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Eye for Eye/The Tunesmith (Science Fiction Double, #27)
Mick Winger is only seventeen and already he's killed over a dozen people. Not on purpose; he never meant to hurt anyone. But when Mick gets angry, people die, even the people he loves the most. Now h…
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The Left Hand of Darkness
4.11 avg. rating
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A groundbreaking work of science fiction, The Left Hand of Darkness tells the story of a lone human emissary to Winter, an alien world whose inhabitants spend most of their time without a gender. His …
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Edgedancer (The Stormlight Archive, #2.5)

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, a special gift edition of Edgedancer, a short novel of the Stormlight Archive.

Three years ago, Lift asked a goddess to stop her from gr…

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Dawnshard (The Stormlight Archive, #3.5)
From Brandon Sanderson—author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive and its fourth massive installment, Rhythm of War—comes a new hefty novella, Dawnshard. Taking place between Oathb…
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The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia
4.23 avg. rating
· 92823 Ratings
Shevek, a brilliant physicist, decides to take action. He will seek answers, question the unquestionable, and attempt to tear down the walls of hatred that have isolated his planet of anarchists from …
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The Kaiju Preservation Society
3.95 avg. rating
· 28969 Ratings
When COVID-19 sweeps through New York City, Jamie Gray is stuck as a dead-end driver for food delivery apps. That is, until Jamie makes a delivery to an old acquaintance, Tom, who works at what he cal…
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A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1)
Ged, the greatest sorcerer in all Earthsea, was called Sparrowhawk in his reckless youth.

Hungry for power and knowledge, Sparrowhawk tampered with long-held secrets and loosed a terrible shadow upon …
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Elantris (Elantris, #1)
4.17 avg. rating
· 214737 Ratings
Elantris was the capital of Arelon: gigantic, beautiful, literally radiant, filled with benevolent beings who used their powerful magical abilities for the benefit of all. Yet each of these demigods w…
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