mit Flugblättern zum Widerstand gegen Hitler aufgerufen hatte. Herma…
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Football Leaks: Die schmutzigen Geschäfte im Profifußball
Das größte Datenleck der Sportgeschichte erschüttert die Fußballwelt

Dass es in der Welt des Fußballs immer weniger um den Sport und immer mehr um schmutzige Geschäfte geht, ahnen die Fans nicht erst s…
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Look Homeward, Angel
3.93 avg. rating
· 11725 Ratings
Look Homeward, Angel: A Story of the Buried Life is a 1929 novel by Thomas Wolfe. It is Wolfe's first novel, and is considered a highly autobiographical American Bildungsroman. The character of Eugene…
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Starsight (Skyward, #2)
4.40 avg. rating
· 33007 Ratings
All her life, Spensa has dreamed of becoming a pilot. Of proving she's a hero like her father. She made it to the sky, but the truths she learned about her father were crushing.

Spensa is sure there's …
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The Spellmonger's Yule: A Spellmonger Series Short Story
Drink the mead.

When such odd advice comes from the lips of a friend in a moment of peril, it sticks with you . . . and Minalan the Spellmonger, Baron of Sevendor, desperately needs some hope, right …
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4.06 avg. rating
· 7938 Ratings
Gore Vidal's Narratives of Empire series spans the history of the United States from the Revolution to the post-World War II years. With their broad canvas and large cast of fictional and historical c…
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Poison Town (The Crittendon Files Series, Book #2)
There’s More Than One Kind of Poison in This Town 

People are sick and dying. Rumors are swirling. Some claim chemicals leaking from a manufacturing plant are causing the cancer that’s crippling people…
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Wide Plank Porches
3.92 avg. rating
· 571 Ratings
The Parker women of Riverton, North Carolina are known for three things: southern graces, storytelling, and sassiness. The second to some, would be considered outright lying, the last a surprise to th…
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The School of Life
4.17 avg. rating
· 701 Ratings
A series of intelligent, rigorous, well-written self-help books, put together by some of the leading minds in the field. This bindup includes the following titles:

Alain de Botton's How to Think More A…
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Her Christmas Handyman (The Gingerbread Inn #1)
Hope's holiday is interrupted when she's accused of stealing from a guest.
Can she prove her innocence before it's too late?

Helping her grandmother after her hip surgery was a no-brainer for Hope Maste…
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Shadowmage (The Spellmonger, #9)
4.52 avg. rating
· 1678 Ratings
Rescuers. Avengers. Thieves. Spies.
The life of a knight mage is never easy, but sometimes the gods smile on you and grant you an errand of incredible complexity . . . without regards to casualties. W…
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The Planets
4.47 avg. rating
· 696 Ratings
Mercury, a lifeless victim of the Sun's expanding power. Venus, once thought to be lush and fertile, now known to be trapped within a toxic and boiling atmosphere. Mars, the red planet, doomed by the …
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Blood Territory The Death of Jimmy O'Connell
Please note: this series contains mature themes and graphic imagery; and listener discretion is advised.

How far would you go to clear the name of the man convicted of your son’s death?

Red blood stain…
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15 Documents and Speeches That Built America (Unique Classics) (Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Amendments, Articles of Confederation, Magna Carta, Gettysburg Address, Four Freedoms)
Here are 15 correctly formatted documents and speeches that helped to build the current United States of America. There is a user-friendly table of contents for easy interaction. The following are inc…
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HCSB: Holman Christian Standard Bible
4.62 avg. rating
· 1280 Ratings
The HCSB was developed by 100 scholars and English stylists from 17 denominations, who prayerfully translated what is one of the most significant Bible translations available today. The HCSB reflects …
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In the manger: 25 Inspirational Selections for Advent
The greatest mind in the universe imagined time. The truest judge granted Adam a choice. But it was love that gave Immanuel, "God with us."

The Author would enter his own story. The Word would become f…
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Works of John Bunyan
4.22 avg. rating
· 121 Ratings
This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.
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