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The Book of Magic
3.59 avg. rating
· 206 Ratings
Hot on the heels of award-winning editor Gardner Dozois's acclaimed anthology The Book of Swords comes this companion volume devoted to magic. How could it be otherwise? For every Frodo, there is a G…
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Fearsome Journeys: The New Solaris Book of Fantasy
A brand new series bringing you Fantasy stories from some of the biggest and most exciting names in the genre! The authors appearing in the launch volume include Trudi Canavan, Elizabeth Bear, Daniel…
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Glitter & Mayhem
3.84 avg. rating
· 414 Ratings
Welcome to Glitter & Mayhem, the most glamorous party in the multiverse.

Step behind the velvet rope of these fabulous Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror tales of roller rinks, nightclubs, glam…
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One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries
Sixteen stories of discovery from Australia's best writers. Each story in some way addresses the idea of discoveries, new beginnings, or literal or figurative "small steps", but each story takes you…
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Steam-Powered 2: More Lesbian Steampunk Stories
These fifteen thrilling and ingenious tales take the familiar genre of steampunk in exciting new directions, following women from across the globe and through pasts that never were (but could have be…
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The Wild Side: Urban Fantasy with an Erotic Edge
Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side of urban fantasy.

When night falls and the shadows stir, the adults come out to play!

In this all-new collection, ten top writers of fantasy, science fiction, and…
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Cherry Crow Children
4.33 avg. rating
· 33 Ratings
Tulliæn spans a fractured mountaintop, where the locals lie and the tourists come to die. Try the honey.

Briskwater crouches deep in the shadow of a dam wall. Ignore the weight of the water hanging o…
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Dreaming of Djinn
4.78 avg. rating
· 23 Ratings
Scheherazade’s One Thousand and One Nights stories have captured imaginations for a millennia. Fairy tales and fables abound, telling of the fantastic and mysterious, the comic and dramatic.

This anth…
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The Never Never Land
3.83 avg. rating
· 12 Ratings
Australia has it own mythologies. Some of them were here long before Europeans arrived; some of them are yet to come. Steam-powered bushrangers. Restless penal colonies. Robotic mining operations. Fa…
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The Female Factory
4.43 avg. rating
· 42 Ratings
In The Female Factory, procreation is big business. Children are a commodity few women can afford.

Hopeful mothers-to-be try everything. Fertility clinics. Pills. Wombs for hire. Babies are no longer…
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La ghostwriter di Babbo Natale: Un racconto di Natale di Vani Sarca
Per la maggior parte delle persone il Natale è il periodo più bello dell’anno: strade illuminate, cene in famiglia, regali da scartare. Ma non per Vani Sarca. Per lei, che normalmente odia la prossim…
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The Wicked Wood (Tales from the Tower, #2)
In this companion to The Wilful Eye, six much-loved writers - Catherine Bateson, Victor Kelleher, Cate Kennedy, Maureen McCarthy, Nan McNab and Kate Thompson - give fresh voice to age-old stories of…
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Crow Shine
4.47 avg. rating
· 43 Ratings
The dark fantasy collection features 19 stories, including the Australian Shadows Award-winning "Shadows of the Lonely Dead"; and original title story "Crow Shine" in addition to two other never befo…
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Dead Man's Hand: An Anthology of the Weird West

From a kill-or-be-killed gunfight with a vampire to an encounter in a steampunk bordello, the weird western is a dark, gritty tale where the protagonist might be playing po…
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Strange Little Girls
4.11 avg. rating
· 18 Ratings
Strange Little Girls are made of sugar and spice, and something not quite as nice...
The strange little girls are orphans and changelings, suburban princesses, housewives, nuns and monsters. They are…
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Love and Romanpunk
4.20 avg. rating
· 148 Ratings
Thousands of years ago, Julia Agrippina wrote the true history of her family, the Caesars. The document was lost, or destroyed, almost immediately.
(It included more monsters than you might think.)

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3.98 avg. rating
· 90 Ratings
A presence haunts an old dresser in an inner-city share house. Shining sun-people lure children from their carefree beachside lives. Sheela-na-gigs colonise a middle-aged man’s outer and inner worlds…
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