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The View from Saturday
3.76 avg. rating
· 43517 Ratings
How has Mrs. Olinski chosen her sixth-grade Academic Bowl team? She had a number of answers. But were any of them true? How had she really chosen Noah and Nadia and Ethan and Julian? And why did they …
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Missing May
3.81 avg. rating
· 12266 Ratings
This critically acclaimed winner of the Newbery Medal joins the Scholastic Gold line, which features award-winning and beloved novels. Includes exclusive bonus content!

Ever since May, Summer's aunt an…
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A Year Down Yonder (A Long Way from Chicago, #2)
Mary Alice remembers childhood summers packed with drama. At fifteen, she faces a whole long year with Grandma Dowdel, well known for shaking up her neighbors-and everyone else. All Mary Alice can kno…
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The Higher Power of Lucky (The Hard Pan Trilogy, #1)
Believing that her French guardian is about to abandon her to an orphanage in the city, ten-year-old Lucky runs away from her small town with her beloved dog by her side in order to trek across the Mo…
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Criss Cross
3.36 avg. rating
· 8257 Ratings
She wished something would happen. Something good. To her. Looking at the bright, fuzzy picture in the magazine, she thought, Something like that. Checking her wish for loopholes, she found one. Hopin…
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Joyful Noise: A Newbery Award Winner
3.98 avg. rating
· 10244 Ratings
From the Newbery Medal-winning author of Seedfolks, Paul Fleischman, Joyful Noise is a collection of irresistible poems that celebrates the insect world.

Funny, sad, loud, and quiet, each of these poem…
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Keeping Score
3.77 avg. rating
· 939 Ratings
Both Maggie Fortini and her brother, Joey-Mick, were named for baseball great Joe DiMaggio. Unlike Joey-Mick, Maggie doesn't play baseball—but at almost ten years old, she is a dyed-in-the-wool fan of…
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A Long Way from Chicago
3.95 avg. rating
· 32141 Ratings
Join Joey and his sister Mary Alice as they spend nine unforgettable summers with the worst influence imaginable--their grandmother!
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The Midwife's Apprentice
3.73 avg. rating
· 40181 Ratings
From the author of Catherine, Called Birdy comes another spellbinding novel set in medieval England. The girl known only as Brat has no family, no home, and no future until she meets Jane the Midwife …
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Rules of the Road (Rules of the Road, #1)
3.92 avg. rating
· 5095 Ratings
Meet Jenna Boller, star employee at Gladstone Shoe Store in Chicago. Standing a gawky 5'11'' at 16 years old, Jenna is the kind of girl most likely to stand out in the crowd for all the wrong reasons.…
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Dear Mr. Henshaw (Leigh Botts, #1)
3.77 avg. rating
· 38368 Ratings
Leigh has been Boyd Henshaw's number one fan ever since he was in second grade. Now in sixth grade, Leigh lives with his mother and is the new kid in school. He's lonely, troubled by the absence of hi…
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Maniac Magee
3.89 avg. rating
· 116581 Ratings
Jeffrey Lionel "Maniac" Magee might have lived a normal life if a freak accident hadn't made him an orphan. After living with his unhappy and uptight aunt and uncle for eight years, he decides to run-…
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Out of the Dust
3.76 avg. rating
· 71716 Ratings
When Billie Jo is just fourteen she must endure heart-wrenching ordeals that no child should have to face. The quiet strength she displays while dealing with unspeakable loss is as surprising as it is…
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Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village
Step back to medieval 1255 England and meet 22 villagers, illustrated in pen and ink, inspired by the Munich-Nuremberg manuscript, an illuminated poem from thirteenth-century Germany.

Hugo, the lord’…
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Walk Two Moons
3.98 avg. rating
· 157287 Ratings
"How about a story? Spin us a yarn."
Instantly, Phoebe Winterbottom came to mind. "I could tell you an extensively strange story," I warned.
"Oh, good!" Gram said. "Delicious!"
And that is how I happened…
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Dead End in Norvelt (Norvelt Series, 1)
3.72 avg. rating
· 20035 Ratings
Dead End in Norvelt is the winner of the 2012 Newbery Medal for the year's best contribution to children's literature and the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction!
Melding the entirely true and t…
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Miracles on Maple Hill
3.86 avg. rating
· 10187 Ratings
Marly and her family share many adventures when they move from the city to a farmhouse on Maple Hill. Her father is recovering from being a prisoner-of-war. The small town and the varied happenings an…
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Jacob Have I Loved
3.68 avg. rating
· 30757 Ratings
Esau have I hated . . . Sara Louise Bradshaw is sick and tired of her beautiful twin Caroline. Ever since they were born, Caroline has been the pretty one, the talented one, the better sister. Even no…
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A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal, 1830-32
I, Catherine Cabot Hall, aged 13 years, 6 months, 29 days…do begin this book.

So begins the journal of a girl coming of age in nineteenth-century New Hampshire. Catherine records both the hardships of…
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A Single Shard
3.92 avg. rating
· 36946 Ratings
Tree-ear, an orphan, lives under a bridge in Ch’ulp’o, a potters’ village famed for delicate celadon ware. He has become fascinated with the potter’s craft; he wants nothing more than to watch master …
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Miss Hickory
3.66 avg. rating
· 3787 Ratings
Most dolls lead a comfortable but unadventurous life. This was true of Miss Hickory until the fateful day that her owner, Ann, moves from her New Hampshire home to attend school in Boston—leaving Miss…
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The Summer of the Swans
3.61 avg. rating
· 9424 Ratings
Sometimes you don't know what you love—until you almost lose it.

Sara's fourteenth summer was turning out to be the most confusing time of her life. Up until then, things had flowed smoothly, like the …
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The Whipping Boy
3.59 avg. rating
· 25225 Ratings

A shout comes echoing up the stairway. "Fetch the whipping boy!"

A young orphan named Jemmy rouses from his sleep. "Ain't I already been whipped twice today? Gaw! What's the prince done now?" It was f…

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A Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travelers
Inspired by William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, this delightful collection of poetry for children brings to life Blake’s imaginary inn and its unusual guests.
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Moon Over Manifest
4.03 avg. rating
· 30655 Ratings
The movement of the train rocked me like a lullaby. I closed my eyes to the dusty countryside and imagined the sign I’d seen only in Gideon’s stories: Manifest—A Town with a rich past and a bright fut…
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When You Reach Me
4.08 avg. rating
· 98246 Ratings
Miranda is an ordinary sixth grader, until she starts receiving mysterious messages from somebody who knows all about her, including things that have not even happened yet. Each message brings her clo…
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Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott
On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus and give up her seat to a white man. This refusal to give up her dignity sparked the Montgomery bus boycott, a yearlong struggle,…
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Call It Courage
3.75 avg. rating
· 12092 Ratings
A boy tries to overcome his fear of the sea in this treasured classic and winner of the Newbery Medal.

Mafatu was afraid of the sea. It had taken his mother when he was a baby, and it seemed to him tha…
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The Cross of Lead (Crispin, #1)
3.63 avg. rating
· 24368 Ratings
"Asta's Son" is all he's ever been called. The lack of a name is appropriate, because he and his mother are but poor peasants in 14th century medieval England. But this thirteen-year-old boy who thoug…
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Secret of the Andes (Puffin Newberry Library)
An Indian boy who tends llamas in a hidden valley in Peru learns the traditions and secrets of his Inca ancestors.
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The Slave Dancer
3.70 avg. rating
· 9665 Ratings
Kidnapped by the crew of an Africa-bound ship, a thirteen-year-old boy discovers to his horror that he is on a slaver and his job is to play music for the exercise periods of the human cargo.
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