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Natural Health, Natural Medicine
4.15 avg. rating
· 572 Ratings
The bible of natural medicine" (Larry Dossey, M.D.), Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health is a comprehensive resource for everything you n…
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A Modern Herbal
4.35 avg. rating
· 213 Ratings
Volume 1 of the fullest, most exact, most useful compilation of herbal material. Gigantic alphabetical encyclopedia, from aconite to zedoary, gives botanical information, medical properties, folklor…
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SuperFoods HealthStyle: Proven Strategies for Lifelong Health
HealthStyle is the twenty-first-century program for promoting vigor, preventing disease, and extending your life span

If up until now you have relied on luck, genetics, and a few healthful practices t…
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Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (Wise Woman Herbal Series, #1)
Simple, safe remedies for pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and newborns.

Now in its 24th printing. A confirmed favorite with pregnant women, midwives, childbirth educators, and new parents. Packed wi…
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Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish's Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly
You really can eat more and weigh less -- if you know what to eat. As this groundbreaking book clearly shows, it's not just how much you eat, it's primarily what you eat.

Most diets rely on small port…
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Herbal Healing for Women
4.36 avg. rating
· 1016 Ratings
Comprehensive and easy-to-use, Herbal Healing for Women explains how to create remedies -- including teas, tinctures, salves and ointments--for the common disorders that arise in the different cycles…
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The Zone: A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently
Reset Your Genetic Code : Prevent Disease : Achieve Maximum Physical Performance

Developed by respected researcher and health consultant Dr. Barry Sears, this program is a lifelong, lasting weight-los…
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Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book
4.43 avg. rating
· 213 Ratings
Recent research is rapidly changing the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of breast cancer. Just as women afflicted with or worried about breast cancer have turned to the earlier editions of Dr. Sus…
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The Whole Foods Market Cookbook: A Guide to Natural Foods with 350 Recipes
Who else but Whole Foods Market could create a cookbook so fresh, so appealing, so full of valuable information, and so perfect for the way we are all cooking and eating today? Bursting with winning…
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Magic and Medicine of Plants
Learn to identify nearly 300 North American flowers and plants believed to have some therapeutic value. The fact-packed text is filled with scientific information, historical background, and myths an…
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Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West
4.60 avg. rating
· 197 Ratings
In the first update since the original printing in 1979, renowned herbalist Michael Moore adds another twenty years of research and expertise working with medicinal plants to his classic Medicinal Pl…
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Work as a Spiritual Practice: A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth and Satisfaction on the Job
A guide to developing and maintaining a spiritual life on the job, drawn from the teachings and practices of Buddhist tradition.

Most people associate Buddhism with developing calmness, kindness, and…
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The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine
The Web That Has No Weaver is a classic and comprehensive volume that discusses the theory and practice of Chinese medicine. Kaptchuk’s book is an invaluable resource in the field and an authoritativ…
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Staying Healthy with the Seasons: 21st-Century Edition
Nature'¬?s cycles affect not only the external climate, but also our internal health and mental well-being. With this as its primary tenet, STAYING HEALTHY WITH THE SEASONS revolutionized the fields…
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Juice Fasting and Detoxification: Use the Healing Power of Fresh Juice to Feel Young and Look Great
Juice fasting can help to increase energy and improve mental alertness, lose weight, heal chronic ailments without drugs, and maintain stamina with no hunger. This book features quick and delicious j…
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Meditation for Beginners: Techniques for Awareness, Mindfulness & Relaxation
Some people think meditation is something that takes years to learn. The truth is, it's a very natural state of awareness that can be developed in just a few minutes each day. The benefits of meditat…
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The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the Change
Through her bestselling books, groundbreaking PBS specials, and up-to-the-minute clinical knowledge, Dr. Christiane Northrup has earned a place as one of America’s most trusted medical advisors.

In Th…
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Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine
A foundational textbook on the scientific principles of therapeutic herbalism and their application in medicine

• A complete handbook for the medical practitioner

• Includes the most up-to-date informa…
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Living Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You... That You Need to Know
For millions of Americans, hypothyroidism often goes untreated ... or is treated improperly. This book, thoroughly researched by the nation's top thyroid patient advocate—a hypothyroidism patient her…
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The Earthwise Herbal: A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants
Noted herbalist Matthew Wood brings twenty-five years of clinical experience to this comprehensive book on medicinal plants. The first in a two-volume set, The Earthwise Herbal profiles Old World pla…
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The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies: Thousands of Tips and Techniques Anyone Can Use to Heal Everyday Health Problems
With more than 15 million copies in print, readers have made the Doctors Book series a hit! Each volume is written in an easy-to-use, A-to-Z format that is filled with the best doctor-recommended hom…
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The Way of Herbs
4.26 avg. rating
· 672 Ratings
Fully updated with the latest developments in herbal science, this practical and useful guide offers comprehensive descriptions of herbal treatments for cancer, arthritis, colds, and influenza. It sh…
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