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The Art of Hunger: Essays, Prefaces, Interviews, The Red Notebook
In this astonishingly acrobatic work, Paul Auster traces the compulsion to make literature -- or art -- through essays on Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Paul Celan, Laura Riding, Knut Hamsun, John Ashbe…
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Mouthful of Birds
3.64 avg. rating
· 2899 Ratings
A powerful, eerily unsettling story collection from a major international literary star.

Unearthly and unexpected, the stories in Mouthful of Birds burrow their way into your psyche and don't let g…
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The Dharma Bums
3.93 avg. rating
· 73721 Ratings
Two ebullient young men search for Truth the Zen way: from marathon wine-drinking bouts, poetry jam sessions, and "yabyum" in San Francisco's Bohemia, to solitude in the high Sierras and a vigil atop …
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The Simulacra
3.64 avg. rating
· 3561 Ratings
Set in the middle of the twenty-first century, The Simulacra is the story of an America where the whole government is a fraud and the President is an android. Against this backdrop Dr. Superb, the sol…
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3.70 avg. rating
· 4872 Ratings
Tristessa is the name with which Kerouac baptized Esperanza Villanueva, a Catholic Mexican young woman, a prostitute and addict to certain drugs, whom he fell in love with during one of his stays in M…
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The Man Who Japed
3.59 avg. rating
· 2079 Ratings
In The Man Who Japed, a world that has survived a nuclear holocaust has given way to a rigid system of oppressive morality. Highly mobile and miniature robots monitor the behavior ot every citizen, an…
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Lonesome Traveler
3.79 avg. rating
· 5429 Ratings
As he roams the US, Mexico, Morocco, Paris and London, Jack Kerouac breathlessly records, in prose of pure poetry, the life of the road. Standing on the engine of a train as it rushes past fields of p…
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The Journey to the East
3.73 avg. rating
· 8323 Ratings
In simple, mesmerizing prose, Hermann Hesse's Journey to the East tells of a journey both geographic and spiritual. H.H., a German choirmaster, is invited on an expedition with the League, a secret so…
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3.77 avg. rating
· 3146 Ratings

Rosshalde is the classic story of a man torn between obligations to his family and his longing for a spiritual fulfillment that can only be found outside the confines of conventional society.

Johann Ve…

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Naked Lunch
3.46 avg. rating
· 72071 Ratings
The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. The reader follows the narration of junkie William Lee, who …
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3.77 avg. rating
· 52 Ratings
Crisis: Pages from a Diary

This collection of poems, written during the same period as Steppenwolf, was first published in 1928 in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.  Hesse's uneasiness about the degre…
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Big Sur
3.83 avg. rating
· 27877 Ratings
"Each book by Jack Kerouac is unique, a telepathic diamond. With prose set in the middle of his mind, he reveals consciousness itself in all its syntactic elaboration, detailing the luminous emptiness…
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Peter Camenzind
3.86 avg. rating
· 4661 Ratings
Peter Camenzind, a young man from a Swiss mountain village, leaves his home and eagerly takes to the road in search of new experience. Traveling through Italy and France, Camenzind is increasingly dis…
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Les caves du Vatican
3.71 avg. rating
· 1270 Ratings
Qu'une vieille mule comme Amédée Fleurissoire rencontre des escrocs, et le voilà en route pour Rome, persuadé d'aller sauver le pape. À ce jeu de dupes, il n'a pas grand chose à perdre sinon quelques …
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Frankenstein / Dracula / Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
A scientist oversteps the bounds of conscience and brings to life a tortured creation. A young adventurer succumbs to the night world of a diabolic count. A man of medicine explores his darker side on…
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My Belief
4.11 avg. rating
· 228 Ratings
My Belief: Essays on Life and Art is a collection of essays by Hermann Hesse. The essays, written between 1904 and 1961, were originally published in German, either individually or in various collecti…
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4.25 avg. rating
· 46787 Ratings
Henri Charrière, called "Papillon," for the butterfly tattoo on his chest, was convicted in Paris in 1931 of a murder he did not commit. Sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colony of French Gu…
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3.83 avg. rating
· 671 Ratings
Few American readers seem to be aware that Hermann Hesse, author of the epic novels Steppenwolf and Siddhartha, among many others, also wrote poetry, the best of which the poet James Wright has transl…
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Banco: The Further Adventures of Papillon
Here at last is the sensational sequel to PAPILLON - the great story of escape and adventure that took the world by storm.

Banco continues the adventures of Henri Charrière - nicknamed 'Papillon' - in …
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4.07 avg. rating
· 108 Ratings
A Selection of Hesse's reflections from his books and letters including the topics of Love, Death, Happiness, Politics & more.
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The Day of the Locust
3.78 avg. rating
· 17937 Ratings
The Day of the Locust is a novel about Hollywood and its corrupting touch, about the American dream turned into a sun-drenched California nightmare. Nathanael West's Hollywood is not the glamorous "ho…
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The Oresteia: Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides
Alternate cover edition can be found here, here, here, here

In the Oresteia—the only trilogy in Greek drama which survives from antiquity—Aeschylus took as his subject the bloody chain of murder and re…
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On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts
'People begin to see that something more goes to the composition of a fine murder than two blockheads to kill and be killed - a knife - a purse - and a dark lane...'

In this provocative and blackly fu…
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Wilderness: The Lost Writings, Vol. 1
3.97 avg. rating
· 2995 Ratings
"Listen, real poetry doesn't say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all the doors. You can walk through any one that suits you." -- Jim Morrison

As the lead singer and song writer for…
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The Double
3.71 avg. rating
· 11094 Ratings
While his literary reputation rests mainly on such celebrated novels as Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov, and The Idiot, Dostoyevsky also wrote much superb short fiction. The Double is one…
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A Sorrow Beyond Dreams
3.94 avg. rating
· 1373 Ratings
Peter Handke's mother was an invisible woman. Throughout her life, which spanned the Nazi era, the war, and the postwar consumer economy, she struggled to maintain appearances, only to arrive at a ter…
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Love Is a Dog from Hell
4.18 avg. rating
· 23030 Ratings
Poems rising from and returning to Bukowski's personal experiences reflect people, objects, places, and events of the external world, and reflects on them, on their way out and back.
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Family Happiness
3.92 avg. rating
· 4204 Ratings
Family Happiness (Russian: Семейное счастье [Semeynoye Schast'ye]) is an 1859 novella written by Leo Tolstoy, first published in The Russian Messenger.
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3.94 avg. rating
· 2323 Ratings
"Jamilia" is told from the point of view of a fictional Kyrgyz artist, Seit, who tells the story by looking back on his childhood. The story recounts the love between his new sister-in-law Jamilia and…
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Der Augenzeuge
3.78 avg. rating
· 37 Ratings
Erzählt wird die Geschichte eines Arztes, der gegen Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs den psychisch gestörten Gefreiten A.H. (Adolf Hitler) behandelt, geheilt und damit unwissentlich dessen spätere Karriere …
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Caligula and Three Other Plays
4.03 avg. rating
· 1385 Ratings
This English edition includes the plays Caligula, The Misunderstanding (Le Malentendu), State of Siege (L'État de siège), and The Just Assassins (Les Justes).
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