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So You Think You Know Jane Austen?
3.76 avg. rating
· 158 Ratings
How well do you really know your favorite author? In this new book, ace literary detective turned quizmaster John Sutherland and Austen buff Deirdre Le Faye challenge you to find out. Starting with ea…
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The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family
This is the story of a British upper class family splintered by the violent ideologies of Europe between the two World Wars. Jessica was a Communist; Debo became the Duchess of Devonshire; Nancy was o…
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Lady Susan
3.59 avg. rating
· 23587 Ratings
Beautiful, flirtatious, and recently widowed, Lady Susan Vernon seeks an advantageous second marriage for herself, while attempting to push her daughter into a dismal match. A magnificently crafted no…
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4.28 avg. rating
· 17031 Ratings
Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color...

A lyrical, philosophical, and often explicit exploration of personal suffering and the limitations of vision and love, as ref…
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The Silent Woman: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
From the moment it was first published in The New Yorker, this brilliant work of literary criticism aroused great attention. Janet Malcolm brings her shrewd intelligence to bear on the legend of Sylvi…
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The Jane Austen Book Club
3.12 avg. rating
· 60796 Ratings
The Extraordinary New York Times Bestseller

In California's central valley, five women and one man join to discuss Jane Austen's novels. Over the six months they get together, marriages are tested, a…

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Take Six Girls: The Lives of the Mitford Sisters
The eldest was a razor-sharp novelist of upper-class manners; the second was loved by John Betjeman; the third was a fascist who married Oswald Mosley; the fourth idolized Hitler and shot herself in t…
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Jane Austen: A Life
3.97 avg. rating
· 8355 Ratings
At her death in 1817, Jane Austen left the world six of the most beloved novels written in English—but her shortsighted family destroyed the bulk of her letters; and if she kept any diaries, they did …
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Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (Charlie Bucket, #2)
Now that Charlie has won the chocolate factory, what's next? Even wilder adventures, that'swhat! Join him, Grandpa Joe, and, of course, Willy Wonka for the amazing, intergalactic sequel to Charlie and…
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Started Early, Took My Dog (Jackson Brodie, #4)
Tracy Waterhouse leads a quiet, ordered life as a retired police detective - a life that takes a surprising turn when she encounters Kelly Cross, a habitual offender, dragging a young child through to…
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The Last Princess: The Devoted Life of Queen Victoria's Youngest Daughter
An engrossing biography of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter that focuses on her relationship with her willful mother—a powerful and insightful look into two women of signifcant importance and infuen…
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The Twits
3.98 avg. rating
· 105336 Ratings
How do you outwit a Twit? Mr. and Mrs. Twit are the smelliest, ugliest people in the world. They hate everything -- except playing mean jokes on each other, catching innocent birds to put in their Bir…
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Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations
"This woman is a major hero of our time." —Richard Dawkins

Ayaan Hirsi Ali captured the world’s attention with Infidel, her compelling coming-of-age memoir, which spent thirty-one weeks on the New Yor…

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The Wives of Henry VIII
4.14 avg. rating
· 15432 Ratings
In a sweeping narrative, Fraser traces the cultural, familial and political roots of each of Henry's queens, pushes aside the stereotypes that have long defined them, and illuminates the complex chara…
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Princesses: The Six Daughters of George III
In this sumptuous group portrait of the six daughters of "Mad" King George III, acclaimed biographer Flora Fraser takes us into the heart of the British royal family during the tumultuous period of th…
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The First Stone: Some Questions of Sex and Power
In the autumn of 1992, two young women students at Melbourne University went to the police claiming that they had been indecently assaulted at a party. The man they accused was the head of their co-ed…
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Fantastic Mr. Fox
4.07 avg. rating
· 89531 Ratings
Fantastic Mr. Fox is on the run! The three meanest farmers around are out to get him. Fat Boggis, squat Bunce, and skinny Bean have joined forces, and they have Mr. Fox and his family surrounded. What…
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Beloved Emma: The Life of Emma, Lady Hamilton
From her humble beginnings as the daughter of a countryside blacksmith, Emy Lyon went on to claim the undying love of naval hero Admiral Nelson, England’s most famous native son. She served as model a…
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Kiss Kiss
4.12 avg. rating
· 6263 Ratings
In these dark, disturbing stories Roald Dahl explores the sinister side of human nature: the cunning, sly selfish part of each of us that leads into the territory of the unexpected and unsettling.

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The Firm
4.14 avg. rating
· 25350 Ratings
At the top of his class at Harvard Law, he had his choice of the best in America. He made a deadly mistake. When Mitch McDeere signed on with Bendini, Lambert & Locke of Memphis, he thought he and his…
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Them: Adventures with Extremists
3.94 avg. rating
· 12832 Ratings
From the bestselling author of The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.

A wide variety of extremist groups -- Islamic fundamentalists, neo-Nazis -…
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Lost At Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries
3.96 avg. rating
· 10068 Ratings
The New York Times–bestselling author of The Psychopath Test, Jon Ronson writes about the dark, uncanny sides of humanity with clarity and humor. Lost at Sea reveals how deep our collective craziness …
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Faber & Faber: The Untold Story of a Great Publishing House
Published to celebrate Faber's 90th anniversary, this is the story of one of the world's greatest publishing houses - a delight for all readers who are curious about the business of writing.

'The creat…
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Audition: A Memoir
3.68 avg. rating
· 5197 Ratings
Young people starting out in television sometimes say to me: “I want to be you.” My stock reply is always: “Then you have to take the whole package.”

And now, at last, the most important woman in the h…
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How I Live Now
3.58 avg. rating
· 33742 Ratings
"Every war has turning points and every person too."

Fifteen-year-old Daisy is sent from Manhattan to England to visit her aunt and cousins she's never met: three boys near her age, and their little si…
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Bad Blood
3.52 avg. rating
· 1011 Ratings

Blood trickles down through every generation, seeps into every marriage. An international bestseller and winner of the Whitbread Biography Award, Bad Blood is a tragicomic memoir of one woman's escap…

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The Ghost
3.71 avg. rating
· 9752 Ratings
The stunning new novel from the No. 1 bestselling author of Fatherland; Enigma; Archangel; Pompeii and Imperium.

“The moment I heard how McAra died I should have walked away. I can see that now. I sho…
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The King's Secret Matter (Tudor Saga, #4)
3.94 avg. rating
· 1030 Ratings
The fourth of Jean Plaidy's Tudor novels in which Henry VIII secretly plots his divorce from Katherine of Aragon.

After twelve years of marriage, the once fortuitous union of Henry VIII and Katherine o…
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Victoria Victorious: The Story of Queen Victoria (Queens of England, #3)
In this unforgettable novel of Queen Victoria, Jean Plaidy re-creates a remarkable life filled with romance, triumph, and tragedy.

At birth, Princess Victoria was fourth in line for the throne of Engla…
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The Plantagenet Prelude (Plantagenet Saga, #1)
When William X dies, the duchy of Aquitaine is left to his fifteen year-old daughter, Eleanor. But such a position for an unmarried woman puts the whole kingdom at risk. So on his deathbed William mad…
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The Captive Queen of Scots (Stuart Saga, #2; Mary Stuart, #2)
“Burn the murderess!”

So begins Jean Plaidy’s The Captive Queen of Scots, the epic tale of the Scottish Queen Mary Stuart, cousin to Queen Elizabeth of England. After her husband, Lord Darnley, is murd…
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