Books similar to Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty First Century City

Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty First Century City
When the figures say crime is falling, why are we more frightened than ever? Could our towns and cities be creating fear and mistrust? More property is being built in Britain than at any time since t…
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A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain
Darkly humorous architectural guide to the decrepit new Britain that neoliberalism built.
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Concretopia: A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain
TOWER BLOCKS. FLYOVERS. STREETS IN THE SKY. ONCE, THIS WAS THE FUTURE. Was Britain's postwar rebuilding the height of midcentury chic or the concrete embodiment of Crap Towns? John Grindrod decided t…
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London: City of Disappearances
3.66 avg. rating
· 148 Ratings
'A book full of richness, unexpected enticements, short sharp shocks and breathtaking writing' Guardian Welcome to the real, unauthorised London: the disappeared, the unapproved, the unvoiced, the my…
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Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

Cities have long been the pivotal sites of political revolutions, where deeper currents of social and political change are fleshed out. Consequently, they have been the subject of much utopian thinki…

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Architecture Depends
4.10 avg. rating
· 106 Ratings
Polemics and reflections on how to bridge the gap between what architecture actually is and what architects want it to be.

Architecture depends--on what? On people, time, politics, ethics, mess: the r…
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The Conscience of the Eye: The Design and Social Life of Cities
From the assembly halls of Athens to the Turkish baths of New York's Lower East Side, from eighteenth-century English gardens to the housing projects of Harlem—a study of the physical fabric of the c…
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The kingdom of infinite space : a fantastical journey around your head
"The Kingdom of Infinite Space" is a journey around the part of our anatomy to which we feel most attached: our heads. In this unique combination of biological science and philosophical interrogation…
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3.99 avg. rating
· 146 Ratings
Unrecounted is a book of poems and images from one of the most admired European writers, W.G. Sebald, and his friend and collaborator, the German artist Jan Peter Tripp.

For a number of years until Se…
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Mysteries of the Rectangle: Essays on Painting
Bestselling novelist Siri Hustvedt's inspired collection of essays on painting is now available in paperback. In Mysteries of the Rectangle, Hustvedt concentrates her narrative gifts on the works of…
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Urban Outcasts: A Comparative Sociology of Advanced Marginality
Breaking with the exoticizing cast of public discourse and conventional research, Urban Outcasts takes the reader inside the black ghetto of Chicago and the deindustrializing banlieue of Paris to dis…
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Concise Townscape
4.18 avg. rating
· 121 Ratings
This book pioneered the concept of townscape. 'Townscape' is the art of giving visual coherence and organization to the jumble of buildings, streets and space that make up the urban environment. It h…
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When the Lights Went Out: Britain in the Seventies
The seventies are probably the most important and fascinating period in modern British political history. They encompass strikes that brought down governments, shock general election results, the ris…
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Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution
In this fascinating look at the European scientific advances of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, historian Lisa Jardine demonstrates that the pursuit of knowledge occurs not in isolati…
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The New Urban Frontier: Gentrification and the Revanchist City
This book challenges conventional wisdom, which holds gentrification to be the simple outcome of new middle-class tastes and a demand for urban living. It reveals gentrification as part of a much lar…
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Ulysses And Us: The Art Of Everyday Living
Declan Kiberd argues that 'Ulysses', far from being the epitome of elitism, was always intended as a book for the common people. Kiberd explains that Joyce's book offers a democratic model for living…
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Fire and Steam: A New History of the Railways in Britain
Now in paperback, Fire and Steam tells the dramatic story of the people and events that shaped the world’s first railway network, one of the most impressive engineering achievements in history. The…
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Scribble, Scribble, Scribble: Writings on Ice Cream, Obama, Churchill & My Mother
'Wednesday brought a pungent sheepy smell emanating from the greyish lamb and barley soup my mother optimistically called 'Taste of the Garden of Eden'. Expel me, please. Haddock in the air? That wou…
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The Arab Spring: The End of Postcolonialism
This pioneering explanation of the Arab Spring will define a new era of thinking about the Middle East.

In this landmark book, Hamid Dabashi argues that the revolutionary uprisings that have engulfed…
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The Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International
Over fifty years after the Situationist International appeared, its legacy continues to inspire activists, artists and theorists around the world. Such a legend has accrued to this movement that the…
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The Cosmopolitan Canopy: Race and Civility in Everyday Life
Following his award-winning work on inner-city violence, Code of the Street, sociologist Elijah Anderson introduces the concept of the “cosmopolitan canopy”—the urban island of civility that exists a…
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A Face to the World: On Self Portraits
Focusing on the art of self-portraiture, this effortlessly engaging exploration of the lives of artists sheds fascinating light on some of the most extraordinary portraits in art history.

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Soft City: A Documentary Exploration of Metropolitan Life
Part reportage, part intimate autobiography, this vivid, often funny portrait of metropolitan life has become a classic in the literature of the city. It records one man's attempt to plot a course th…
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The Music of Life: Biology Beyond Genes
3.76 avg. rating
· 180 Ratings
The gene's eye view of life, proposed in Richard Dawkins acclaimed bestseller The Selfish Gene, sees living bodies as mere vehicles for the replication of genetic codes. But in The Music of Life, wor…
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Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
One of the most important and powerful works in the literature of art, this critically acclaimed classic is now available in a boxed set edition with all the original text and illustrations.

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