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Herman Melville:  Moby Dick, Billy Budd and Other Writings
Herman Melville's brilliant works remain vital and provocative for their dark ebullience and visionary power. The sweep of his writings- encompassing ferocious social satire, agonized reflection, and…
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The Complete Walker
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For the first time since 1984, we have a new edition of the classic book that Field & Stream called "the Hiker's Bible." For this version, the celebrated writer and hiker Colin Fletcher has taken…
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The Great Gatsby
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'York Notes Advanced' offer an accessible approach to English Literature. This series has been completely updated to meet the needs of today's A-level and undergraduate students. Written by establish…
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From Puritanism to Postmodernism: A History of American Literature
From Modernist/Postmodernist perspective, leading critics Richard Ruland (American) and Malcolm Bradbury (British) address questions of literary and cultural nationalism. They demonstrate that since…
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Wallace Stegner and the American West
Wallace Stegner was the premier chronicler of the twentieth-century western American experience, and his novels, the Pulitzer Prize–winning Angle of Repose and the National Book Award–winning The Spe…
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Selected Letters
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When the complete "Letters of Emily Dickinson" appeared in three volumes in 1958, Robert Kirsch welcomed them in the "Los Angeles Times," saying "The missives offer access to the mind and heart of on…
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The Mighty Walzer
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From the beginning Oliver Walzer is a natural - at ping-pong. Even with his improvised bat (the Collins Classic edition of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) he can chop, flick, half-volley like a champion. At s…
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The Great Gatsby
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Kathleen Parkinson places this brilliant and bitter satire on the moral failure of the jazz age firmly in the context of F. Scott Fitzgerald's life and times. She explores the intricate patterns of t…

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Good News
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In Good News, Edward Abbey's acclaimed underground classic, the West is wild again. American civilization as the twentieth century knew it has crumbled. In the great Southwest, a new breed or settler…
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Studies in Classic American Literature
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Lawrence asserted that 'the proper function of a critic is to save the tale from the artist who created it'. In these highly individual, penetrating essays he has exposed 'the American whole soul' wi…
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The Complete Works of Isaac Babel
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Finally in paperback, this "monumental collection; gathers all of Babel's deft and brutal writing, including a wide array of previously unavailable material, from never-before-translated stories to p…
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Collected Stories
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· 693 Ratings
Saul Bellow's Collected Stories, handpicked by the author, display the depth of character and acumen of the Nobel laureate's narrative powers. While he has garnered acclaim as a novelist, Bellow's sh…
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The Longest Cocktail Party
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When American teenager Richard DiLello wandered into the Beatles' Apple building in 1968, he was immediately appointed "house hippie;" he began making tea, rolling joints, and listening to dozens of…
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Rum: The Epic Story of the Drink That Conquered the World
- Contains over 50 recipes for rum-based drinks and dishes that are historical in focus
- Rum has never been more popular--there are over 1500 rum labels bottled in more than 40 countries around the w…
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Leopardi: Selected Poems
4.20 avg. rating
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These translations of the major poems of Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837) render into modern English verse the work of a writer who is widely regarded as the greatest lyric poet in the Italian literary t…
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What Ho!  The best of P.G. Wodehouse
4.46 avg. rating
· 884 Ratings
Published to mark the 25th anniversary of PG Wodehouse's death, this is the first major new selection of his work to be published for a generation. This anthology of stories, novel-extracts, working…
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Complete Stories 1892–1898
4.23 avg. rating
· 191 Ratings
This Library of America volume is one of five that make available for the first time in new, complete, and authoritative editions the astonishing abundance of invention and unwavering intensity of th…
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Rosie Of The River
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When Fred Carpenter suggests to his wife, Sally, that they should take a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads, she is filled with trepidation. Nevertheless she summons her courage and they and their…
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Lorna Doone
3.76 avg. rating
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This work is called a romance, because the incidents, characters, time, and scenery, are alike romantic. And in shaping this old tale, the Writer neither dares, nor desires, to claim for it the digni…
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The Oath
3.86 avg. rating
· 226 Ratings
When a Christian boy disappears in a fictional Eastern European town in the 1920s, the local Jews are quickly accused of ritual murder. There is tension in the air. A pogrom threatens to erupt. Sudde…
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The Greeks & Greek Love: A Bold New Exploration of the Ancient World
For nearly two thousand years, historians have treated the subject of homosexuality in ancient Greece with apology, embarrassment, or outright denial. Now classics scholar James Davidson offers a bri…
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T.S. Eliot Reads: The Wasteland, Four Quartets and Other Poems
The Poems:

The Wasteland
The Hollow Men
Journey of the Magi from the Ariel Poems
La Figlia che Piange
Landscape: New Hampshite, Virginia, Usk, Rannoch, by Glencoe, Cape Ann
Morning at the Window
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Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage - Revised and Updated Edition
Geophysicist M. King Hubbert predicted in 1956 that U.S. oil production would reach its highest level in the early 1970s. Though roundly criticized by oil experts and economists, Hubbert's prediction…
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Melville: His World and Work
4.07 avg. rating
· 262 Ratings
If Dickens was nineteenth-century London personified, Herman Melville was the quintessential American. With a historian’s perspective and a critic’s insight, award-winning author Andrew Delbanco marv…
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