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The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher
No one predicted success for Henry Ward Beecher at his birth in 1813. The blithe, boisterous son of the last great Puritan minister, he seemed destined to be overshadowed by his brilliant siblings—esp…
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The Song of the Cell: An Exploration of Medicine and the New Human
Winner of the 2023 PROSE Award for Excellence in Biological and Life Sciences and the 2023 Chautauqua Prize!

N amed a New York Times Notable Book and a Best Book of the Year by The Economist , Oprah Da…
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American Midnight: The Great War, a Violent Peace, and Democracy's Forgotten Crisis
From award-winning, New York Times bestselling historian Adam Hochschild, a fast-paced, revelatory new account of a pivotal but neglected period in American history: World War I and its stormy afterma…
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Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs, and the Improbable World of Peat
In a world filled with breathtaking beauty, we have often overlooked the elusive charm and magic of certain landscapes. A cloudy river flows into a verdant Arctic wetland where sandhill cranes and mus…
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Jazz From The Beginning
3.60 avg. rating
· 10 Ratings
Jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, and bassoonist Garvin Bushell (1902–1991) performed with many of the twentieth century's greatest jazz musicians—from Fletcher Henderson, Fats Waller, and Cab Calloway t…
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Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker
Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker is the first installment in the long-awaited portrait of one of the most talented and influential musicians of the twentieth century, from S…
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San Antonio Rose: The Life and Music of Bob Wills (Music in American Life)
"Until Hank Williams came along, it was just Bob Willis," says Willie Nelson. "He was  it. " And indeed he was, especially for the thousands in the Southwest who knew and loved the King of Western Swi…
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Great Plains
3.95 avg. rating
· 2905 Ratings
National Bestseller

Most travelers only fly over the Great Plains--but Ian Frazier, ever the intrepid and wide-eyed wanderer, is not your average traveler. A hilarious and fascinating look at the grea…
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The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream
A cultural history of Chicago at midcentury, with its incredible mix of architects, politicians, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, and actors who helped shape modern America

Though today it can seem a…
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The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be (The New Father, 18)
The Expectant Father  is the best-selling pregnancy guide for men, trusted by millions of dads-to-be and their partners.  This reassuring month-by-month overview gives you the facts and advice you nee…
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A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds
In the past two decades, our understanding of the navigational and physiological feats that enable birds to cross immense oceans, fly above the highest mountains, or remain in unbroken flight for mont…
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November's Fury: The Deadly Great Lakes Hurricane of 1913

On Thursday, November 6, the Detroit News forecasted “moderate to brisk” winds for the Great Lakes. On Friday, the Port Huron Times-Herald predicted a “moderately severe” storm. Hourly the warnings be…
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The Death and Life of the Great Lakes
4.32 avg. rating
· 5721 Ratings
New York Times Bestseller
Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize
Winner of the J. Anthony Lukas Award

"Nimbly splices together history, science, reporting and personal experiences into a taut and cau…
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Atlas of a Lost World: Travels in Ice Age America
From the author of Apocalyptic Planet comes a vivid travelogue through prehistory, that traces the arrival of the first people in North America at least twenty thousand years ago and the artifacts tha…
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So Shall You Reap (Commissario Brunetti, #32)
In the thirty-second installment of Donna Leon’s bestselling series, a connection to Guido Brunetti’s own youthful past helps solve a mysterious murder On a cold November evening, Guido Brunetti and P…
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Two Wheels Good: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle
A panoramic revisionist portrait of the nineteenth-century invention that is transforming the twenty-first century world.

The bicycle is a vestige of the Victorian era, seemingly out of pace with o…
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Idea Man
3.84 avg. rating
· 3349 Ratings
By his early thirties, Paul Allen was a world-famous billionaire-and that was just the beginning.

In 2007 and 2008, Time named Paul Allen, the cofounder of Microsoft, one of the hundred most influentia…
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Untold Power: The Fascinating Rise and Complex Legacy of First Lady Edith Wilson
A nuanced portrait of the first acting woman president, written with fresh and cinematic verve by a leading historian on women's suffrage and power

Contrary to recent feminist maxims, the first woman p…
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Noah's Compass
3.31 avg. rating
· 10670 Ratings
From the incomparable Anne Tyler, a wise, gently humorous, and deeply compassionate novel about a schoolteacher, who has been forced to retire at sixty-one, coming to terms with the final phase of his…
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The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World
Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) was the most famous scientist of his age, a visionary German naturalist and polymath whose discoveries forever changed the way we understand the natural world. Among…
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Out of Our Minds: The Power of Being Creative
Creativity is critical. Out of Our Minds explores its value in business, its ubiquity in children, its perceived absence in many adults and the phenomenon through which it disappears ― and offers a gr…
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Culture: The Story of Us, From Cave Art to K-Pop
In Culture, acclaimed author, professor, and public intellectual Martin Puchner takes us on a breakneck tour through pivotal moments in world history, providing a global introduction to the arts and h…
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A Slipping-Down Life
3.61 avg. rating
· 3662 Ratings
Evie Decker is a shy, slightly plump teenager, lonely and silent. But her quiet life is shattered when she hears the voice of Drumstrings Casey on the radio and becomes instantly attracted to him. She…
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A Company of Heroes: Portraits from the Gospel's Global Advance
“All Christians should read this book.” —Rosaria Butterfield Across the globe, the gospel is advancing through the work of Christians willing to risk everything in the hardest places. This book, writt…
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Vodka Over London Ice (Danny Pearson, #2)
When Danny’s uncle Harry Knight is pushed by a Russian Mafia family for control of London. The violence escalates until there are fatalities on both sides.

Yuri Volkov must fly to London and avenge his…
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The Beautiful Struggle: A Father, Two Sons and an Unlikely Road to Manhood
An exceptional father-son story about the reality that tests us, the myths that sustain us, and the love that saves us.

Paul Coates was an enigmatic god to his sons: a Vietnam vet who rolled with the B…
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The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood
This is one of the best sports biographies I have ever read. Beautifully written and thoroughly researched, it reveals with stunning insight both the talents and the demons that drove Mickey Mantle, b…
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How to Invest: Masters on the Craft

A master class on investing featuring conversations with the biggest names in finance, from the legendary cofounder of The Carlyle Group, David M. Rubenstein.

What do the most …
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How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One
In this entertaining and erudite New York Times bestseller, beloved professor Stanley Fish offers both sentence craft and sentence pleasure. Drawing on a wide range of  great writers, from Philip Roth…
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Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future
In Under a White Sky, Elizabeth Kolbert takes a hard look at the new world we are creating. Along the way, she meets biologists who are trying to preserve the world's rarest fish, which lives in a sin…
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A Serrated Edge: A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire and Trinitarian Skylarking
Satire is a kind of preaching. Satire pervades Scripture. Satire treats the foibles of sinners with a less than perfect tenderness. But, if a Christian employs satire today, he is almost immediately c…
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