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The Zebra Wall
3.46 avg. rating
· 242 Ratings
When ten-year-old Adine's mother has a new baby, eccentric Aunt Irene comes to stay and shares Adine's bedroom—events that require a great deal of adjustment. The Vorlob family is making preparations.…
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Bolt (Kit Fielding, #2)
4.04 avg. rating
· 5529 Ratings
Kit Fielding will do whatever it takes to stop the killing of racehorses. Not an easy task considering that the woman he adores is leaving him, an international arms dealer is threatening him, and Kit…
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W is for Wasted (Kinsey Millhone, #23)
3.85 avg. rating
· 23420 Ratings
Two dead men changed the course of my life that fall. One of them I knew and the other I’d never laid eyes on until I saw him in the morgue.

The first was a local PI of suspect reputation. He’d been gu…
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Lush Life
3.73 avg. rating
· 13127 Ratings
"Price is the greatest writer of dialogue, living or dead, this country has ever produced. Wry, profane, hilarious, and tragic, sometimes in a single line, Lush Life is his masterwork. I doubt anyone …
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The Okay Witch (The Okay Witch, #1)
4.16 avg. rating
· 8620 Ratings
Magic is harder than it looks.

Thirteen-year-old Moth Hush loves all things witchy. But she’s about to discover that witches aren’t just the stuff of movies, books, and spooky stories. When some eighth…
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3.97 avg. rating
· 58296 Ratings
This Newbery Honor Book is a heartfelt and witty story about feeling different and finding acceptance--beyond the rules. Twelve-year-old Catherine just wants a normal life. Which is near impossible wh…
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The Notorious Scarlett and Browne (The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne, #2)
A fast-paced fantasy adventure set in a broken, future England, following the further exploits of the outlaws Scarlett and Browne.

Scarlett McCain and Albert Browne have outwitted their pursuers and es…
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A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, #10)
3.93 avg. rating
· 7893 Ratings
It begins, dramatically enough, with a trial for murder. The distinguished criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt. For Aldridge the tria…
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Ten Days that Shook the World
3.98 avg. rating
· 3999 Ratings
"Brilliant and entertaining."
The New York Times Book Review

This first-person chronicle by John Reed, a legendary journalist who was present at the flash point of the Russian Revolution in 1917, provi…
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Killer Underwear Invasion!: How to Spot Fake News, Disinformation & Conspiracy Theories
A hilarious and timely tool to help kids learn how to tell what news is true and what isn't

Can peanuts give you super strength? Were unicorns discovered on the moon? Did Martians really invade New Jer…
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4.27 avg. rating
· 1714 Ratings
The story of two friends separated by everything in the world -- except love.

Katya and her Meema are spending another normal summer at their cottage in Alaska, when a chance accident leaves Katya face…
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My Brother Ben
4.32 avg. rating
· 132 Ratings
Luke and his big brother Ben spend the summer on the banks of Cabbage Tree Creek. Quiet Luke sketches birds, while Ben leaps off the Jumping Tree. The boys couldn’t be more different but they share th…
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Hornet's Nest (Andy Brazil, #1)
3.37 avg. rating
· 15653 Ratings
Deputy Chief Virginia West likes and respects her boss, Hammer, but with an increasing number of visiting businessmen being murdered in her city by a maniac with a penchant for painting his victims br…
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Death Comes to Pemberley
3.32 avg. rating
· 85276 Ratings
A rare meeting of literary genius: P. D. James, long among the most admired mystery writers of our time, draws the characters of Jane Austen’s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice into a tale of murder a…
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Fig Pudding
4.11 avg. rating
· 962 Ratings
Eleven-year-old Cliff Abernathy shares his family's trials and tribulations.
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Sweet Danger (Albert Campion Mystery, #5)
Way back during the crusades Richard I presented the Huntingforest family with the tiny Balkan principality of Averna but since then the kingdom has been forgotten, until circumstances in Europe sudde…
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A Year Down Yonder (A Long Way from Chicago, #2)
Mary Alice remembers childhood summers packed with drama. At fifteen, she faces a whole long year with Grandma Dowdel, well known for shaking up her neighbors-and everyone else. All Mary Alice can kno…
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Sahara Special
3.96 avg. rating
· 3197 Ratings
writing on outer pages, some spine creases, wear on binding and pages
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The House That Wasn't There
3.91 avg. rating
· 727 Ratings
Award-winning author Elana K. Arnold returns with an unforgettable story of the strange, wondrous threads that run between all of us, whether we know they’re there or not.

Alder has always lived in his…
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The Long Winter (Little House, #6)
4.14 avg. rating
· 75191 Ratings
On the empty winter prairie, gray clouds to the northwest meant only one thing: a blizzard was seconds away. The first blizzard came in October. It snowed almost without stopping until April. The temp…
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Grasshopper Green and the Meadow-Mice
3.50 avg. rating
· 6 Ratings
The book "" Grasshopper Green and the Meadow Mice "" has been considered important throughout the human history, and so that this work is never forgotten we have made efforts in its preservation by re…
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