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So Many Ways to Begin
3.86 avg. rating
· 1273 Ratings
David Carter cannot help but wish for more: that his wife Eleanor could be the sparkling girl he once found so irresistible; that his job as a museum curator could live up to the promise it once held;…
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My Lover's Lover
3.28 avg. rating
· 3349 Ratings
When Lily meets Marcus, she feels an immediate attraction to him. Within a week, she has moved into the magnetic architect’s echoing loft in East London. But nothing could have prepared Lily for what …
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The Distance Between Us
3.72 avg. rating
· 5035 Ratings
Gripping, insightful and deft, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US by Maggie O'Farrell is a haunting story of the way our families shape our lives, from the award-winning author of THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. It was …
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A Year of Marvellous Ways
3.78 avg. rating
· 6478 Ratings
Cornwall, 1947. Marvellous Ways is a ninety-year-old woman who's lived alone in a remote creek for nearly all her life. Recently she's taken to spending her days sitting on the steps of her caravan wi…
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Tigers in Red Weather
3.41 avg. rating
· 12452 Ratings
Nick and her cousin, Helena, have grown up sharing sultry summer heat, sunbleached boat docks, and midnight gin parties on Martha's Vineyard in a glorious old family estate known as Tiger House. In th…
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Noah's Compass
3.31 avg. rating
· 10673 Ratings
From the incomparable Anne Tyler, a wise, gently humorous, and deeply compassionate novel about a schoolteacher, who has been forced to retire at sixty-one, coming to terms with the final phase of his…
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Treacle Walker
3.15 avg. rating
· 4379 Ratings
Treacle Walker is a stunning fusion of myth and folklore and an exploration of the fluidity of time, vivid storytelling that brilliantly illuminates an introspective young mind trying to make sense of…
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3.90 avg. rating
· 1526 Ratings
In Bournville, a placid suburb of Birmingham, sits a famous chocolate factory. For eleven-year-old Mary and her family in 1945, it's the centre of the world. The reason their streets smell faintly of …
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Ordinary People
3.30 avg. rating
· 8390 Ratings
‘You can take a leap, do something off the wall, something reckless. It’s your last chance, and most people miss it.’

South London, 2008. Two couples find themselves at a moment of reckoning, on the br…
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4.30 avg. rating
· 174 Ratings
Κάποτε οι επιστήμονες θα ανακαλύψουν τα σωματίδια που εκπέμπονται μεταξύ ανθρώπων που αγαπιούνται. Θα τους δώσουν μια πολύπλοκη ονομασία και θα γυρίσουν ικανοποιημένοι στα εργαστήριά τους. Στα σύννεφα…
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A Death at the Party
3.63 avg. rating
· 1637 Ratings
In this tense, spellbinding thriller set over the course of a single day, a woman prepares for a party that goes dreadfully wrong—for fans of Ashley Audrain and Lisa Jewell.

Nadine Walsh’s summer garde…
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Traveler of the Century
3.88 avg. rating
· 765 Ratings
Searching for an inn, the enigmatic traveler Hans stops in a small city on the border between Saxony and Prussia. The next morning, Hans meets an old organ-grinder in the market square and immediately…
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Then Again, Maybe I Won't
3.75 avg. rating
· 12421 Ratings
Grade 6-10 When his hardworking inventor father strikes it rich and moves the family from working class Jersey City to wealthy Rosemont, Tony Miglione finds that everything from friendships to school …
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Yesterday's Spy
3.65 avg. rating
· 314 Ratings
From British journalist and bestselling author, Tom Bradby, Yesterday's Spy is a brilliantly plotted historical espionage novel about a father searching for his disappeared son against the backdrop of…
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Instructions for a Heatwave
3.68 avg. rating
· 16090 Ratings
Sophisticated, intelligent, impossible to put down, Maggie O'Farrell's beguiling novels - After You'd Gone, winner of a Betty Trask Award; The Distance Between Us, winner of a Somerset Maugham Award; …
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The Book of Trespass: Crossing the Lines that Divide Us
A meditation on the fraught and complex relationship between land, politics and power, this is England through the eyes of a trespasser.

The vast majority of our country is entirely unknown to us becau…
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Broken Light
4.16 avg. rating
· 150 Ratings
Bernie Moon is feeling invisible. She's given her life to other people - her husband, her son, her mother, her friends (not that she has any of them left). At 16, she was full of promise and power. No…
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The Cutting Room
3.59 avg. rating
· 3041 Ratings
When Rilke, a dissolute and promiscuous auctioneer, comes upon a hidden collection of violent and highly disturbing photographs, he feels compelled to unearth more about the deceased owner who coveted…
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The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves
Echoing Socrates' time-honoured statement that the unexamined life is not worth living, psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz draws short, vivid stories from his 25-five-year practice in order to track the coll…
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Orang-Orang Bloomington
4.06 avg. rating
· 1246 Ratings
Orang-orang Bloomington adalah karya penting Budi Darma. Kumpulan cerita ini merupakan salah satu karya Sang Maestro yang, berbeda dengan kebanyakan karyanya, tidak bertemakan hal-hal abstrak. Melalui…
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Small Island
3.98 avg. rating
· 26755 Ratings
Hortense Joseph arrives in London from Jamaica in 1948 with her life in her suitcase, her heart broken, her resolve intact. Her husband, Gilbert Joseph, returns from the war expecting to be received a…
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