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Why I Am a Buddhist: No-Nonsense Buddhism with Red Meat and Whiskey
Profound and amusing, this book provides a viable approach to answering the perennial questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I live a meaningful life? For Asma, the answers are to be found in…
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Milk and Honey (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #3)
In the silent pre-dawn city hours -- alone with his thoughts about Rina Lazarus, the woman he loves, three thousand miles away in New York -- LAPD detective Peter Decker finds a small child,…
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Sanctuary (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #7)
A diamond dealer and his entire family have mysteriously disappeared from their sprawling Las Angeles manor, leaving the estate undisturbed and their valuables untouched. Investigating detective…
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False Prophet (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #5)
In this New York Times bestselling classic, the brutal assault on a daughter of a faded Hollywood legend pulls LAPD Detective Peter Decker into a world of dire prophecies and murder, and points a…
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Grievous Sin (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #6)
"No one working in the crime genre is better." The Baltimore Sun
By the author of "False Prophet," a Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus mystery.
Peter and Rina's newborn baby girl is a dream come true, but…
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Jupiter's Bones (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus #11)
When Dr. Emil Euler Ganz -- a brilliant luminary in the complex fields of cosmology and astrophysics -- walked away from accolades and honors, disappearing into thin air twenty-five years ago, his…
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Day of Atonement (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #4)
Peter Decker of the L.A.P.D. never dreamed he'd be spending his honeymoon with his new wife, Rina Lazarus, in an Orthodox Jewish enclave in Brooklyn, New York -- or that a terrible event would end it…
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Bone Box (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #24)
In this thrilling chapter in Faye Kellerman’s bestselling series, Rina Lazarus makes a shocking discovery in the woods of her upstate New York community that leads her husband, police detective Peter…
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The Burnt House (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #16)
At 8:15 in the morning, a small commuter plane carrying forty-seven passengers crashes into an apartment building in Granada Hills, California. Shock waves ripple through Los Angeles, as L.A.P.D.…
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The Spirit Box (Sherlock Holmes)
3.75 avg. rating
· 275 Ratings
Summer, 1915. As Zeppelins rain death upon the rooftops of London, eminent members of society begin to behave erratically: a Member of Parliament throws himself naked into the Thames after giving a…
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Serpent's Tooth (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #10)
A man walks into a trendy Los Angeles restaurant -- a disgruntled ex-employee with an automatic weapon -- and seconds later, thirteen people are dead and thirty-two more have been wounded. It is a…
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The Mercedes Coffin (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #17)
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The Forgotten (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #13)
Rina Lazarus and her husband, LAPD Homicide Lt. Peter Decker, are shocked by an outrage that cuts close to the spiritual heart of their family. Rina's small storefront synagogue has been desecrated…
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Prayers for the Dead (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #9)
The brutal murder of Dr. Azor Sparks in an alley behind a restaurant is greeted with public outrage and a demand for swift, sure justice. But the investigation into the well-known surgeon's death is…
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Stalker (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #12)
Faye Kellerman's new suspense thriller Stalker is as intelligent about police procedure as it is about family relationships. Cindy Decker is an ambitious young LA policewoman, mistrusted by her…
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A Kind Man
3.73 avg. rating
· 647 Ratings
Tommy Carr was a kind man; Eve had been able to tell that after half an hour of knowing him. There had never been a day when he had not shown her some small kindness. The birth of a daughter, Jeannie…
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3.92 avg. rating
· 764 Ratings
New York Times--bestselling author Felix Francis returns with his newest edge-of-your-seat horseracing thriller in the Dick Francis tradition.

Harrison Foster, a crisis manager for a London firm, is…
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The Secret Commonwealth (The Book of Dust, #2)
It is twenty years since the events of La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One unfolded and saw the baby Lyra Belacqua begin her life-changing journey.

It is seven years since readers left Lyra…
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Wild Chamber (Bryant & May #14)
4.20 avg. rating
· 650 Ratings
Detectives Arthur Bryant and John May are back on the case in this whip-smart and wildly twisting mystery, in which a killer in London's parks is proving to be a most elusive quarry.

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Oolong Dead (A Tea Shop Mystery, #10)
3.92 avg. rating
· 2222 Ratings
Delicious recipes, tea-time tips, opera, and murder-in a national bestselling mystery series that's "quickly become a favorite of readers."(Mystery Reader)

While riding her horse in a race through…
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The Affinity Bridge (Newbury and Hobbes, #1)
Welcome to the bizarre and dangerous world of Victorian London, a city teetering on the edge of revolution. Its people are ushering in a new era of technology, dazzled each day by new inventions.…
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House of Meetings
3.44 avg. rating
· 1909 Ratings
An extraordinary novel that ratifies Martin Amis's standing as "a force unto himself," as "The Washington Post" has attested: "There is, quite simply, no one else like him."
"House of Meetings" is a…
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The Benefit of Hindsight (Simon Serrailler, #10)
In this, the tenth Simon Serrailler crime novel, Simon must engage with his own demons as Lafferton struggles to cope with a series of crimes that threaten the sanctity of hearth and home.

On the…
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Are You Experienced?
3.60 avg. rating
· 2676 Ratings
A hilarious novel of a young man’s misadventures in India—from a fresh new voice

Liz travels to India because she wants to find herself. Dave travels to India because he wants to get Liz into bed.

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A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earthbound Travels in the Far East
"An utterly charming and engaging travel book that offers vivid portraits of unusual corners of Asia, told by a skilled raconteur whose eyes were open wide." --Los Angeles Times Book Review

Warned by…
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The Philosopher and the Wolf: Lessons from the Wild on Love, Death, and Happiness
This fascinating book charts the relationship between Mark Rowlands, a rootless philosopher, and Brenin, his well-traveled wolf. After acquiring Brenin as a cub, it quickly became apparent that…
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Drink, Play, F@#k: One Man's Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas, and Thailand
In Drink, Play, F@#k Bob Sullivan, a jilted husband, sets off to explore the world, experience a meaningful connection with the divine, and rediscover his passion.
His travels lead him from his home…
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Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #6.5)
It’s Christmas again at St Mary's and time for Max’s obligatory illegal jump. On this occasion, however, they’re right up against it.

A loaded gun has been left behind in Ancient Egypt and it’s up…
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A Perfectly Good Man
3.91 avg. rating
· 1883 Ratings
The new novel from Patrick Gale, author of Richard & Judy-bestseller 'Notes from an Exhibition', returning readers to his beloved Cornish coastline.
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The Teaberry Strangler (A Tea Shop Mystery, #11)
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Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery, #12)
3.81 avg. rating
· 2151 Ratings
Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is lured into attending the Heritage Society's "Pirates and Plunder" soiree. But it's an antique diamond skull ring that gets plundered by someone who murders…
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