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About That Kiss (Heartbreaker Bay, #5)
3.99 avg. rating
· 2786 Ratings
When love drives you crazy . . .

When sexy Joe Malone never calls after their explosive kiss, Kylie shoves him out of her mind. Until she needs a favor, and it’s a doozy. Something precious to her has…
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Homecoming (Boys of Fall, #3)
3.87 avg. rating
· 526 Ratings
The New York Times bestselling author of Defending Hearts returns to small-town New Hampshire where a substitute football coach and a guidance counselor tackle love.
They were the golden boys of fal…
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Loch and Key (The McLaughlins, #3)
4.10 avg. rating
· 386 Ratings
All the military training in the world won't help him knock down her walls.

The McLaughlins, Book 3

Years ago a terrifying attack left Kenzie McLaughlin trusting only a few men in her insular life on W…
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Captive Cowboy (Captured Hearts, #2)
4.11 avg. rating
· 377 Ratings
All work and no play just like his father had done leaves Brandon Barnes, the 'Ogre of Lone Tree', on the outside looking in when it comes to those around him. A man whose trust has been broken, leav…
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Prosperity: A Judgement of the Six Mating Novella
It's been almost a year since I learned that werewolves are real and months since I Claimed Emmitt, the werewolf who found me and offered me a safe place to hide. Life isn't any safer. I'm on the run…
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Wolf at the Door (Snowdonia Wolves #1)
3.47 avg. rating
· 66 Ratings
Love can heal all wounds…

Pop star Lillian Hart is determined never to trust another man. She has no idea that the wolf at her door is anything other than a wounded dog, much less the Alpha of the Sn…
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Sunburn (Greek God, #3)
4.44 avg. rating
· 256 Ratings
Patience O’Conner is a travel blogger who lives for her work. Her dedication to her readers brings her to the famed Helios Resort in Mexico, a locale that stuns her with its beauty but at which she s…
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Puss in Boots (Timeless Fairy Tales, #6)
4.27 avg. rating
· 1509 Ratings
Though she dreams of adventure, Gabrielle—a peasant girl—is given only a cat for her inheritance and is told she must marry, immediately. So when the cat, Puss, offers her a life of excitement in exc…
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Take It Like a Vamp (Take It Like a Vamp, #1)
Vampire Nick Christos might've been born in the Middle Ages, but the good old days seem tame compared to the last eight years he's spent ruling the Supernatural Council. His only respite is with his…
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4.27 avg. rating
· 1201 Ratings
Cocky. Player. Ready to score.
Theo Montgomery is Carlton University's most promising student athlete – and it’s biggest player. Confident, charming, and handsome as sin, there isn’t a single girl on…
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Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Sex and Sweet Tea, #3)
Things in Whynot, NC have gone to the dogs, and that’s just the way the town’s only veterinarian, Laken Mancinkus, likes it. No matter if she’s up when the rooster crows, or working until the cows co…
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Beautiful Salvation (Blood Prince, #5)
Librarian's note: Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00NU3LWEC.

A princess with darkness inside her...

Aiyana’s dreams are filled with blood and death, her waking hours plagued by phantom cries for blood…
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My Fair Duchess (Dukes Behaving Badly, #5)
The unexpected duchess

Archibald Salisbury, son of a viscount, war hero, and proficient in the proper ways of aristocratic society, has received orders for his most challenging mission: Genevieve, Duc…
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Marry Your Billionaire
4.07 avg. rating
· 222 Ratings
Six years ago, Midge Knightly walked away from her trust fund, her Hollywood producer father, and the expectation that she would join the family business. Avoiding handsome playboys with hidden agend…
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Master of Seduction (Sea Wolves, #1)
3.97 avg. rating
· 1487 Ratings
The infamous pirate Black Jack Rhys never encountered a ship he could not board or a woman he could not bed. But the dashing brigand may have met his match in the fiery beauty who has vowed to bring…
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When a Marquess Loves a Woman (Season's Original #3)
As a young, penniless gentleman, Maxwell Harwick knew he had little to offer Juliet White—the most beautiful debutante of the season—except his love, and one thoroughly scandalous kiss. But when they…
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Disturbing His Peace (The Academy, #3)
4.06 avg. rating
· 1233 Ratings
She’s got probable cause to make her move . . .

Danika Silva can’t stand Lt. Greer Burns. Her roommate’s older brother may be sexy as hell, but he’s also a cold, unfeeling robot. She just wants to g…
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