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Sailing for Dummies
3.99 avg. rating
· 170 Ratings
Interested in learning to sail but feel like you're navigating in murky waters? Sailing for Dummies, Second Edition introduces the basics of sailing, looks at the different types of sailboats and thei…
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How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need
In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical - and accessible - plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastro…
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Consider Phlebas (Culture, #1)
3.87 avg. rating
· 67915 Ratings
The war raged across the galaxy. Billions had died, billions more were doomed. Moons, planets, the very stars themselves, faced destruction, cold-blooded, brutal, and worse, random. The Idirans fought…
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The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth With Intelligent Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing
Every strategy, tool, tip, and technique you need to become a millionaire rental property investor!

If you’re considering using real estate investing to build wealth or obtain financial freedom, this b…
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A Clash of Kings #1
4.63 avg. rating
· 1713 Ratings
George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga continues in the official comic book adaptation by Dynamite Entertainment! Following the events of A Game of Thrones, Westeros is embroiled in civil w…
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Windows 10 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts - Laminated) Updated Summer 2018
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Visual Companion
Houghton Mifflin is proud to present a full-color, large-format, guide to the characters, cultures, and locations of J.R.R. Tolkien's extraordinary creation Middle-earth, as depicted in the movie The …
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Visual Companion
This official tie-in photo guidebook is packed with exclusive photographs and in-depth text offering a sneak peek at the highly anticipated new film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, directed by Pete…
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SAS Survival Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere

The ultimate guide to surviving anywhere, now updated with more than 100 pages of additional material, including a new chapter on urban survival

"A classic outdoor manual [that] addresses every…

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Nfpa 70 2017: National Electrical Code
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Build A Rental Property Empire: The No-nonsense Book On Finding Deals, Financing The Right Way, And Managing Wisely
"I finally got a chance to purchase and read your book (Build a Rental Property Empire). It was easy to read and practical and pragmatic - and I liked it enough to give a copy to my son who is just st…
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The Body: A Guide for Occupants
4.29 avg. rating
· 33905 Ratings
In the bestselling, prize-winning A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson achieved the seemingly impossible by making the science of our world both understandable and entertaining to million…
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The Lord of the Rings: The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring
With complete and unrestricted access to artwork created over a five-year period, this authoritative and insightful book illustrates the creative development of The Fellowship of the Ring. This offici…
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A Game of Thrones #1
4.63 avg. rating
· 60782 Ratings
A New York Times bestselling epic. A blockbuster TV series. And now, George R. R. Martin’s breathtaking fantasy masterpiece makes its powerful graphic novel debut—with all the majesty, intrigue, full-…
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The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir
As President Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton spent many of his 453 days in the room where it happened, and the facts speak for themselves.

The result is a White House memoir that is the …
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Pico love (Pico Bogue #4)
4.28 avg. rating
· 109 Ratings
Pico Bogue et tous ses copains - sans oublier sa petite soeur Ana Ana et ses parents - reviennent enfin ! Dans cet album, Pico va découvrir un sentiment nouveau. Quelque chose qui ressemble à s'y mépr…
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Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes (Arsène Lupin, #2)
LeBlanc's creation, gentleman thief Arsene Lupin, is everything you would expect from a French aristocrat -- witty, charming, brilliant, sly . . . and possibly the greatest thief in the world. In this…
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Restons calmes (Pico Bogue #6)
4.49 avg. rating
· 72 Ratings
Dans Restons calmes, tome 6 des histoires de Pico Bogue, Dominique Roques et Alexis Dormal nous donnent un aperçu de ce que peuvent être des vacances avec Pico et sa petite soeur Ana Ana, enfants terr…
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Légère contrariété (Pico Bogue #5)
Ce sont les vacances ! Pico et Ana Ana en profitent bien : copains, palabres, jeux, piscine, détente, soleil... Mmm... qu'est-ce que c'est bien ! Mais, tout à coup, rien ne va plus : leurs parents ont…
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The Diary of a Killer Cat (The Killer Cat, #1)
The hilarious confessions of a ferocious feline

Poor Ellie is horrified when her cat, Tuffy, drags a dead bird into the house. Then a mouse. Before long, another apparent victim arrives though the cat-…
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Etymologie avec Pico Bogue (L') - tome 1 (Etymologie avec Pico Bogue (L'), #1)
Férus d'étymologie, Dominique Roques et Alexis Dormal s'emparent des origines les plus surprenantes et étonnantes des mots pour les expliquer à travers leur personnage fétiche, Pico Bogue. En une page…
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The Survivors of the Chancellor (Extraordinary Voyages, #13)
Mr. Kazallon thought that booking passage on a cargo ship from Charleston to Liverpool would be a charming way to return to his English homeland. If he only knew! A crazed sea captain, a disaster in t…
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4.12 avg. rating
· 17093 Ratings
Kon-Tiki is the record of an astonishing adventure -- a journey of 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean by raft. Intrigued by Polynesian folklore, biologist Thor Heyerdahl suspected that the …
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Paris Spleen
4.36 avg. rating
· 8204 Ratings
Set in a modern, urban Paris, the prose pieces in this volume constitute a further exploration of the terrain Baudelaire had covered in his verse masterpiece, The Flowers of Evil: the city and its squ…
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Sailing Alone around the World
4.13 avg. rating
· 6944 Ratings
The classic travel narrative of a Don Quixote-of-the-seas – the first man to circumnavigate the world singlehandedly.

Joshua Slocum’s autobiographical account of his solo trip around the world is one o…
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Little Lord Fauntleroy
3.84 avg. rating
· 15360 Ratings
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1885, 1886) by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a beloved children's novel that made a huge impact on the 19th century public, shaping everything from boys' clothing fashions to copy…
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3.83 avg. rating
· 14807 Ratings
Antigone was originally produced in Paris in 1942, when France was an occupied nation and part of Hitler's Europe. The play depicts an authoritarian regime and the play's central character, the young …
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Encounters with the Archdruid
4.21 avg. rating
· 5419 Ratings
The narratives in this book are of journeys made in three wildernesses - on a coastal island, in a Western mountain range, and on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The four men portrayed here ha…
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Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
For David Goggins, childhood was a nightmare - poverty, prejudice, and physical abuse colored his days and haunted his nights. But through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work, Goggins t…
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3.60 avg. rating
· 11483 Ratings
In Hippie, his most autobiographical novel to date, Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to re-live the dream of a generation that longed for peace and dared to challenge the established social order – …
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