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Wolf Run
3.31 avg. rating
· 204 Ratings
Mick is a lone wolf in all ways. He’s left his pack, he’s left his homelands and he’s on the road, footloose and fancy free. Well, at least until he wanders up to a fence and finds a little wolf runn…
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Between Heaven & Hell (Heavenly Sins #1)
3.66 avg. rating
· 173 Ratings
What happens when an angel and a demon fall for the same mortal man? Tristan Garrett is about to find out whether the ménage they form is made in Heaven or Hell.

Angel Machidiel (Mac) and demon Alasto…
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Totally Covered
3.47 avg. rating
· 242 Ratings
Mal has been Burke and Darby’s sub for many years. As an undercover cop, he needs the release his once a quarter visits give him. Burke and Darby get a lot of out of the visits, too. Both Doms, it’s…
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Snovarg Island (The Happily Ever After Mating Agency, #1)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]

Being sent to a mating agency by his parents is humiliating enough for bunny shifte…
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Cowboy Sandwich (Cowboy Sandwich #1)
3.64 avg. rating
· 146 Ratings
Barry Logan’s day starts out shitty and continues to go down the crapper. His car breaks down in the Middle of Nowhere, Colorado. The only mechanic for miles is out of town, forcing Barry to hole up…
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Chaps and Hope (Mossy Glenn Ranch, #1)
Book one in the Mossy Glenn Ranch Series

It’ll take hard work for Carlos, Troy and Will to turn the Mossy Glenn Ranch into the successful business it used to be, and even more challenging will be maki…
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Wary Were (Greer #2)
3.47 avg. rating
· 260 Ratings
Being a cat isn’t easy. Neither is being a wolf. Being both is damn near impossible, but Christian does his best. Life isn’t made any easier by the fact that his particular inner feline is a Rag Doll…
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Beyond the Edge (The James Lucas Trilogy, #1)
*graphic sexual and BDSM content*

Tate Mackenzie has signed on for a weekend of kinky fun at the hands of respected Dom, James Lucas. However, James has invited another man, twenty-four year-old Sebas…
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Bound To Please (Playing for Keeps, #2)
Jason doesn't do monogamy, and as a much sought-after Dom he doesn't have to. But when he gets the chance to play with Benny, his sweet young assistant who wants only to please him, Jason holds back.…
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The Foster Family
3.64 avg. rating
· 625 Ratings
Growing up in foster care has left Kerry Grey with little self-esteem or hope for his future. A college dropout, Kerry scrapes by on a part-time job at a garden nursery. His friendship with his boss…
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Tian's Hero (The Akanti #1)
3.55 avg. rating
· 147 Ratings
A spy posing as an assassin finds himself riding the ragged edge of sanity during his latest mission; a frantic search for fabled lost colonists who fled his planet steps ahead of a devastating plagu…
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Trouble Comes in Threes (Fur, Fangs, and Felines, #1)
A snowstorm in the South—on New Year’s Eve—is a perfect recipe for a catastrophe. After two soul-crushing bad breaks, Kirk’s waiting for disaster number three to strike when, naturally, two stray cat…
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Golden Dancer  (Dangerous Dancers, #1)
3.67 avg. rating
· 442 Ratings
Mac MacAllistre is obsessed; the online news reporter needs enough evidence to write a story accusing billionaire art collector Daniel Terrebone of stealing The Golden Dancer, a priceless work of art…
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Handsome Hero Wanted (Handsome Heroes #1)
3.34 avg. rating
· 266 Ratings
Five men.

One harem.

Drayton Starberg takes his ship to the planet Falla Bray to join a harem in hopes of scoring money to fix up his old space ship. He has to compete with four other human like specie…
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Marrick's Promise (Thrown to the Lions #2)
3.58 avg. rating
· 879 Ratings
Marrick thinks that being thrown to the lions will be the ultimate adrenaline rush, and he’s not disappointed. But his plan is to try everything life has to offer once. He has no intention of visitin…
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Us Three (One Voice, #1)
3.91 avg. rating
· 669 Ratings
A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

In his junior year at a public high school, sweet, bright Casey Minton’s biggest worry isn’t being gay. Keeping from being too badly bullied by his so-called fri…
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Goldilocks and His Three Bears (Goldilocks #1)
Brian is young and he knows exactly what he wants. He likes his men big and hairy. Daddy complex and craving was filling his days until he met his dream bear but good things and men never goes alone…
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Soft Focus
3.66 avg. rating
· 259 Ratings
Ethan Bouwer has always been the adventurous sort. A freelance nature photographer, he travels the globe and writes erotica on the side whenever things get a bit slow. Hunting for a topic for his nex…
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Tame a Wild Human
3.13 avg. rating
· 616 Ratings
Drugged, bound, and left as bait on the cusp of the lunar cycle, Wyatt Redding is faced with a terrifying set of no-win scenarios. Best case: he survives the coming days as a werewolf pack’s playthin…
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Scent of a Wolf (Pack of Light #1)
3.48 avg. rating
· 335 Ratings
Jace Shaw is one of the few survivors of a rare wolf pack. He spends his days on the run and his nights in another world with a man he’s only ever dreamed about. To sleep is to feel his dream man’s h…
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Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2)
3.35 avg. rating
· 17 Ratings
Three sexy men, one hot relationship. In Room at the Top, devoted sub couple Jay and Austin went looking for a no-strings attached Dom and ended up falling for Liam, who, much to his surprise, turned…
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