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To Say Nothing of the Dog (Oxford Time Travel, #2)
Connie Willis' Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Doomsday Book uses time travel for a serious look at how people connect with each other. In this Hugo-winning companion to that novel, she offers a complet…
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Three Men in a Boat (Three Men, #1)
3.88 avg. rating
· 48525 Ratings
"We agree that we are overworked, and need a rest - A week on the rolling deep? - George suggests the river -"

And with the co-operation of several hampers of food and a covered boat, the three men (no…
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The Eden Paradox
4.23 avg. rating
· 5985 Ratings
In 2063, Earth's overheated climate and war-ravaged cities are near breaking point. A new habitable planet is discovered within reach, but the first two missions have failed to return. This is the sto…
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The Lazarus Men
4.25 avg. rating
· 906 Ratings
It is the 23rd century. Humankind has reached the stars, building a tentative empire across a score of worlds. Earth's central government rules weakly as several worlds continue their efforts toward i…
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Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals (Crossroads, #1)
An ordinary school day in Middlefield turns into a mystical tale filled with endless adventures of magic, fairies, flying horses, and danger. A modern-day saga of four young teens who find themselves …
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Honest, Simple Souls: An Advent Meditation with Charlotte Mason
In the church year, the long season of post-Pentecost, post-everything else is drawing to a close. The days are shorter, and the sky is grey with threats of snow. December is almost here, and Advent i…
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A Case of Conscience (After Such Knowledge, #4)
Father Ruiz-Sanchez is a dedicated man--a priest who is also a scientist, and a scientist who is also a human being. He has found no insoluble conflicts in his beliefs or his ethics . . . until he is …
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Forever Peace (The Forever War, #3)
3.76 avg. rating
· 19097 Ratings
2043 A.D.: The Ngumi War rages. A burned-out soldier and his scientist lover discover a secret that could put the universe back to square one. And it is not terrifying. It is tempting...
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Darwin's Radio (Darwin's Radio, #1)
3.72 avg. rating
· 13026 Ratings
“Virus hunter” Christopher Dicken is a man on a mission, following a trail of rumors, government cover-ups, and dead bodies around the globe in search of a mysterious disease that strikes only pregnan…
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When the Children Fight Back (Children of the Eye Book 3)
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Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga, #7)
4.30 avg. rating
· 24140 Ratings
Cordelia and Arol Vorkosigan's plans for a peaceful married life (after all the bloodshed and trials recounted in SHARDS OF HONOR) are soon shattered by the polital tumult on Barrayar. Resisting enorm…
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Komarr (Vorkosigan Saga, #11)
4.27 avg. rating
· 14714 Ratings
Komarr could be a garden with a thousand more years' work, or an uninhabitable wasteland if the terraforming fails. Now, the solar mirror vital to the terraforming of the conquered planet has been sha…
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Shards of Honour  (Vorkosigan Saga, #1)
When Cordelia Naismith and her survey crew are attacked by a renegade group from Barrayar, she is taken prisoner by Aral Vorkosigan, commander of the Barrayan ship that has been taken over by an ambit…
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3.84 avg. rating
· 83733 Ratings
Ensign Andrew Dahl has just been assigned to the Universal Union Capital Ship Intrepid, flagship of the Universal Union since the year 2456. It’s a prestige posting, and Andrew is thrilled all the mor…
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Falling Free (Vorkosigan Saga, #4)
3.84 avg. rating
· 17511 Ratings
Leo Graf was an effective engineer. Safety regs weren't just the rule book he swore by; he'd helped write them. All that changed on his assignment to the Cay Habitat. Leo was profoundly uneasy with th…
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Cetaganda (Vorkosigan Saga, #9)
4.16 avg. rating
· 16887 Ratings
The latest installment in the adventures of Miles Vorkosigan. Miles and Cousin Ivan travel to Cetaganda to play the part of sprigs of nobility doing their diplomatic duty. But when the Empress of Ceta…
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Among Others
3.68 avg. rating
· 18498 Ratings
Startling, unusual, and yet irresistably readable, Among Others is at once the compelling story of a young woman struggling to escape a troubled childhood, a brilliant diary of first encounters with t…
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Blue Mars (Mars Trilogy, #3)
3.94 avg. rating
· 26596 Ratings
The red planet is red no longer, as Mars has become a perfectly inhabitable world. But while Mars flourishes, Earth is threatened by overpopulation and ecological disaster. Soon people look to Mars as…
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Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga, #13)
A rich Komarran merchant fleet has been impounded at Graf Station, in distant Quaddiespace, after a bloody incident on the station docks involving a security officer from the convoy's Barrayaran milit…
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Lord Emsworth and Others (Blandings Castle, #5.5)
In Lord Emsworth and Others, readers are treated to a selection of familiar characters and places, in new and unfamiliar circumstances. Fans and initiates will be highly entertained.
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The Vor Game (Vorkosigan Saga, #6)
4.27 avg. rating
· 21155 Ratings
Hugo Award Winner! Miles Vorkosigan graduates from the Academy, joins a mutiny, is placed under house arrest, goes on a secret mission, reconnects with his loyal Dendarii Mercenaries, rescues his Empe…
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