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Sorcery & Cecelia: or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot (Cecelia and Kate, #1)
A great deal is happening in London and the country this season.

For starters, there's the witch who tried to poison Kate at the Royal College of Wizards. There's also the man who seems to be spying on…
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A College of Magics (A College of Magics, #1)
Teenager Faris Nallaneen is the heir to the small northern dukedom of Galazon. Too young still to claim her title, her despotic Uncle Brinker has ruled in her place. Now he demands she be sent to Gree…
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Newt's Emerald
3.62 avg. rating
· 4228 Ratings
On her eighteenth birthday, Lady Truthful, nicknamed “Newt,” will inherit her family’s treasure: the Newington Emerald. A dazzling heart-shaped gem, the Emerald also bestows its wearer with magical po…
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A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories
4.04 avg. rating
· 649 Ratings
Stories from the world of The Hero and the Crown and other magical places by a New York Times–bestselling Newbery Medal winner.

Robin McKinley returns to the mythical setting of The Hero and the Crown …
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Valhalla (Valhalla, #1)
4.10 avg. rating
· 557 Ratings
A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Violet MacRae is one of the aimless millions crowding northern Scotland. In the year 2330, where war is obsolete and only brilliant minds are valued, she emerges …
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Ten Thousand Stitches
3.99 avg. rating
· 1091 Ratings
Regency housemaid Euphemia Reeves has acquired a faerie godfather. Unfortunately, he has no idea what he's doing.

Effie has most inconveniently fallen in love with the dashing Mr Benedict Ashbrooke. Th…
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A Scholar of Magics (A College of Magics, #2)
Glasscastle University--on the surface, one of the most peaceful places in England. But underneath, its magic is ancient and dangerous…
American Samuel Lambert, sharpshooter, adventurer, late of the W…
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Crown Duel (Crown & Court, #1-2)
4.19 avg. rating
· 23823 Ratings
Battle on and off the field, with sword and fan, with might and manners...

It begins in a cold and shabby tower room, where young Countess Meliara swears to her dying father that she and her brother wi…
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Library of the Sapphire Wind
3.76 avg. rating
· 66 Ratings
Instead of mentors, they got monsters . . . 

That’s what Xerak, Vereez, and Grunwold think when three strange creatures shimmer into being within the circle of Hettua Shrine. Their conclusion is reason…
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Protector of the Small (Protector of the Small, #1-4)
Ten-year-old Keladry of Mindalen, daughter of nobles, serves as a page but must prove herself to the males around her if she is ever to fulfill her dream of becoming a knight.

Omnibus edition, collecti…
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Courtship and Curses (Leland Sisters, #0.5)
From the author of Bewitching Season and Betraying Season comes a brand new regency romance with plenty of intrigue--and magic!

Sophie's entrance into London society isn't what she thought it would be:…
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Half a Soul
4.12 avg. rating
· 3552 Ratings
It's difficult to find a husband in Regency England when you're a young lady with only half a soul.

Ever since she was cursed by a faerie, Theodora Ettings has had no sense of fear or embarrassment - a…
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3.81 avg. rating
· 13521 Ratings
As the newly appointed Chalice, Mirasol is the most important member of the Master’s Circle. It is her duty to bind the Circle, the land and its people together with their new Master. But the new Mast…
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A Rake of His Own (Stariel, #5)
4.53 avg. rating
· 469 Ratings
Marius Valstar doesn’t know which is worse: the dead body in his greenhouse or the naked fae prince on his desk.

The only rakes of interest to Marius are garden tools. Not fae princes. Certainly not th…
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A Choir of Lies (The Tales of the Chants, #2)
A young storyteller must embrace his own skills—and the power of stories—to save a nation from economic ruin, in the standalone sequel to A Conspiracy of Truths.

Three years ago, Ylfing watched his ma…
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Mystic and Rider (Twelve Houses, #1)
4.09 avg. rating
· 9422 Ratings
Gillengaria seethes with unrest. In the south, hostility toward magic and its users has risen to a dangerous level, though King Baryn has ordered that such mystics are to be tolerated. It is whispered…
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Magic Below Stairs
3.61 avg. rating
· 834 Ratings
Young Frederick is plucked from an orphanage to be a footboy for a wizard named Lord Schofield in Victorian England. Is his uncanny ability to tie perfect knots and render boots spotless a sign of his…
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Let's Play, Vol. 1
4.32 avg. rating
· 591 Ratings
She’s young, single and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible videogames. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse sh…
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The Blue Sword (Damar, #1)
4.21 avg. rating
· 55657 Ratings
This is the story of Corlath, golden-eyed king of the Free Hillfolk, son of the sons of the Lady Aerin.

And this is the story of Harry Crewe, the Homelander orphan girl who became Harimad-sol, King's R…
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The Lady Jewel Diviner (Lady Diviner, #1)
Diamonds, Death, and Devonshire tea…

Miss Elinor Avely's proper upbringing cannot prepare her for the tiny, spinster vampire who crashes into her sitting room and demands to be fed with a sheep.

Elinor …
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Let's Play, Vol. 2
4.48 avg. rating
· 485 Ratings
She's young, single, and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible videogames. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse, …
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