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Charles Willeford Omnibus: Pick Up/Burnt Orange Heresy/Cockfighter
A collection of three Charles Willeford thrillers. Cockfighter is set in the seamy underbelly of southern rural life in the USA; The Burnt Orange Heresy features an evil and complicated art-dealer; an…
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A powerful novel about young people in a conflict-scarred land, struggling to replace the homes they have lost with the one they have created together.

Hidden away from a harsh outside world, five youn…
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Emancipation Day
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How far would a son go to belong? And how far would a father go to protect him?

With his curly black hair and his wicked grin, everyone swoons and thinks of Frank Sinatra when Navy musician Jackson Le…
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The Day of the Locust
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The Day of the Locust is a novel about Hollywood and its corrupting touch, about the American dream turned into a sun-drenched California nightmare. Nathanael West's Hollywood is not the glamorous "ho…
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Toronto the Wild: Field Notes of an Urban Naturalist
Shortlisted for the City of Toronto Book Award

“City dwellers,” writes Wayne Grady, “are conditioned to look for ‘Nature’ outside the city: at the cottage, at summer camp, up north. Somewhere else.” Th…
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Miss Lonelyhearts
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NYC. Height of Depression. The male Miss G columnist is weighted down by gloom. Obscene rhymes repeat, patterned after songs for children or mocking religion. His boss yells them in the office. In the…
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Norval Morrisseau: Man Changing into Thunderbird
Norval Morrisseau (1932–2007), Ojibway shaman-artist, drew his first sketches at age six in the sand on the shores of Lake Nipigon, and his first paintings were in cheap watercolour on birch bark and …
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Rehearsals for Living
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A revolutionary collaboration about the world we're living in now, between two of our most important contemporary thinkers, writers and activists.

When much of the world entered pandemic lockdown i…
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