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3.85 avg. rating
· 1067 Ratings
The moving sequel to the bestselling Big Rock Candy Mountain.Bruce Mason returns to Salt Lake City not for his aunt's funeral, but to encounter after forty-five years the place he fled in bitterness. …
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The Eleventh Man
3.49 avg. rating
· 1308 Ratings
Driven by the memory of a fallen teammate, TSU's 1941 starting lineup went down as legend in Montana football history, charging through the season undefeated. Two years later, the "Supreme Team" is ca…
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Reader's Guide to Blood Meridian
3.91 avg. rating
· 43 Ratings
A Reader's Guide to Blood Meridian is the essential companion to the classic novel by Cormac McCarthy. Every reader, whether a student of literature or a fan of the book, will find a wealth of informa…
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The Barbarian Nurseries
3.64 avg. rating
· 2591 Ratings
The great panoramic social novel that Los Angeles deserves—a twenty-first century, West Coast Bonfire of the Vanities by the only writer qualified to capture the city in all its glory and comp…
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The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (The World As Myth)
When a stranger attempting to deliver a cryptic message is shot dead at his table, Dr. Richard Ames is thrown headfirst into danger, intrigue, and other dimensions, where a plot to rescue a sentient c…
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The Drowned and the Saved
4.41 avg. rating
· 3892 Ratings
The author tries to understand the rationale behind Auschwitz, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen. Dismissing stereotyped images of brutal Nazi torturers and helpless victims, Levi draws extensively on his own …
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Humboldt's Gift
3.86 avg. rating
· 7307 Ratings
The novel, for which Bellow won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1976, is a self-described "comic book about death," whose title character is modeled on the self-destructive lyric poet Delmore Schwar…
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The Lost Language of Cranes
3.98 avg. rating
· 5109 Ratings
David Leavitt's extraordinary first novel, now reissued in paperback, is a seminal work about family, sexual identity, home, and loss.

Set in the 1980s against the backdrop of a swiftly gentrifying Ma…
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Mr. Sammler's Planet
3.75 avg. rating
· 2862 Ratings
“An enduring testament and prophecy.” –Chicago Sun-Times

Mr. Artur Sammler, Holocaust survivor, intellectual, and occasional lecturer at Columbia University in 1960s New York City, is a “registrar of …
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The Roommate (Cormac Reilly, #0.7)
3.69 avg. rating
· 3071 Ratings
This audio novella is a stand-alone prequel to the Cormac Reilly series

Twenty-two year old Niamh Turley thought she had problems, dealing with the obnoxious principal of the school she’s teaching in a…
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Mink River
4.18 avg. rating
· 5158 Ratings
Like Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood" and Sherwood Anderson's "Winesburg, Ohio, " Brian Doyle's stunning fiction debut brings a town to life through the jumbled lives and braided stories of its people.…
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In Search of History
4.17 avg. rating
· 418 Ratings
Theodore White's autobiography is the story of a man who literally covered the world, who understood that world and wrote about it brilliantly. This is a marvelous rags-to-riches autobiography, though…
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A Minor Apocalypse
3.96 avg. rating
· 901 Ratings
As in his novel The Polish Complex, Konwicki's A Minor Apocalypse stars a narrator and character named Konwicki, who has been asked to set himself on fire that evening in front of the Communist Party …
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The Kill Jar: Obsession, Descent, and a Hunt for Detroit's Most Notorious Serial Killer
Enthralling. Gripping. Cinematic. Raw. A cold case murder investigation paced like a podcast, as visually stunning as a film, and as brave and personal as our darkest memoirs. J. Reuben Appelman crack…
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3.57 avg. rating
· 12010 Ratings
A funny, sexy, profound dramedy about two young people at a crossroads in their relationship and the limits of love.

Benson and Mike are two young guys who live together in Houston. Mike is a Japanese …
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3.88 avg. rating
· 1032 Ratings
On the last day of summer, some years ago, a young college graduate moves to Chicago and rents a small apartment on the north side of the city, by the vast and muscular lake. This is the story of the …
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The Winter of Our Discontent
4.00 avg. rating
· 34327 Ratings
Ethan Allen Hawley, the protagonist of Steinbeck’s last novel, works as a clerk in a grocery store that his family once owned. With Ethan no longer a member of Long Island’s aristocratic class, his wi…
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Sword of Kings (The Saxon Stories, #12)
An oath of loyalty.
Two warring kings.
A destiny he didn’t choose…

England is in turmoil as Vikings and Saxons battle for territory. Rumours build about the fatal sickness of the King, and the country aw…
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Apropos of Nothing
3.94 avg. rating
· 3582 Ratings
The Long-Awaited, Enormously Entertaining Memoir by One of the Great Artists of Our Time—Now a New York TimesUSA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller.
In this candid and oft…
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Pluto, Animal Lover
3.92 avg. rating
· 101 Ratings
Meet the charming Pluto Hellbender Gerome, an ASPCA dog-walker, copyeditor of a pancreatic medical journal, and spin art artist. He is obsessed with cleanliness, his health, astrology, animals and whe…
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In the Name of the Children: An FBI Agent's Relentless Pursuit of the Nation's Worst Predators
FBI Special Agent Jeff Rinek had a gift for getting child predators to confess. All he had to do was share a piece of his soul . . .

In the Name of the Children gives an unflinching look at what it's l…
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4.19 avg. rating
· 11931 Ratings
Franny Stone has always been the kind of woman who is able to love but unable to stay. Leaving behind everything but her research gear, she arrives in Greenland with a singular purpose: to follow the …
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The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World: A Novel of Robert Louis Stevenson
The young Robert Louis Stevenson, living in a boarding house in San Francisco while waiting for his beloved’s divorce from her feckless husband, dreamed of writing a soaring novel about his landlady’s…
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The Plover
4.16 avg. rating
· 1538 Ratings
A compelling, marvelous novel by the acclaimed author of Mink River

Declan O Donnell has left Oregon aboard his boat, the Plover, to escape the life that’s so troubled him on land. He sets course west…
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Martin Marten
4.31 avg. rating
· 1569 Ratings
Dave is fourteen years old, living with his family in a cabin on Oregon's Mount Hood (or as Dave prefers to call it, like the Native Americans once did, Wy'east). He is entering high school, adulthood…
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Yogi: A Life Behind the Mask
4.45 avg. rating
· 250 Ratings
Discover the definitive biography of Yogi Berra, the New York Yankees icon, winner of 10 World Series championships, and the most-quoted player in baseball history.

Lawrence "Yogi" Berra was never supp…
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Underland: A Deep Time Journey
4.20 avg. rating
· 1970 Ratings
In Underland, Robert Macfarlane delivers an epic exploration of the Earth’s underworlds as they exist in myth, literature, memory, and the land itself. Traveling through the dizzying expanse of geolog…
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Agency (Jackpot #2)
3.79 avg. rating
· 5439 Ratings
In William Gibson's first novel since 2014's New York Times bestselling The Peripheral, a gifted "app-whisperer" is hired by a mysterious San Francisco start-up and finds herself in contact with a uni…
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Where the Light Enters (The Waverly Place #2)
From the international bestselling author of The Gilded Hour comes Sara Donati's enthralling epic about two trailblazing female doctors in nineteenth-century New York.

Obstetrician Dr. Sophie Savard re…
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Unthinkable: What the World's Most Extraordinary Brains Can Teach Us About Our Own
Our brains are far stranger than we think. We take for granted that we can remember, feel emotion, navigate, empathize, and understand the world around us, but how would our lives change if these abil…
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3.94 avg. rating
· 3385 Ratings
Marilynne Robinson, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Humanities Medal, returns to the world of Gilead with Jack, the latest in one of the great works of contemporary American fiction.

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