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Corona (Star Trek: The Original Series #15)
An awesome force of protostars known as Corona has taken control of a stranded team of Vulcan scientists. The Starship Enterprise* has come on a rescue mission, with a female reporter and a new comput…
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Mindshadow (Star Trek: The Original Series #27)
The tranquil planet of Aritani has suddenly come under attack by a vicious and unknown enemy. The USS Enterprise rallies to the scene, only to plunge into a deadly nightmare: Spock is found mysterious…
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The Price of the Phoenix (Star Trek Adventures, #4)
Poker is a game best played with a straight face and steely nerves. Now Spock must play the most dangerous game of all. At risk: the sovereignty of the Federation. The stakes: Captain James T. Kirk.
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The Lost Years (Star Trek: The Lost Years, #1)
After the end of the Enterprise™'s five-year mission, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy struggle to establish new lives apart from each other and the starship. The newly-promoted Admiral Kirk is …
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3.21 avg. rating
· 741 Ratings
Kirk's soul...Spock's life. A dark plan has been unleashed in the galaxy, a design so vast, only a collective -- and ruthless -- mindlike the Totality could have conceived it. Now Captain Kirk must ba…
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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
3.90 avg. rating
· 1856 Ratings

No One On The Enterprise Can Believe That Mr. Spock Is Gone!

As the crew grieves for Mr. Spock, the awesome Genesis Device, now controlled by the Federation, has transformed an inert nebula into a ne…

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Planet of Judgment (Star Trek Adventures, #5)

Had the Enterprise been betrayed by its own technology. Never before had their systems, instruments and weapons failed to respond. And never before had Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest…
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Vulcan! (Star Trek Adventures, #7)
3.22 avg. rating
· 577 Ratings

Due to a series of freak ion storms, the Neutral Zone separating the Federation from the Romulan Empire will soon shift--and the planet Arachnae will fall entirely within Romulan …
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Crisis on Centaurus (Star Trek: The Original Series #28)
Massive computer malfunctions are plaguing the Enterprise™ when Kirk suddenly receives a shocking message from Star Fleet Command: Centaurus has been bombed and annihilated; thousands are dead. Give w…
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Best Destiny (Star Trek: The Original Series Unnumbered)
As James T. Kirk prepares to retire from a long and illustrious Starfleet career, events in a distant part of the Federation draw him back to a part of the galaxy he had last visited as a young man, a…
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Demons (Star Trek: The Original Series #30)
Long before the Federation, powerful force invaded our galaxy and almost destroyed it... a force that began with possession and madness, and ended in murder!

A Starfleet research expedition to the far…

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The Autobiography of Mr. Spock: The Life of a Federation Legend
Fictional autobiography of the iconic Star Trek character, told in his own words and telling the story of his life, including his difficult childhood, his adventures on the Enterprise, and his death a…
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Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
4.09 avg. rating
· 3157 Ratings
The Federation starship Reliant is on its surveying mission to find a lifeless planet to serve for the test site for Genesis Project. While surveying Ceti Alpha V they accidentally discover the camp o…
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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: The High Country
An all-new Star Trek adventure—the first novel based on the thrilling Paramount+ TV series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

When an experimental shuttlecraft fails, Captain Christopher Pike suspects a me…
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Troublesome Minds (Star Trek)
3.76 avg. rating
· 493 Ratings
First contact becomes an interstellar incident when the Starship Enterprise™ responds to a distress call from an unknown ship and saves the life of a man left to die by his own people. Berlis, member …
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Treaty's Law (Star Trek: Day of Honor, #4)
The Day of Honor is celebrated throughout the Klingon Empire. But every tradition had to being somewhere...
Signi Beta is an M-class planet ideal for farming. The Federation wants Signi Beta, but the …
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Doctor Who: The Myth Makers
3.60 avg. rating
· 376 Ratings
Long, long ago on the great plains of Asia Minor, two mighty armies faced each other in mortal combat. The armies were the Greeks and the Trojans and the prize they were fighting for was Helen, the mo…
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The Fate of the Phoenix (Star Trek Adventures, #11)
In this sequel to "The Price of the Phoenix", the universe is beset with problems: the Voran Hegemony is threatening to secede from the Federation, the Romulans are probing the Neutral Zone, the Kling…
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Doctor Who: Galaxy Four
3.26 avg. rating
· 304 Ratings
Learning that the planet will explode within two days, Doctor Who must decide which of two warring alien species to rescue, the beautiful Drahvins or the repugnant Rills
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Phule's Company (Phule's Company, #1)
In the novel that started all the phulishness, meet the soldiers of Captain Willard Phule's Company—a handful of military rejects able to do more damage before 9 a.m. than most people do all day. Thre…
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Doctor Who: The Time Meddler
3.75 avg. rating
· 191 Ratings
When the TARDIS materialises on an apparently deserted Northumbrian beach, Steven disputes the Doctor's claim that they have travelled back to the eleventh century. The discovery of a modern wristwatc…
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Star Trek III Short Stories
3.12 avg. rating
· 25 Ratings
Travel with your favorite Star Trek III characters into five new and original short stories. Join the Enterprise crew as they take their crippled starship into orbit around Azphari, where they meet th…
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Enterprise: The First Adventure
3.71 avg. rating
· 1917 Ratings
Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and the rest of the crew of the "Enterprise" embark on their first mission together
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Phoenix Without Ashes
3.59 avg. rating
· 197 Ratings
The Starlost: 2785 A.D.

They had banished Devon from the world of Cypress Corners because he dared to challenge the Elders. And when he defied them again, they hunted him like an animal.

Then Devon stum…
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Three Axes to Fall (The Grave of Empires, #3)
A deal struck in a dark place set an outlaw mage on the path to revenge. And now that it’s led to places even darker, she and everyone she knows may pay the price for her bargain in the final novel of…
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Phule's Paradise (Phule's Company, #2)
The bestselling author of the Myth series proves once again that not just anyone can join Phule's Company. They used to be the laughingstock of the interstellar armed forces--until their last mission …
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Secrets Can Kill (Nancy Drew Files, #1)
3.73 avg. rating
· 2430 Ratings
Nancy Drew goes back to high school - but this time, the curriculum is murder.

No one has been able to catch the elusive thief who is stalking the nighttime halls of Bedford High. So Nancy goes underco…
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FADE IN: The Making of Star Trek Insurrection - A Textbook on Screenwriting from Within the Star Trek Universe
In keeping with Michael’s widely respected mentorship of up-and-coming writers, “Fade In: The Making of Star Trek - Insurrection” has been published as a textbook that can also be enjoyed as a coffee …
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The Time Machine Did It
3.81 avg. rating
· 2045 Ratings
Humor/mystery novel by the writer of 59 episodes of The Simpsons.
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Trouble at Camp Treehouse (Nancy Drew: Notebooks, #7)
At Camp Treehouse, Nancy’s bunkmate Lauren is having a crummy time, because someone has stolen her camera. Nancy investigates, follows the clues, and helps her new friend.
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A Flag Full of Stars (Star Trek: The Lost Years #2)
It has been eighteen months since the Starship Enterprise completed her historic five-year mission and her legendary crew has separated, taking new assignments that span the galaxy.

On Earth, Admiral …
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