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3.41 avg. rating
· 1048 Ratings
The only extant play by the great Irish novelist, Exiles is of interest both for its autobiographical content and for formal reasons. In the characters and their circumstances details of Joyce's life …
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3.87 avg. rating
· 4071 Ratings
'Murphy', Samuel Beckett's first published novel, was written in English and published in London in 1938; Beckett himself subsequently translated the book into French, and it was published in France i…
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Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable (The Trilogy, #1-3)
The first novel of Samuel Beckett's mordant and exhilirating midcentury trilogy intoduces us to Molloy, who has been mysteriously incarcerated, and who subsequently escapes to go discover the whereabo…
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Saint Joan
3.79 avg. rating
· 6547 Ratings
One of Shaw's most unusual and enduringly popular plays. With SAINT JOAN (1923) Shaw reached the height of his fame and Joan is one of his finest creations; forceful, vital, and rebelling against the …
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The Ego and the Id
3.83 avg. rating
· 8538 Ratings
The Ego and the Id ranks high among the works of Freud's later years. The heart of his concern is the ego, which he sees battling with three forces: the id, the super-ego, and the outside world.

Of the…
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Night Flight
3.89 avg. rating
· 4142 Ratings
In this gripping novel, Saint-Exupéry tells about the brave men who piloted night mail planes from Patagonia, Chile, and Paraguay to Argentina in the early days of commercial aviation. Preface by Andr…
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Malone Dies
3.95 avg. rating
· 2747 Ratings
Written and published in French in 1951, and in Samuel Beckett’s English translation in 1956, Malone Dies is the second of his immediate post-war novels, written during what Beckett later referred to …
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The Birthday Party
3.76 avg. rating
· 9274 Ratings
Stanley Webber is visited in his boarding house by strangers, Goldberg and McCann. An innocent-seeming birthday party for Stanley turns into a nightmare.

The Birthday Party was first performed in 1958 …
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سوء تفاهم
3.63 avg. rating
· 1035 Ratings
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The Lonesome West
4.05 avg. rating
· 703 Ratings
This Student Edition features expert and helpful annotation, including a scene-by-scene summary, a detailed commentary on the dramatic, social and political context, and on the themes, characters, lan…
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سه‌گانه‌ی خاورمیانه: جنگ عشق تنهایی
این کتاب مجموعه شعری پیوسته است؛ به این معنا که سطرها و بندها و شعرهایش مستقل و پیوسته است، درست مثل انسان‌ها در هستی که مختارند و مجبور.

در بخشی از این کتاب می‌خوانیم:

تو مثل رودخانه‌ای ترکم کردی
برای ه…
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Representations of the Intellectual
4.10 avg. rating
· 1132 Ratings
Celebrated humanist, teacher, and scholar, Edward W. Said here examines the ever-changing role of the intellectual today. In these six stunning essays - delivered on the BBC as the prestigious Reith L…
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3.84 avg. rating
· 3920 Ratings
Two book set: individual Commentary and Text. Bryn Mawr Commentaries have been admired and used by Greek and Latin teachers at every level for twenty years. They provide clear, concise, accurate, and …
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Mario and the Magician
3.59 avg. rating
· 1802 Ratings
Mario and the Magician is one of Mann's most political stories. Mann openly criticizes fascism, a choice which later became one of the grounds for his exile to Switzerland following Hitler's rise to p…
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At Swim-Two-Birds
3.91 avg. rating
· 10317 Ratings
A wildly comic send-up of Irish literature and culture, At Swim-Two-Birds is the story of a young, lazy, and frequently drunk Irish college student who lives with his curmudgeonly uncle in Dublin. Whe…
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3.83 avg. rating
· 2221 Ratings
At once a vigorous translation of one of Euripides' most subtle and witty plays, and a wholly fresh interpretation, this version reveals for the first time the extraordinary formal beauty and thematic…
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A Harlot High and Low
4.11 avg. rating
· 1627 Ratings
Finance, fashionable society, and the intrigues of the underworld and the police system form the heart of this powerful novel, which introduces the satanic genius Vautrin, one of the greatest villains…
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The Three Sisters
3.79 avg. rating
· 13703 Ratings
First performed at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1901, The Three Sisters probes the lives and dreams of Olga, Masha, and Irina, former Muscovites now living in a provincial town from which they long to es…
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Black Spring
3.87 avg. rating
· 4304 Ratings
Continuing the subversive self-revelation begun in Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, Henry Miller takes readers along a mad, free-associating journey from the damp grime of his Brooklyn youth …
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Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks
For Nietzsche the Age of Greek Tragedy was indeed a tragic age. He saw in it the rise and climax of values so dear to him that their subsequent drop into catastrophe (in the person of Socrates - Plato…
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Arms and the Man
3.85 avg. rating
· 7577 Ratings
Arms and the Man is a comedy written by George Bernard Shaw, and was first produced in 1894 and published in 1898, and has become one of the most popular plays of George Bernard Shaw. Like his other w…
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The Father
3.61 avg. rating
· 1498 Ratings
The stormy personal life of the great Swedish dramatist August Strindberg was punctuated with duels between the sexes, with ruthless, aggressive women usurping the supposedly male prerogative of decis…
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Ляльковий дім. Дика качка
“Ляльковий дім” — одна із найвідоміших п’єс норвезького драматурга Генріка Ібсена (1828—1906), навколо якої до цього часу не припиняються дискусії. В центрі твору вродлива жінка Нора, що любить свій д…
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The Subterraneans
3.69 avg. rating
· 11986 Ratings
Jack Kerouac, one of the great voices of the Beat generation and author of the classic On the Road, here continues his peregrinations in postwar, underground San Francisco. "The subterraneans" come al…
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مفاتيح الجنان
4.69 avg. rating
· 216 Ratings
مفاتيح الجنان كتاب من تأليف رجل الدين الشيعي عباس القمي والذي جمع فيه بعض الأدعية التي يُتعبد بها كدعاء كميل ودعاء الصباح ودعاء التوسل والمناجيات الخمس عشر لعلي زين العابدين (الإمام الرابع عند الشيعة)…
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مغز متفکر جهان شیعه امام جعفر صادق (ع)
این کتاب مجموعه‌‌ای از تحقیق ۲۵ استاد دانشگاه از دانشگاه‌های معتبر اروپا و آمریکا در مورد امام جعفر صادق (ع) می‌باشد.
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زندگانی امام صادق جعفر بن محمد (ع)
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Confessions of an English Opium Eater
Confessions is a remarkable account of the pleasures and pains of worshipping at the 'Church of Opium'. Thomas De Quincey consumed daily large quantities of laudanum (at the time a legal painkiller), …
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The Guermantes Way
4.31 avg. rating
· 4756 Ratings
After the relative intimacy of the first two volumes of In Search of Lost Time, The Guermantes Way opens up a vast, dazzling landscape of fashionable Parisian life in the late nineteenth century, as t…
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اتحادیه انجمن های اسلامی دانشجویان اروپا
يكي از زمينه‌هاي فعاليت اجتماعي شهيد «آيت‌الله دكتر بهشتي» همكاري مستقيم يا غيرمستقيم با كارهاي دسته جمعي بود كه در جهت ايجاد يك جامعة نمونة اسلامي صورت مي‌گرفت. اگرچه علاقه به اين فعاليت‌ها از اوان ن…
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Formas breves
4.20 avg. rating
· 304 Ratings
«Formas breves» es una recopilación de textos misceláneos que el propio autor describe como «páginas perdidas en el diario de un escritor». En ellas reflexiona sobre la literatura, desde la ficción ha…
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